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Uniting over 1000 Icelandic travel operators in a single community, Guide to Iceland remains the world's largest collaboration for Icelandic travel services. Our online platform provides unprecedented access to customer reviewed tours, accommodation and rental cars in Iceland, as well as unique packages, customised to meet the wishes of seasoned and first-time visitors alike.

With a wealth of resources, presented in eleven languages, Guide to Iceland stands out as the most comprehensive source for Icelandic travel information in existence. Featuring everything from in-depth articles to extensive travel blogs, and offering the chance to connect directly with locals for expert, first-hand guidance.

Guide to Iceland has been recognised as Iceland's Leading Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards in both 2018 and 2019.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome visitors from across the world to this incredible island. We will continue to provide you with everything you will need for your dream trip to Iceland. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Guide to Iceland is the world’s largest marketplace for Icelandic travel services


Compare tours and read reviews to find the best service and prices in Iceland. Book all your tours & packages in one place in the world’s largest marketplace for Icelandic travel.


Find rental cars in Iceland to suit your journey, from budget-friendly to luxurious models. Rent SUVs, 2WDs, 4WDs, campers and campervans for the very best available price.


Book unique and quality accommodations all across Iceland. You can find hostels, guesthouses, farm stays, bed and breakfasts, private apartments and luxury hotels.

Guide to Iceland is the most sought out website on Icelandic travel information in existence


Read in-depth articles about Iceland’s nature, history and culture, as well as practical and lively travel information written by expert natives and long-term residents.


Contact locals for personal tips and tricks. Dip into comprehensive travel blogs and discover all you need to know about Icelandic music, art, cuisine and daily life.

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Marvel at Iceland's mystical landscapes from the captivating perspective of the award-winning Iurie Belegurschi, Guide to Iceland’s in-house fine art nature photographer.

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We are here to lead by example. We take pride in our ethics policy and incorporate it into every decision we make; honesty, trust and responsibility are the bedrocks of our vision, while a sincere commitment to environmental sustainability and management keep our hearts firmly set on the longevity and protection of Icelandic nature. At each level, integrity is the foundation for our daily practice, a critical aspect of both our advancement and international reputation.

Our passion for Iceland is only met by our ambition towards service excellence. Our team is deeply knowledgeable of Iceland, the opportunities available here, and can answer virtually every query travellers to Iceland have. We will always provide up-to-date tour and travel information, for it is our loyalty to the customer, our working partners and the natural world that unites us, and has secured our position as the go-to industry leader for Icelandic travel services.

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Our journey is a story of learning, overcoming and advancing

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What first began as a small group of friends and entrepreneurs, has now grown into a much larger group of friends and entrepreneurs, bound together by mutual respect, cooperation and openness. Today, our core team consists of over 60 members, both native Icelanders and foreign experts who are passionate enough to make Iceland their new home. Collectively, we encourage creativity, the sharing of ideas and a strong commitment to our goals, while upholding the shared responsibility of providing our visitors with the world’s best travel services.

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