Iceland is a cold country. A country with snow and ice. And when it comes to winter sports there are many things to do here. Only half an hour away from Reykjavik is the ski resort Bláfjöll. It’s know for its nice views and you can even get there by bus. There are some other ski resorts all over Iceland as well, but a lot of mountains can only be reached by hiking/touring or with a snow mobile. Or helicopter of course.

Driving the snowmobile in Iceland is also a great winter activity. It’s an amazing feeling driving through the stunning landscape, getting faster and faster over the awesome whiteness.

Another great adventure during the snowy and colder season is glacier hiking and ice climbing. If you want to take it easy – a hike on the glacier Solheimajökull is highly recommended. The ice becomes bluer and clearer during the cold months and the view is just amazing. Iceland has also a lot of waterfalls, everybody knows that. And if they are frozen you can do some crazy ice climbing there as well.

To fall in love with snowy, icy Iceland immediately – look at these videos they will inspire you to visit Iceland to do some great winter activities!

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