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A journey measured in friends

Our mission is simple: to help more people experience the sacred beauty of Iceland's untouched nature. 

Attention to detail, understanding the wants and needs of a group and the ability to provide a hassle-free experience are all essential in creating an unforgettable trip.

That is why Guide to Iceland offers incredible benefits that can be customised to every group, large and small, and provides a team of experts dedicated to crafting an unforgettable journey under the Arctic Circle.

Guide to Iceland has expert knowledge and experience of group travel. 

Enjoying one-on-one services—covering everything from rental cars and accommodation to tours and activities—you can immerse yourself in the travel experience of a lifetime while we focus on the logistics.

Discover how travelling with friends can be made even easier than travelling alone. Contact us through the form below, and together we'll take the first steps on a journey into nature's untouched embrace.

So we can assist you to the best of our ability, let us know as much as you can. The more information we have, the quicker we will be able to get you and your group on the way to an amazing adventure.

Important information includes; how many are in your group, how many nights you would like to stay in Iceland, if you would like a guide to travel with you, and of course when you would want to visit here. 

If there are specific highlights you would like to include, mention those also. If you’re not sure what specifically you’d like to do here, don’t worry, that’s what we’re great at.

Creating lasting memories, free of hassle for you and your friends, family, or colleagues is not only possible; it’s something we do every day. 

We can’t wait to hear from you. 

If you are a travel agent, let us know. We are more than happy to help you out further.

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