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Mánagata 23, 730 Reyðarfjörður, Iceland
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The scenic village of Reydarfjordur in the longest fjord of East Iceland.Reydarfjordur village is a charming little village on the longest fjord of East Iceland,  known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history.

Visit this beautiful Icelandic attraction on an Eastfjords tour or a self-drive adventure like this 11-Day Ring Road and Eastfjords Tour. The village is a great destination and rest stop for travelers because of its excellent amenities, from a shopping mall to accommodations

Reydarfjordur village lies at the bottom of its namesake fjord, which stretches over 18.5 miles (30 kilometers). The town’s glimmering lights at night, reflecting off the bay, are views that every tourist will find breathtaking.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Tristan Ferner. No edits made.

About Reydarfjordur Village

Reydarfjordur village, Reyðarfjörður in Icelandic, is a remote village where travelers can explore Eastfjords attractions and take in the stunning panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. It is convenient for tourists and Icelanders because of its proximity to the famous Ring Road.

This hidden gem of a town has a population of just around 1,500 residents, yet it is one of the most populated areas in the Fjardabyggd municipality. 

Features and Amenities of Reydarfjordur Village 

The East Iceland village might be small compared to other settlements in the land of fire and ice, but it has most of the things you might see in a big town. 

Reydarfjordur has a shopping mall called Molinn, restaurants, a bakery, accommodations, and even museums. With these great features, travelers to the area can easily stock up on road trip supplies.

Furthermore, the area’s primary industries include fishing, tourism, and aluminum smelting. As a village at the foot of the Reydarfjordur fjord, it has a very picturesque port or harbor surrounded by Eastfjord mountains.

Meanwhile, many locals here are working in the aluminum smelting industry. Alcoa, one of the biggest aluminum smelters in the world, has been operating the Fjardaal smelter in the village since 2007. 

Alcoa's Fjardaal smelter in Iceland.

Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Krator. No edits made. 

Attractions in Reydarfjordur Village

Fortunately, the village has plenty of attractions to explore, from the deep fjord to the high mountains. The tourist spots here are lesser known than their counterparts around Reykjavik, making it ideal for those who want to stay away from the crowds.

The Budara river runs through Reydarfjordur, a reason why the village has excellent forested areas and waterfalls near the town center. In particular, the majestic Budararfoss waterfall is within just a short hiking distance. Before reaching the waterfall, you will also pass through an impressive canyon along the river.

This scenic village is also the starting point for several hikes in the Eastfjords. The picturesque Graenafell mountain offers an excellent hiking trail that ends with a lovely lake and a great view of the whole valley.

On the other hand, travelers who love history should drop by the Icelandic Wartime Museum. The museum is a cultural attraction worthy of your time and attention. It gives an informative overview of the history of World War II and Iceland.

History of the Eastfjord Village

Reydarfjordur village has a very colorful and deep history that remains significant even with the present time.

The village served as one of the largest military bases of the Allied forces, mainly the British troops, during World War II. The base hosted British and American soldiers to protect the Nordic country from invasion. Today, traces of the military base can still be seen, especially in the museum.

Apart from its political history, Reydarfjordur has deep roots in energy generation and industrial plants. The aluminum smelter in the area employs around 450 people and produces 360 thousand tons of aluminum annually.

More recently, the famous British television show Fortitude used the scenic village as one of its primary shooting locations.

Best Time to Visit Reydarfjordur 

Reydarfjordur village is on the eastern shores of Iceland, surrounded by water and mountains. The climate is typically rainy and foggy, but the charming town has pleasant weather ideal for sightseeing when the sun comes out.

Reydarfjordur is a year-round destination for tourists, but the best time to visit is during warmer months. The area has one of the highest temperatures in the country on a clear summer’s day. However, the temperatures are still relatively cooler, which would merit wearing thermal clothes.

Summer in Reydarfjordur

Summer is the best time to visit Reydarfjordur for several reasons. Firstly, summer days are longer, and there are days when the sun doesn’t fully set. During this time, you can see all the nearby attractions more conveniently under the sun’s light. 

Another reason is that the village gets the least rainy days during summer. In particular, June and July may be the best months to visit if you want to beat the rain. These two months see fewer days of hard rainfall than the average monthly rainfall.

Winter in Reydarfjordur

Summer may be the best time to visit Reydarfjordur, but there are Icelandic activities best done during the coldest days. Winter is an ideal time to visit the Eastfjord village if you want to experience the northern lights glittering on the waters of the stunning fjord. 

Iceland has around five hours of daylight daily between November and February. With less light from the sun, tourists have a higher chance of spotting the aurora borealis during tours. 

The winter months also see an average monthly rainfall of about 15 days, so you’re likely to experience snow on your adventure. The lower temperatures and fewer daylight hours make wintertime an ideal season to visit Reydarfjordur if you want fewer tourists at sightseeing destinations. 

How To Get To Reydarfjordur Village

Reydarfjordur village is located in eastern Iceland just off Route 1, making it easy to access by cars or tour vehicles. 

From Reykjavik, you can visit Reydarfjordur village by driving north or south. It’s about 416 miles (670 kilometers) away from either direction. The trip will give you the best opportunity to see the diverse landscapes of Iceland, from massive glaciers to towering mountains.

The nearest towns to Reydarfjordur are Egilsstadir and Neskaupstadur. both located about 18 to 40 miles (30 to 60 kilometers) outside Reydarfjordur village. 

The fastest way to reach the scenic town is by flying to Egilsstadir Aiport. The trip would only take you an hour from the capital. It is then an easy drive to the village.

Other Attractions in the Eastfjords

The Eastfjords is one of the best places to explore the wildlife of Iceland

The region is specifically known for its thriving population of wild reindeer. In particular, the towns of Seydisfjordur and Vopnafjordur are great spots to see herds of these animals roaming the snow-capped mountains and valleys.

Meanwhile, the eastern coasts are also home to the ever-popular puffin birds. On your hiking adventure in Borgarfjordur eystri fjord, you can easily spot colonies of puffins. The time to see these cute creatures is between May and August. 

To enjoy birdwatching and exploring more Icelandic wildlife, you may join guided tours in the area, such as this Day Tour to Borgarfjordur in West Iceland or the 5-Day Remote Hiking Tour with Puffin Watching & Folklore.

Wild reindeers in Iceland.

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