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What are the essential dos and don'ts when travelling in Iceland? How are you to conduct yourself when passing through the vulnerable and pristine landscapes that make up this strange and powerful i
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What are the major do's and don'ts regarding driving in Iceland? How do you go about renting a vehicle for your stay? Which side of the road do Icelanders drive on, and how's their reputation behind
Photo by Philip Gunkel Do you dream of waking up to the sunrise across a magnificent fjord? Or of falling asleep amongst a range of beautiful mountains with the Northern Lights dancing overhead? If s
What is it like travelling to Iceland with kids? What tours, activities and adventures are you allowed to bring your children on? What are the most exciting possibilities when you want to have an Icel
Iceland is one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world. But while most Icelanders take pride in hospitality and kindness, among the helpful multitudes there will always be a small numbe
Are you planning on hiking in Iceland? Where are the most beautiful and challenging treks in Iceland? Are all hiking trails open throughout the year and what should be packed for those looking to un
What are the best mobile applications to download before travelling to Iceland? What are the handiest apps for finding nearby attractions, bars or ATM machines? Which apps allow you to keep track of y
Where can you buy cheap groceries in Iceland? Does Reykjavík have a wide range of supermarkets? Where can you find the best fresh food variety and which stores should you avoid at all costs? Is it p
Is it possible to have a cheap holiday in Iceland? How can hidden costs be avoided? Is everything in Iceland expensive? Read on for the best tips on how to save money in Iceland. Explore Iceland's
Imagine experiencing the incredible beauty of Iceland's glaciers while zooming across the ice sheets. Read more to find out all you need to know about snowmobiling in Iceland.  Find Snowmobile Tour
Where is the best place to see puffins in Iceland? Can you find puffins throughout the year? Are there any tours particularly tailored to puffin watching? How close will they let you get? Discover a
Have you ever considered a skiing or snowboarding trip in Iceland? Well, remove those goggles for a moment to read more and discover for yourself the true majesty and excitement waiting on the Icela
Were you ever curious about snorkelling and diving in Iceland? Well, now it's time to grab your fins and brave the cold! Read more to find out everything about the beautiful and exotic landscapes hi
Where can you go fishing in Iceland, and what might you catch? Can you fish independently, and are there fishing tours and holidays you can join? What is the history of fishing in Iceland? Continue
Marvel over the magnificent, ancient glaciers that adorn Iceland’s incredible landscape. Opportunities to hike upon these rare wonders, walk alongside their crevasses and clamber up their icy walls,
How expensive is Iceland? How much money will you need when travelling in Iceland? What is the condition of the Icelandic currency? Read on to discover our guide on spending and saving money in Icel
What is the essence of Icelandic culture? How can you immerse yourself in Icelandic culture in a way that is authentic to the history of the people? Continue reading to learn about the culture and c
Icelandic nature can be very dangerous, even deadly. Prevent accidents by reading about Iceland's most dangerous aspects and be informed about the dangers in Iceland.  Stay safe during your Iceland
What are the 5 major do’s and don’ts for travel in Iceland? How can you avoid the mistakes of travellers past? How can you make the most out of your experience here? What behaviour is considered...u
Harsh and unpredictable, beautiful and serene, Iceland is a country as fierce as it is enchanting. Whether you are a first-time backpacker or a seasoned mountaineer the following tips and meditation
Should one be asked to name the very best surfing destinations on the planet, places like Southern California, Hawaii, and Australia would probably be the first to come to mind. But for surfing vete
Where are the best places to shop in Iceland? Which shops are concentrated in the capital, and where can you find what you’re looking for around the country? What are the best souvenirs to buy in Ic
What kind of clothing do you need for hiking in Iceland? What equipment and shoes will you need to go in the ice caves or on the glaciers, lava caving or horseback riding? Do tour operators provide
What are the travel essentials to pack when planning a trip to Iceland? How do you know what to wear in winter and summer? What hiking gear should you bring if you’re planning to explore the dramati
Iceland is home to numerous seal colonies who can be easily spotted in many breathtaking locations around the country. Read more to find out everything you need to know about seals and seal watching
Why not spend your holiday row, row, rowing your boat down Iceland’s most exciting whitewater with an adrenaline-fuelled river rafting excursion? Read on to find out all there is to know about navig
How does one keep safe while driving in Iceland? What are some of the major hazards to watch out for, and are there any regions inaccessible during the winter? Read on to find out all you need to kn
Where are the most popular locations to partake in ATV and Buggy tours in Iceland? Do you need prior experience to ride, and how fast do the vehicles go? Are ATV and Buggy tours safe, and what can y
Where can you pick up a rental car in Iceland? How do you navigate the Ring Road? Does Iceland have any specific road signs? How do you drive on mountain roads in the Highlands? Read on for all you
How do you find your way in Iceland? How do pick-ups for tours operate? What should you do if your tour is set for you to meet on location? Read on for information on bus tours, pick-ups and meeting
  Is there anything you can recommend in Iceland ? What was the most beautiful place you visited in Iceland, or what adventure did you enjoy doing the most? What was your favourite restaurant, or pl
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What is the protocol after you purchase a package holiday to Iceland? How much money will you need for each day? What simple problems do you need to worry about before arriving here? Is there anythi
What are the most popular sightseeing spots for helicopter rides in Iceland? How long do helicopter flights last, and is it possible to make a landing during the tour? Just how popular is helicopter
Can you imagine flying over Iceland like a bird? How readily available are aerial sightseeing flights in Iceland? What attractions and regions do these flights visit? Read on for everything you ever
Did you know Iceland is one of the best destinations on earth for solo travellers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of solo travel in Iceland, and how do travellers make friends during thei
What are the best recommendations for making a repeat visit to Iceland, the Land of Ice and Fire? How can you make your second holiday as exciting as your first, and what hidden attractions and acti
What are the different transfer options available between Keflavík International Airport and Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík? How often do bus transfers leave, and is it possible to book your tran
Is hitchhiking a feasible means of travelling around Iceland? Are Icelanders receptive of hitchhikers, and is hitchhiking safe in the country? What is the essential information/equipment you need be
What are the current rules and regulations regarding the use of drones in Iceland? Is it possible to fly your drone everywhere, and if not, where are the most recommended spots? Read on to find out
What is the best advice when it comes to group travel in Iceland? What are the different travel options available for groups, and what are the benefits and drawbacks over travelling solo? How can yo
What is the weather like in Iceland? Are you looking for an indoor activity to avoid the cold or rain? Your tour has been cancelled due to poor road conditions—what can you do instead? What do you do
Has Iceland become too popular for its own good? How many people travel to Iceland annually? What effect has the recent rise in visitor numbers had on Icelandic society? How can you avoid the crowds w
Did you know that you can partake in a dog sledding tour in Iceland? Does dog sledding operate the whole year through, and what are the prerequisites for the tour? What breeds are used for dog sleddin
What are the best options for your stopover in Iceland? What sites are within close proximity to the airport? Will you need a rental car and how will time restraints shape the nature of your stay? R
Iceland has more options and resources for travellers in a wheelchair than ever before – and not just within the city of Reykjavík. Not only are there a number of accessible tours of Iceland on offe
What VIP experiences are available to the luxury and business class traveller in Iceland? What are some attractions that only the few get to see, and how can you ensure your luxury holiday in Icelan
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What are the most popular times of year for travellers visiting Iceland? How can you secure the best chance of avoiding the crowds at this country’s most beloved natural attractions, and what are so
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Is it is possible to travel around the whole of Iceland on a motorcycle, and if so, what are the best times of year to do so? What are the necessary safety precautions and which natural attractions
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Can you hunt in Iceland? What are the rules? How do you get a permit? What animals can you hunt? We have all the answers to your hunting questions below. See the most popular sights of Iceland with