Media Support and Sponsorship

Hey! If you are writing about Iceland or traveling here to tell more people how awesome Iceland is, and are looking for support in terms of content, itinerary, tours, or logistics, we are here to help. 

About us, the short version

Guide to Iceland is a young, dynamic company that has quickly become the largest collaboration in the Icelandic travel industry. Our partnership consists of more than 500 travel companies and individuals in Iceland and our main goal is to quality control services to provide travelers with the best experience for their holiday.

This makes Guide to Iceland a great starting point for bloggers, travel writers, and other members of the media. 

If you are looking for content support or quotes from locals

Guide to Iceland offers readers an expert opinion about Iceland, from local enthusiasts to professional specialists. We have a myriad of articles and blog posts about all possible aspects of Iceland, and an impressive gallery by world-famous landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi. 

Iceland Highlands from Above

Our bloggers and content writers are fully plugged into our customers' wants and needs, writing helpful articles about cultural events, popular locations, special hobbies, or informative articles about traveling in Iceland.

If you'd like to write about the wonders of Iceland, like the volcanoes, glaciers, and national parks, you'll want to tap into the wealth of content Guide to Iceland has curated in order to reach a wide audience who is primed for your topic.

You are welcome to quote from Guide to Iceland materials and use our photos, with credit to Guide to Iceland and a hyperlink to the relevant page. As long as we receive credit, there is no need to contact us for permission.*

*Please note that duplicating big chunks of content or even a whole article is not allowed. We encourage creativity!

If our content inspires you to write more about an Iceland-focused topic, feel free to contact us for more information, a fresh quote, or higher-quality photos. 

If you are traveling to Iceland and looking for tour or car rental sponsorship

As local experts, we can give you recommendations on your itinerary and some travel tips to get you started on your journey in the Land of Ice and Fire.

Guide to Iceland is also happy to provide some free trials of tours and car rental to media members and travel bloggers. Send us your information, including: 

  • A short bio (200 words or less) and your publication/site/blog stats
  • Your travel dates and current plans
  • How you would like us to help you
  • Your plans on writing and publicity

We're excited to hear from you. Just drop us a mail at