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The legacy of Arctic Trucks is in the unrelenting spirit and unbreakable faith that anything is possible. Made famous by Top Gear and solidified by numerous successful expeditions to the Antarctica, crossing the Greenland Glacier and reaching the North Pole. Arctic Trucks Experience brings this spirit to it’s guests allowing anyone with an adventurous spirit to Explore Without Limits.

Our tours are operated on highly modified super jeeps, built to conquer the arctic.

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Few basics about 4x4 driving in Iceland

There are many options that open up when you drive a 4x4 vehicle in Iceland! But driving a 4x4 is a challenging task and requires full concentration and caution. To become a good 4x4 driver it is good to know some basic guidelines and keep them in mind when operating such a vehicle. Most of Iceland is covered with a sensitive vegetation. To prevent a irreversible cycle of vegetation destruction it‘s best for drivers to avoid off-road driving. In summer time it is important to stay on the trac

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