5-Day Christmas Vacation Package Holiday in Iceland

A breathtaking display of fireworks lights up the Reykjavik skyline.
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Tour starts
Keflavík Airport (KEF), Iceland
Starting time
5 days
Ending place
Keflavík Airport (KEF), Iceland
Nov. - Jan.
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Embark on a captivating five-day Christmas vacation package in Iceland, designed for those seeking a hassle-free and personalized holiday adventure. This tour prioritizes flexibility, offering various optional activities and attractions to cater to individual preferences, and is full of festive fun.

We've meticulously planned a package featuring diverse, enticing activities. The beauty lies in the fact that all activities and tours are optional, giving you the autonomy to shape the holiday according to your desires. 

Whether you opt for adventures, tranquil moments at a renowned geothermal destination, or prefer to explore Reykjavik in its Christmas colors, the choice is entirely yours.

Upon arrival, enjoy an inclusive airport transfer from Keflavik, with an optional detour to the renowned Blue Lagoon for those who wish to indulge in its rejuvenating geothermal waters. Otherwise, head to your cozy Reykjavik hotel, your home base for the upcoming nights.

The itinerary continues with various optional activities, allowing you to shape your holiday according to your desires. Of course, you can still tailor the trip to make the most of Christmas in Reykjavik, as you'll want to check out the city's beautiful decorations, interesting traditions, and festive culture.

Explore iconic landmarks such as the powerful Geysir geothermal area, the breathtaking Gullfoss waterfall, and the historic Thingvellir National Park during the Golden Circle day tour. Alternatively, discover the charms of Reykjavik through various activities, from culinary delights on a food walk to relaxing at the Hvammsik Nature Baths.

You can journey along the scenic South Coast of Iceland on the third day, exploring landmarks like Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara, and the charming village of Vik. Alternatively, opt for urban adventures in Reykjavik, with activities such as whale-watching tours or visits to cultural attractions like the Whale of Iceland Museum.

Venture westward on day three for a captivating Snaefellsnes Peninsula exploration called "Iceland in Miniature." Marvel at stunning landscapes, lava fields, and the mighty Snaefellsjokull glacier. Alternatively, delve into Reykjavik's vibrant beer scene with a beer walk or uncover the wonders of Perlan.

The itinerary offers the possibility of witnessing the mesmerizing northern lights on selected evenings, weather and conditions permitting. Explore the wonders of Reykjavik at your own pace on the final day, with various optional attractions, including the Fly Over Iceland Show and ultimate relaxation at the Sky Lagoon.

This holiday package allows you to customize your experience with diverse optional activities, ensuring a holiday tailored to your preferences. The Reykjavik city break also provides you plenty of time to enjoy Christmas in Iceland.

Don't miss this chance to discover the magic of Iceland during the Christmas season with this vacation package. Experience Iceland's natural wonders, cultural treasures, and the freedom to create your dream adventure!

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Airport transfer on arrival/departure
3 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik
Detailed Itinerary
Personal travel agent


Northern lights hunting
Hot Spring Bathing
Cultural Activity

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Reykjavik's winter charm captured in every snowflake.

Day 1 - Arrival in Iceland

Begin your five-day Christmas vacation with a warm welcome as you board your transfer from Keflavik Airport. Stepping into the Icelandic winter wonderland, the season's magic immediately surrounds you.

Before heading to Reykjavik, take advantage of the opportunity to experience the renowned Blue Lagoon – a natural geothermal spa nestled in a snow-covered landscape. Enjoy a dip in its azure waters, surrounded by lava fields and snow-dusted peaks, offering the perfect chance to unwind and rejuvenate after your journey.

Whether or not you select the Blue Lagoon, you'll be transported to your Reykjavik hotel. Check in and settle into your cozy accommodation, your home for the holiday adventure, conveniently sparing you the stress of transferring hotels.

Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, beckons with plenty of attractions. Spend the remainder of the day exploring the city's charming streets adorned with festive decorations. Visit the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church or explore museums showcasing Iceland's rich history and culture.

Come dinner time, the city unfolds diverse restaurant options. Choose between a traditional Icelandic meal or international cuisine at one of Reykjavik's renowned eateries. As night descends, the city transforms into a magical atmosphere, illuminated by holiday lights, creating an authentic winter wonderland.

Feel free to decide on your evening activity. For those seeking adventure, optional activities like a northern lights tour offer a chance to witness the breathtaking aurora borealis. Alternatively, visiting a local Christmas market provides an opportunity to soak in the holiday spirit and pick up unique handmade gifts. 

Few places are as festive as Iceland in winter, so embrace this unique opportunity!

Ultimately, your first day in Iceland is yours to shape – be it a day of relaxation, exploration, or a bit of both. Return to your comfortable Reykjavik hotel for a restful night, ready to embrace more adventures on day two of your Christmas vacation.

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Day 2
Under the dancing northern lights, Thingvellir becomes an enchanted realm.

Day 2 - Optional Golden Circle and More

Day two unfolds with many exciting activities, all designed to be optional and entirely dependent on your preferences. This ensures your holiday is uniquely tailored to your desires, allowing you to relish the season as you see fit.

One highly recommended option is the Golden Circle day tour, offering the convenience of a hotel pickup. Witness Iceland's renowned natural wonders, including the mighty Gullfoss waterfall, the erupting geysers at the Geysir geothermal area, and the historic Thingvellir National Park.

Here, you can stroll between the tectonic plates that divide North America and Eurasia, capturing the beauty of Iceland in its winter glory.

In addition to the Golden Circle tour, numerous other activities await your choice during your stay in Reykjavik. For those seeking relaxation and indulgence, consider optional admission to the Sky Lagoon, where warm geothermal waters offer stunning ocean views. 

Alternatively, explore the city at your own pace with a hop-on-hop-off tour, allowing you to visit attractions leisurely. Food enthusiasts can embark on a delightful food walk, savoring Icelandic culinary delights, or use the 24-hour city card to access museums, galleries, and cultural sites.

Those interested in wildlife have the option of embarking on whale-watching tours, witnessing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Depending on your preference, you can choose various modes of transportation for northern lights sightings, including bus, boat, super jeep, or even an ATV adventure.

For an exceptional experience, contemplate a helicopter tour offering a bird's-eye view of Iceland's stunning landscapes, including glaciers, volcanoes, and rugged coastlines. If relaxation in nature beckons, seize the opportunity to visit the Hvammsvik Nature Baths, where geothermal waters soothe your senses amidst the winter wonderland.

Day two of your Christmas vacation in Iceland promises a diverse range of optional activities, catering to your interests and ensuring your holiday is filled with unforgettable experiences in this enchanting land of ice and fire. 

Enjoy the freedom to choose, fully immersing yourself in the magic of the season.

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Day 3
Winter magic blankets Vik village in serene beauty.

Day 3 - Optional South Coast and More

On the third day of your Christmas Iceland vacation package, a world of possibilities unfolds, offering plenty of activities. 

A standout option is the South Coast day tour, commencing with the convenience of a hotel pickup. This adventure takes you on a captivating journey along Iceland's southern coastline, renowned for its dramatic landscapes and natural wonders.

Your South Coast adventure will encompass stops at the mesmerizing Seljalandsfoss waterfall, inviting you to walk behind the cascading water curtain, and Skogafoss waterfall, where rushing water contrasts with frozen formations glistening in the winter sunlight. 

Explore the fascinating Reynisfjara black sand beach, known for its striking basalt columns and towering sea stacks. The tour introduces you to the charming coastal village of Vik, nestled amidst awe-inspiring cliffs, offering a glimpse into rural Icelandic life.

Beyond the South Coast day tour, the itinerary provides a diverse array of activities, and the choice is entirely yours. The Sky Lagoon remains a fantastic choice for those who are eager to embrace the hot spring bathing opportunities that Iceland offers.

You can also enjoy the same Reykjavik activities as offered on previous days. A hop-on hop-off bus, walking tour, beer tour, or Reykjavik city tour will all immerse you in the city.

Otherwise, book yourself an exciting nature adventure or go northern lights hunting.

Of course, today is also an excellent opportunity to embrace the Christmas culture of Iceland on your own accord. Learn about the Icelandic Christmas trolls, their child-eating mother, and the legend of the evil Christmas cat.

Day three of your Christmas vacation in Iceland presents the opportunity to explore the stunning South Coast, known for its natural wonders, while granting you the flexibility to tailor your itinerary to your interests. 

Whether you choose to explore, rest, or savor the holiday spirit, your vacation remains a memorable winter wonderland experience.

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Day 4
Icelandic horses and Kirkjufell Mountain under a serene winter sky.

Day 4 - Optional Snaefellsnes Peninsula and More

On the fourth day, you're presented with plenty of activities, allowing you to explore this enchanting winter land's captivating scenery and culture at your own pace.

The day's highlight is the Snaefellsnes day tour, starting with the convenience of a hotel pickup. However, it's important to note that all tours, including the Snaefellsnes Peninsula adventure, are optional. You can choose any activity, allowing you to rest, do whatever you desire, or simply savor the holiday spirit.

The Snaefellsnes day tour offers a mesmerizing journey to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, often dubbed "Iceland in Miniature" for its diverse natural beauty. 

Explore dramatic landscapes, from towering cliffs and lava fields to charming fishing villages like Arnarstapi. The crowning jewel of the day is the awe-inspiring Snaefellsjokull National Park, a mystical glacier-capped volcano believed to be the setting for Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

In addition to the Snaefellsnes adventure, further enhance your exploration of Reykjavik and its surroundings with a selection of optional activities. Visiting the Sky Lagoon is a delightful option for those seeking relaxation, offering warm geothermal waters and breathtaking coastal views for a serene and tranquil experience.

Alternatively, continue to explore the city at your own pace with a hop-on hop-off tour, providing flexibility to visit Reykjavik's landmarks and attractions.

Culinary enthusiasts can partake in a delightful food walk, sampling Icelandic flavors and gaining insight into the country's culinary traditions. The 24-hour city card provides access to museums, galleries, and cultural sites.

Wildlife enthusiasts may opt for whale-watching tours, providing the chance to encounter majestic marine life while cruising the waters around Iceland's coast.

The elusive northern lights may again grace the Icelandic skies as night falls. Depending on weather conditions, choose from various modes of transportation, including bus, boat, super jeep, or ATV tours, to chase this mesmerizing natural phenomenon.

Consider a helicopter tour for a unique perspective of Iceland's diverse landscapes. Alternatively, a city walk allows a more intimate exploration of Reykjavik's history, culture, and hidden gems, guided by a knowledgeable local.

Day four of your Christmas vacation in Iceland promises a wealth of options, enabling you to customize your holiday experience and create lasting memories in this captivating winter wonderland.

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Day 5
Keflavik Airport, where your Icelandic adventure begins and ends.

Day 5 - Winter Wonderland Farewell

On the fifth and final day of your bespoke holiday package in Iceland, relish the opportunity to shape your remaining time in this enchanting winter wonderland before your departure. 

Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast at your Reykjavik hotel, setting the tone for a day of personalized exploration and memorable activities.

Venture into the heart of the festive season with a visit to one of Reykjavik's charming Christmas markets.

At the Christmas market, immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere as you wander through stalls adorned with twinkling lights, handicrafts, and delightful treats. This setting provides the perfect opportunity to pick up last-minute souvenirs and handcrafted gifts or indulge in traditional Icelandic holiday delicacies like kleina (fried pastries) and hot chocolate.

As the day unfolds, feel free to revisit any activities or attractions you may have missed earlier in your journey. Alternatively, savor the last moments of your Icelandic adventure by wandering through Reykjavik's vibrant streets, absorbing the winter ambiance, and capturing photographs to commemorate this special Christmas vacation.

There are still optional tours you can book from today. Visit the Whales of Iceland exhibit to learn about the gentle giants of the deep or head to the FlyOver Iceland experience to see this country's nature on a thrilling virtual ride. Alternatively, marvel over the Wonders of Iceland museum in Perlan, or relax at the Sky Lagoon.

Conclude your holiday by being transferred from your Reykjavik hotel to Keflavik Airport in preparation for your departure. As you bid farewell to the land of ice and fire, carry cherished memories of a Christmas holiday filled with wonder, natural beauty, and the warmth of Icelandic hospitality.

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