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Music In Iceland

Alongside the likes of Björk and Of Monsters And Men, Sigur Rós is one of Iceland's greatest musical exports, having over fifteen years redefined the boundaries of dream pop and ambience.  See the
Of Monsters and Men signifies a new generation of Icelandic hitmakers; like their predecessors before them, the band has defied what is expected from the Icelandic music scene, having released two s
To Icelanders, she is a national treasure; to the rest of the world, she is a restlessly experimental creative force, forever expanding, contributing, transitioning and breaking the boundaries of arti
Those living outside of Iceland may not be familiar with Ásgeir Trausti, a young artist who, over the last six years, has showcased his mix of electronic-folk to an enthusiastic and ever-growing aud
Árstíðir is a six-piece Icelandic folk band from Reykjavík with a sound unique to the Icelandic music scene. Be sure to catch them playing live in Reykjavík or abroad at one of their many internatio
Örn Elías Guðmundsson, aka Mugison, is one of Iceland's hippest musicians. His thundering voice and roaring blues guitar propel listeners to crank up the volume, as they fall in love with his no-non
Who is Páll Óskar? Why is Páll Óskar considered the King of Icelandic Pop? Where can you see him perform today? Read on to discover all about one of the biggest figures on Iceland's musical and cult
For over twenty years, GusGus has paved the wave for the Icelandic electronic scene, having released over nine studio albums, remixed the country's most iconic artists and played numerous sold out int
How does a musical style originating from 1960s Jamaica make its way to the frozen shores of modern-day Iceland? Who are the pioneers of this fresh new take on "skank guitar", Rub-A-Dub and 'Riddum'?
How did hip-hop become one of the most popular musical genres in Iceland? Who are the biggest artists on the Icelandic hip-hop scene, and how long has the genre been around? What’s the future for hi
How did Kaleo go on to become one of Iceland’s biggest known rock bands? How did they start, and how did they break the United States’ music scene? When are future releases available and are there a
Where are the best venues for live music in Iceland? What type of live music is regularly performed in Reykjavík? Read on to find out all there is to know about the best music venues in Iceland.  See
What are the perfect music playlists to match your vacation in Iceland? What are the most popular music genres? Who are the best artists to serenade your time in the country, and where can you acces
After your visit to Iceland, an album of Icelandic music makes for a meaningful souvenir. Or if you’re planning a visit, listening to Icelandic music is a perfect way to prepare. See the sights of