Few basics about 4x4 driving in Iceland

There are many options that open up when you drive a 4x4 vehicle in Iceland! But driving a 4x4 is a challenging task and requires full concentration and caution. To become a good 4x4 driver it is good to know some basic guidelines and keep them in mind when operating such a vehicle.

Most of Iceland is covered with a sensitive vegetation. To prevent a irreversible cycle of vegetation destruction it‘s best for drivers to avoid off-road driving. In summer time it is important to stay on the tracks and avoid damaging the surroundings. In wintertime, when the ground is covered with snow, drivers don‘t have to be as cautious of driving off the tracks. Though it‘s important to evaluate the surroundings each time and focus on not damaging the vegetation.

When driving a 4x4 car in the difficult environment of Iceland, you might have to deflate and inflate the tires. When the tires are deflated, they get a larger contact area, which gives them more grip and flotation. The deflation also gives a softer ride in rough roads. That will make driving in snow and rough roads easier. But when driving on deflated tires the driver has to drive slower and avoid sharp stones, for deflated tires will puncture easily and that is why the driver must inflate the tires as soon as he gets to a better road.

River crossing is fun, but tricky. The driver has to pick a place where the river is not to deep. The river is more shallow where there is far between the riverbanks. Best way to know if the river is to deep is to walk across with a stick and evaluate if it‘s to deep for the car. While driving across the river the car should be in the low-drive and drive in with the stream if possible.

Driving a 38“ 4x4 car in Iceland is a great fun and something that no one should miss out on. But the nature can be unpredictable, tricky and requires caution and respect. Driver has to be responsible and know the limits. Those are just few of many guidelines that the guides teach the drivers in a trip with Arctic Trucks Experience and remember that practice makes perfection!

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