Luxury travel

with Guide to Iceland

Perfection matters

Luxury travel means seeing Iceland exactly how you wish to see it, on an all-inclusive private journey in which every detail is anticipated, and nothing is impossible.

VIP travellers expect nothing less than the very best of their holiday experience, be that locating the most desirous attractions at times with the least crowd, or in their choice of accommodation, tour or vehicle. This is travel for those who know what they like, know what they want, and can’t have it any other way! 

Whatever opulence is desired, Guide to Iceland strives to make your dreams a reality. With fully customisable tours and 24/7 access to your own personal travel agent, experiencing your perfect visit to Iceland has never been easier. 

Our catalogue of products and services is the most extensive in Iceland—spanning five-star resorts, boutique and spa hotels, breathtaking lodges and the most luxurious modes of transport available. This allows us to handcraft second to none itineraries that sample only the very best that Iceland has to offer, including fascinating natural attractions, fine dining restaurants and comfortable transportation to and from your accommodation.

Guide to Iceland is also dedicated to bringing you tours of unmatched quality, offering private groups the chance to undertake the country’s most thrilling activities—i.e. snowmobiling, scuba diving, helicopter sightseeing, etc—under the direction of experienced and certified guides. 

As an organisation, we are firmly committed to preserving and safeguarding your fundamental right to privacy. Contact us through the form below, and a dedicated team will work closely with you to fashion a seamless travel experience, exquisitely curated to ensure you get the most out of every moment. 

You can, of course, also book your trip unaided by exploiting our sweeping wealth of first-rate travel options. The land of ice and fire is waiting, and we are at your service.

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