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Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall Reseguide

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WMGQ+FF Grundarfjörður, Iceland
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Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall boasts an epic setting with Kirkjufell mountain as its backdrop.Kirkjufellsfoss is a waterfall set against the iconic backdrop of Kirkjufell mountain on Iceland's Snaefellsnes peninsula. It draws visitors for its gorgeous setting and photo opportunities.

Kirkjufellsfoss is a series of three cascades on the Kirkjufellsa river, which flows from the Helgrindur volcano. Its name translates to known as "Church Mountain Falls," and this small, enchanting waterfall is only 16 feet (five meters) high.

Due to its position next to mount Kirkjufell, it's an essential stop for visitors. These attractions together are one of the country's most sought-after photography spots.

Many snaefellsnes tours visit Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss. Opt for this small group tour of the Snaefellsnes peninsula from Reykjavik or this excellent 11-hour tour of Snaefellsnes with a local dinner! Both tours cover the peninsula's best sites, including Kirkjufellsfoss and Kirkjufell.

It's also very easily accessible with a rental car, so you can plan your own self-drive tour to the Snaefellsnes peninsula. There's even plenty of Snaefellsnes accommodation available, if you want to spend more than a day exploring the region known as "Iceland in miniature". To make you visit even more unique, you can join a guided two-hour kayaking tour at the mountain's base to appreciate the views from a different angle.

What Makes Kirkjufellsfoss so Special?

Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss look stunning under the northern lights during winter.

What makes Kirkjufellsfoss unique is not its size or power, especially when compared to Iceland's larger waterfalls like Gullfoss, Dynjandi, Skogafoss, or Dettifoss. Instead, its charm comes from the breathtaking scene it creates with the Kirkjufell mountain.

The waterfall's beauty forms a stunning visual as it captures Mt. Kirkjufell from an angle that makes it seem triangle-shaped. This is part of why it was used as "arrowhead mountain" in the television series Game of Thrones!

Visitors come to marvel at the unique setting and capture spectacular photos. It's a short distance from the Kirkjufell parking lot, so it's very easily accessible.

Tips for Visiting Kirkjufellsfoss

People taking photos of Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall with Kirkjufell mountain in the background.

Exploring Kirkjufellsfoss and its surroundings offers many excellent views and photo opportunities. If you're coming from the nearby town of Grundarfjordur, take the chance to stop at both the Kirkjufell viewpoint and the Kirkjufell reflection spots, easily found on Google Maps. These spots offer diverse perspectives of the mountain and waterfall.

Kirkjufellsfoss has two car parking lots. Try the second lot closest to the water for the best access to the trail that encircles the waterfall. This spot is also ideal for capturing the reflection of Mount Kirkjufell in the water, adding a magical touch to your photos.

Timing your visit can dramatically alter the scenes you capture. Whether it's the golden hues of sunset, the mystical northern lights, the never-setting midnight sun, or the tranquil beauty of the landscape covered in snow, each provides a unique backdrop to Kirkjufellsfoss. To dodge the crowds, early morning and evening are your best bets.

Capture the perfect combination of the Kirkjufell mountain and the nearby waterfallThe weather won't always be great and will impact the vistas and your photo quality. Sometimes, the Kirkjufell is covered in clouds, obstructing your view. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, you can return another time if needed.

For an unrivaled vista of Kirkjufellsfoss and Mount Kirkjufell, take the path that offers a combined view of these landmarks. This vantage point is where the true magic of the location shines, allowing for incredible photographs.

Location and How to Get There

Kirkjufellsfoss is on the northern side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula in West Iceland. It's about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) west of Grundarfjordur. Drive west along Road 54 and turn to get to the parking lot for the falls. Remember to stop at other viewing areas along the way for different perspectives.

Attractions Near Kirkjufellsfoss

Visit all the beautiful attractions of Snaefellsjokull national parkThe Snaefellsnes peninsula has a treasure trove of fantastic attractions, so you won't run out of things to do in the region!

Snaefellsjokull National Park is home to the Snaefellsjokull glacier, a majestic ice cap visible from Kirkjufellsfoss. The park offers hiking trails, lava fields, and caves, perfect for adventurers and nature lovers.

The Vatnshellir cave offers an underground adventure where visitors can explore an 8,000-year-old lava tube filled with stalactites and stalagmites. You can only visit with this Vatnshellir cave tour, and it's well worth it for those looking to delve into the earth's depths!

The Arnastapi harbor is picturesque and features striking coastal cliffs nearby.

Arnarstapi is a quaint fishing village with a pretty harbor and impressive coastal cliffs, 25.8 miles (41.5 kilometers) from Kirkjufellsfoss. The area is known for its rich birdlife and the scenic Arnarstapi to Hellnar coastal walk.

Djupalonssandur beach features striking black sand, intriguing rock formations, and remnants of historic shipwrecks. It's a place of stark beauty and a reminder of the power of nature.

Budir church, a small black church set against a backdrop of wild landscapes, offers an amazing contrast to the green and golden hues of the peninsula. This historic site is a favorite subject for photographers due to its simplicity and the dramatic setting.

The Budir church on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is a favorite photography spot due to its contrast with the natural surroundings.

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