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Guide to Iceland est la plus large plateforme de voyage en Islande. Nous offrons plus de 5 000 excursions, voyages et voitures de location qui ont été sélectionnés par leur qualité. Réservez avec nous pour vivre une expérience authentique en Islande et découvrir les plus beaux lieux de l'île.
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Guide to Iceland est la plus grande source d'information sur l'Islande sur le web créée pour vous aider à planifier votre voyage sur la Terre de glace et de feu. Découvrez nos nombreux articles et blogs pour profiter du savoir de notre équipe locale et des conseils des habitants

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A propos des packs d'excursions en Islande

Un pack d'excursions rassemble plusieurs excursions ou activités à faire en Islande. Ces packs sont idéaux pour les voyageurs qui souhaitent faire l'expérience de plusieurs sorties ou activités en Islande. 

1. Pourquoi réserver un pack d'excursions ? 

En réservant un pack, vous dépensez moins que si vous aviez réservé les excursions séparément.

2. Est-ce qu'on peut changer l'ordre des excursions du pack ?

Oui, une fois le pack réservé, vous pouvez changer l’ordre des excursions en faisant la demande par email.

3. Est-il possible de changer ou d'ajouter d'autres activités durant les excursions ?

Malheureusement non, les excursions ne sont pas personnalisables.

4. Est-ce que les excursions du pack doivent être 3 jours d’affilé ?

Vous pouvez changer les jours et ne pas les avoir d’affilé en fonction de la disponibilité des excursions.

5. Peut-on avoir une réduction supplémentaire si l’on ajoute une autre excursion au pack ?

Non, la réduction s’applique seulement sur les excursions du pack.

6. Si les excursions ne comprennent pas les repas, comment fait-on pour se restaurer ?

Des arrêts durant les excursions sont prévus pour que vous puissiez vous restaurer.

7. Si l’on loge dans un Airbnb, peut-on toujours se faire récupérer ?

Oui, il suffit de choisir l’hôtel le plus proche de chez vous dans la liste des lieux de récupération.

8. Peut-on amener son bagage pour les excursions de 2 jours ou plus ?

Vous pouvez amener un bagage de cabine lors de votre excursion. Les bagages plus volumineux peuvent rester à Reykjavik à petit prix.

9. Est ce que les hébergements sont inclus dans les packs d'excursions de plusieurs jours ?

Si vous avez une sortie de plusieurs jours incluse dans un pack d'excursion, alors l'hébergement en dehors de la capitale est compris. Merci de consulter la section comprend / ne comprend pas sur la page du pack pour plus d'information.

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Iceland provides a plethora of stunning landscapes and unimaginable geographical wonder! Wanting a unique honeymoon location, i can't be happier with my decision. A travelers dream and a photographers heaven, this four day tour is absolutely recommended for first time tourists to get a taste of its magic. In the comfort of a luxury tour bus led by a knowledgable guide, we were taken to a few of the major features of the so called "land of the gods." Covering the golden circle, glacier hiking, ice caves and some stunning waterfalls, the tour is well paced providing each traveler enough time to let it all sink in without wasting any time. The unpredictable weather of Iceland may hinder with the schedule, but our guide would make sure to make the best of clear skies, and keep us safe and warm during a storm. The hotel location at Hofn is absolutely beautiful, and if you're lucky enough to catch the Northern lights, like we were, well trust me it can't get better than that.

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Highly recommend this tour. Really worth it. The tour was fun and bus ride was a comfortable one as we were small group. We got waterfalls , beaches , glacier hiking , ice cave , national parks , nothern lights , lava fields, and a lot of beautiful sceneries all in one in this tour :) Our tour guide n driver are super friendly , which made our trip more enjoyable ❤❤❤

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Pack 2 excursions sur 4 jours | Cercle d’Or, Grotte de glace et Snæfellsnes

4.8 : note générale | 14 avis

Pack 2 excursions sur 4 jours | Cercle d’Or, Grotte de glace et Snæfellsnes

We loved the 4 day discount tour. We went on the Snaefellness peninsula tour on Day 1 - the west coast of Iceland is rugged with beautiful coastal scenery, waterfalls and black sand beaches. We started the three day south coast tour on Day 2 and it was absolutely wonderful. Everything which was promised on the tour met our expectations. Hotel accommodation was excellent and we saw the northern lights at Hofn. The glacier hiking is not to be missed. The ice caves were flooded due to rain, so we only saw the outside. The glacier lagoon is simply spectacular. We stopped at appropriate times for lunch and rest room breaks and food was delicious at each of these stops. Communication with Guide to Iceland prior to arriving was very professional and prompt.

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A very awesome experience. The tour guide was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend!

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Great, stress free way to see Iceland. Comfortable minibus, nice being a small group compared to some of the bigger buses we saw! Good choice of hotels. Great driver, very friendly, good sense of humour, gave lots of information, even managed to fit in some extra places on the route. Office very efficient with all prior information. Definitely recommended.

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This was an incredible experience in many ways. First off, both parts of the tour was canceled due to bad weather, since this was initially scheduled for the latter part of January 2018. What happened instead was being able to opt out the first part (South Coast) with two different day tours, and then postpone the second part by a day. I'm really glad I worked with this agency because they were able to re-book certain parts of this tour automatically and without hardly a worry! And, I was promptly given a refund as well. All agents that I worked with were respectful and easy to work with. Instead of doing the first part, 2 day South Coast tour, I ended up doing the Golden Circle/Secret Lagoon one day, and the next was a day tour of the South Coast which ended up as far as Vik. Both tours were lovely and felt quite safe in the hands of the guides I was with. Both day tours proved equally as worth my time as I'm sure the two day South Coast tour would have been. Next, the Snaefellsnes Peninsula was an absolute treat. The tour guide went well out of his way to make everyone comfortable and to show us some pretty incredible sites that was amongst the magical winter wonderland. All tours were wonderful for several reasons. We kept to a reasonable time schedule for all the sites included, we were told stories from Icelandic Lore that really helped bring us more into the Icelandic culture, and were also told a good bit about Iceland and current affairs. This was not just a beautiful excursion, but an educational one. I'm glad I chose to spend my birthday here and booked my travels with this agency. It was worth every bit of money I spent and can't wait to (hopefully) plan another trip for the future. Too incredible for words. Thank you. :)

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Every things good except did not know the travel agents. Waiting at the pick up point and need to check with all the tour buses pull in! Hundreds of people walking up and down the road looking for their buses. Second trip saw the driver standing by the van. We both waiting for each other for over 10 mins. He than pull out to another locations to pick up other passengers first then come back. Finally got on the van after 20 mins waiting!

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Excellent tour! It was really good to explore South Island with this signature tour ! The tour guide and driver are soooo nice !! Especially thanks to driver with his long hour and safe drive :) highly recommended the tour !!!!

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Loved the tour .. Wonderful journey from south to west ..The guides were really helpful and went out of their way to make our trip memorable one :)

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We had a wonderful 5-day tour which was exactly as described. We were exhausted at the end, but grateful that our guides worked the schedule precisely to allow us to see as much as possible during the precious few hours of daylight. They were dedicated to making sure we knew when and where to view the northern lights, and how to best avoid the crowds at popular sites. I would definitely recommend a tour in the winter, as nasty weather would have left us stranded if we were on our own.

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Excellent tour! We were able to see all the sites without rushing. Bus was super comfortable and with Wifi access. Guide was the highlight of the tour. She explained clearly about glacier formations, mountains and tectonic plates (Eurasian and North American plates) . Even told us some jokes (what does an Icelandic person do when he is lost in the woods?) 100% recommendable.

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Had a fantastic time on this tour... More than expected than I thought.. Guide was brilliant an we had a great laugh n we all dwell well with each other company as alone traveller.. Don't be shy. We saw the lights but did not materialised... I would recommend this tour you will learn a lot about Iceland

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The tour was great and the tour bus is comfortable and with wifi access, it is a very good way to travel Iceland by joining this local tour. I recommend it to all of you, as the weather just too dynamic , best is to join local tour and no hassle!

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What a great tour covering so many of the really beautiful places in Iceland. So many awesome waterfalls here, each one different from the other. The beaches differ dramatically from each other as well, Black sand, golden sand, rock. The setting of the Secret Lagoon is very natural and I learned a lot while there. My favorite part though was the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.....AWESOME!!! I would echo a previous review, the dinner spot should be changed in the fall and winter months so that the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall can be visited while it is still light. I was very disappointed that we could not see elk enough to venture behind the falls.

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