​Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier | Departure from Jokulsarlon

Ice caves provide for a once in a lifetime opportunity of a close encounter with the magical world hidden within Iceland's glaciers.
A ray of light penetrates the ice cave.
Marvel over the blues of the crystal ice caves.
The ice caves are one of Iceland's greatest natural phenomenons.
A beautiful corridor leading into the Vatnajökull Ice Cave.
The colours of the ice caves barely seem natural.
Based on 339 traveller reviews

Join this tour to experience the extraordinary beauty of an ice cave in winter. You'll explore hidden spaces on a glacier hike near Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. 

This is the highest rated ice cave tour in Iceland, so book now to secure your spot. Just choose the time which fits your schedule and make your way to Jökulsárlón Café, beside the famous glacier lagoon in Southeast Iceland. You can make a day of it, and enjoy the glacier lagoon area, taking pictures of the floating icebergs. Reserve early as this tour is very popular and is likely to sell out.

At the start of the tour, you will drive with your group to the cave which has been specially chosen for its dazzling structure. The drive itself is exciting, as you will be traveling in a modified monster truck.

When you get there, you'll have a short walk through the landscape to the cave where you can learn about the mighty Vatnajokull glacier from your knowledgeable guide. Thick socks and warm layers will come in handy today.

Ice caves are rare phenomena that form naturally. The ice caves are a long time in the making. Each fall, after the meltwater of spring has begun to freeze, local guides from the area hunt for new ice caves. This is why the location of the caves change every year and every ice cave is unique and newly formed. 

The structure and condition of the caves can vary greatly each year. Our guide decides which cave to visit every day depending on safety and weather conditions. 

There is extremely limited availability for this popular tour. Reserve now you if you want to see this incredible natural attraction. Check availability now by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Mar.
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Activities: Caving, Sightseeing, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Jökulsárlón, Vatnajökull, Breiðamerkurjökull
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 08:30 08:50, 09:30, 09:40, 10:00, 10:10, 11:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:40, 16:00,

You meet us at the departure location.
This tour departs from Jökulsárlón café which is about 390 km east from Reykjavík, Just by the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón
  • Crampons (if conditions call for such equipment)

  • Helmet

  • Guiding

  • Transportation

What to bring:
  • Clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather (waterproof recommended)

  • Camera

  • Hiking shoes

Good to know:

For activities like ice caving, jeans are not recommended because denim, once wet, will spread moisture and take a long time to dry, leaving the wearer extremely cold!



My experience was great! Iceland is expensive...we all know it, but I seriously think this experience is worth it every penny! I was there with my partner, our guide, Swan (hope that’s the right short cut for his name :)) was friendly, descreete and on time... he was a great company, the ice cave were amazing, safe and the short trekking easy and enjoyable! I booked the early morning experience and I think it was the best choice cos of tourism! It cannot be “intimate” and the reason why is obvious, but it is enjoyable and if you are there, you are not for being in a rush ;) Absolutely recommended!

Very well run from start to finish. Our guide was knowledgable and showed us 2 ice caves. Too bad the weather has started getting warm so the ice is melting, preventing us to venture deeper into the caves. Overall a great experience.

The tour guide was great! Was slightly disappointed that we weren't able to go to the larger, bigger cave as planned (due to flooding), but that was out of our control. If you are skeptical I would just call ahead to see if they are touring the smaller or larger cave that day. It was a beautiful day regardless and seeing the glacier was awesome!

Cave was beautiful but smaller than expected, seems the inner side is blocked due to flooding. And the cave was packed with people, although tour guide was great and with awesome 4WD driving skills, it's pretty pricey with the size of the cave and the crowds.

Cave was beautiful but packed with people. The vans drive right up to the opening of the cave so there is no portion of this tour that includes a glacier walk. Tour guide was great. It's expensive for the size of the cave, the crowds, and the time on site, but on par with other tour companies, and the ability to change your reservation is key with unpredictable winter weather. Use the restroom at the N1 prior to arriving at glacier lagoon. The lagoon facilities are far too small for the crowds they host.

Our tour guide, Sven, was absolutely phenomenal. He was engaging the entire drive, shared a ton of interesting Icelandic facts (he even was an extra in Game of Thrones), and gave great advice about things to do and see in Iceland. The cave was absolutely breathtaking; Sven made sure everyone was able to get all the photos they wanted, and helped show how to get the best lighting/angles in the cave. What an absolutely fantastic experience, and well worth the price!

Our tour guide, “Biggie Smalls”, was exceptional! He definitely made the experience that much better! My partner and I came in the middle of February, and although the weather wasnt favorable during our trip, it turned out to be a beautiful, cold, but sunny day. I recommend booking an early morning tour to beat the crowds. The ice cave was smaller than I expected, but some areas appeared to be closed off, possibly because of the weather. Nonetheless, we managed to capture photos of the majestic beauty of the ice cave. We also got to hike afterwards to the “top” of the glacier that feeds into Jökulsárlón lagoon. Pretty pricey, but I was pleased with my experience.

Amazing tour to the cave. Our guide (sorry didn't get his name!) was fantastic. Informative, friendly, and pleasant. The cave itself is stunning. It might seem expensive for just seeing a cave, but it is truly the wonder of the nature. And do not be fooled by other people saying "it's just the same cave every year". It might be a cave formed along the same river bed but it is a different cave every year, formed at a different location, of a different length and a different shape. You can't really plan a "perfect shot" before your trip as the cave you see will be different from that you saw on internet (unless of course the picture was taken around the same time of your trip). It is only accessible during a very limited time of the year, and more importantly you can not get to it yourself at all. It requires specially adapted vehicle and extremely extensive knowledge of the local area in order to navigate and drive in the vast snowfield. And it also takes the guides and their colleagues some back-breaking work to find this place, to establish a safe route to and from the place, to make the entrance and the end safe for tourists, and to reveal the true beauty of the cave. I would recommend taking the first tour in the morning. It'll be quieter there and the earlier it is the blue the cave is. As a reference we did the 9:30 one in mid February (the 8:30 one was sold out otherwise would go for that one) on a nice sunny day, the color was stunning but it was getting a bit busy already.

The blue cave is beautiful, the ice is blue and our tour guide is humorous and warm hearted, she taught us how to take more beautiful pictures which make the tour a lot of fun.she also take us to last year ‘s blue cave, really interesting. The only drawback is the weather, because the snow hide the light, but nobody can forecast this.

Brilliant experience, as expected it was very busy so getting “that” photo is near impossible but people give each other time and space where possible, the cave was amazing and our guide Halli was witty but also very informative we loved it, highly recommended.

Excellent! I would recommend being the very first or last tour to avoid the masses. Our guide Tryggvi (sorry if I butchered the spelling) was entertaining and knowledgeable. Do not try to get to the caves outside of a guided tour. Yes, this is expensive but worth the money for an outstanding experience!

We were in Iceland during a blizzard/storm and we were unable to travel to the Ice Cave on the booked day. A quick call to the Head Office and we were told not to worry! to call the next morning, hope the roads are safe and we can rebook or receive a full refund. I found this to be amazing customer care. Thankfully the roads were safe the next day! the actual tour was amazing, a great adventure and the tour guide was funny and very helpful. Loved the ride there and all the information. It is very expensive, the cave was much smaller than expected but it changes every year...that's nature for you! Still an experience I will never forget!

we absolutely loved our tour! i was honestly expecting loads more people in the ice cave but there weren’t that many and we had a lot of time to take pictures and look around. our tour guide was great, shared lots of great fun stories and facts about the glacier and we also enjoyed the ride in the giant 4x4!

Outstanding tour and place to visit. Cave is small and you want to be the first visitors or the last.

Overall it was a good experience. The cave was much smaller than expected. It can be quite crowded at time. Our guide Addi was really helpful though. He's making sure we got enough time to view the places we are interested and was looking after us really well. Also very knowledgable.

It was simply amazing from.start to finish. The monster truck onto the glacier and then visiting 2 ice caves was fantastic! The guide was very informative and unflappable even when the truck decided to go for a nice slide on the glacier.

Great Tour with Superb Guides! Antonio our guide and Pablo our driver, where awesome. The 2 South Coast Day Iceland Tour was amazing. Antonio was very knowledgeable and entertaining, Pablo was an excellent driver, very accommodating and helpful. They went out of their way to show us beautiful places that were outside the tour route. I highly recommend the 2 Day South Coast Tour with Antonio and Pablo. Thank you Guys!

Awesome trip with a very friendly and entertaining guide. You definitely recommend.

Excelent experience 100% recommended

Wonderful, once in a lifetime experience. Our guide, Gunnar, was fantastic! I would have preferred a little more time in the cave, itself, but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just getting back from Iceland. I think this trip is not absolutely worthing the price paid for. Rather expensive, disappointing the program. Just riding half an hour on a superjeep for getting to one single tiny ice caving, overcrowded, really not exciting. Second step into an uncovered ice caving just for admiring the ice opera. The only thing I would save is the guide, knowledgable and engaging I don't remeber the name, he lives in Hofn, he said. All in all, I would not recommend this experience for that price! Bye James (Italy)

We had an absolutely amazing experience - the tour guide was knowledgable, funny and inspired a real respect for nature and where we were. Thanks for a seamless and unforgettable experience!

We went my 2 friends and me and we enjoyed in the glaciar as well as in the huge van with our guide-driver Sven. He was explaining us all history of glaciar and many other good stories. We would repeat for sure. Only thing I could say... Too much people in same place.

My sister and I had an amazing time touring with your company. Our guide, Halli, was knowledgeable, engaging, and a true spark of fresh air and joy. His presence elevated the entire experience, hold onto that guy! The price was a bit high for the amount of time/ number of people that were in the cave, however this was a once in a lifetime experience for my sister and I and we enjoyed every second of it.

Tour was great and Pia (?) was very informative and helpful.

It was a wonderful experience and the guide was a nice and friendly person who told us a lot of stories about the glacier. The only disadvantage is that the ice cave was really crowned, which was over my expectation. Maybe it is because of the Christmas holiday. Anyway, it was good.

It is a lovely tour and the tour guide was very helpful.

We really enjoyed our tour. The cave itself is small and was very crowded, I mean just like any other tourist sites in Europe, everyone wants to see it. It's much better than lining up 3 hours to see the statue of David in Italy. Our guide Agnes was awesome! She was super entertaining, and a great driver. Personally, I actually enjoyed the walking on glacier part more. Yes it's expensive. But you'd probably regret it and wondering what it's like if you didn't do it.

The cave was small and over crowded. Quite expensive.

The tour was amazing, i enjoyed myself! It’s a brand new experience for me! It’s mesmerising! Our tour guide is knowledgeable, hilarious, manly, cheerful and many more! He even shared his meaningful poem that he came up with it to all of us. Even tho, I don’t understand what’s it. But it sound lovely. Especially the yo-yo ending. (Rap) Overall, it’s awesome!

So much fun! I’d definitely recommend this tour!

Great fun tour! Our fearless leader Agnes was super entertaining, great driver and guide. The Ice Cave we visited was not as big as I'd Imagined but we were allowed plenty of time to get fantastic photos for everyone in our group! Would definitely recommend this tour!

It was great experience overall. However, I think this is kind a over-priced. Also there were tourists who stayed picture spot for very long time like more than 30 minutes so other people couldn't take picture there. I think there has to be some kind of rules for make everyone happy.

Had a fantastic glacier tour with Bjarni; was very knowledgeable about the area etc and friendly too; nothing was too much trouble; thanks for a great afternoon - it was one of the highlights of our trip!

It was an experience and a half! I went with my parents and from what we expected we got more. Our guide was charismatic, energetic and had a great sense of humor that really made the drive in the monster truck fun and educational. We learned about the glacier lagoon, the volcanic activity in the area, the Northern Lights, the ice cave and a lot of Icelandic history. He was very helpful and even when we went inside the cave (luckily groups were on the way) we had it to ourselves for at least 10-20 mins. The pictures were breathtaking and the experience was very worthwhile. It was the highlight of our entire trip!

Super good! The guide was goodnatured, energetic, and interesting. The drive to the cave was cool too! The cave was really pretty and unusual, though the photos of it make it look a lot bigger and emptier than it was. All in al, great trip.

We loved our tour- our guid Svennie (Game of Thrones Star!) was fantastic. Super friendly and gave us lots of info about the area and Icelandic folklore on our drive out and back. The cave was packed with other tours but we managed to get some good shots without others in the photo. We also were able to do a short hike uphill to check out another cave fissure/ formation which was only our group so that was nice. If we had the opportunity to do a longer hike and less busy cave we would definitely do that next time !

Great experience!! After a 30 min drive in a monster truck/van, you start off with a short walk on the glacier and then enter the ice cave. The drive, the glacier and the ice cave are great experiences. Only downside is the crowd. When we reached the glacier, i thought it was a monster truck convention and there were at least 50 people inside the cave the whole time we were there. I’m a photographer, it was near impossible to get a good photo of the cave. Not a lot of room to even set my tripod. I was told the crowd was due to the cancellations the previous days, but seeing how popular Iceland has become these days, I don’t know if that’s the real reason. Anyways, if you are going for the experience, it’s worth it but don’t expect to NOT see people (it felt like a mall/subway station)! Special mention to our guide Sven, who was awesome!!

My most memorable and exciting experience in Iceland !! The drive to the ice cave is so awesome in the monster jeep. Our guide Sven made the whole tour fun, he was very unique and funny and made me feel 100% safe at all times even going directly in front of me through the ice tunnel when I said I was a little claustrophobic. He made everyone feel like they were having a personal one on one tour and took the time to take pictures of everyone whilst giving us history of Iceland and the caves etc. Highly recommend this tour !!

Our tour guide was Birgir on the Ice Glacier Cave tour that should have been two hours but ended up taking about 4 because of the first cave being flooded. He turned us around and we went to a cave that was further along the ring road from Jokulsarlon that ended up being ontop of some amazing Mountains. During the drive, he pointed out some cool historical facts about the area and kept us laughing . He drove us up through this narrow and sometimes steep mountain road and walked 10 minutes to the cave entrance. Once inside, he allowed us plenty of time to explore and look around and then took us to two other connected caves. They were under the glacier and were very blue with a water fall running through them. Definitely a one of a kind experiance!! We were impressed with how flexable he was with the change of plans and did not mind the lenght of the tour because of how interesting Birgir made it! Definitely would recommend!

I went on the Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier, greatly enjoyed it, and found it to be good bang for the buck! The drive to the ice cave (about half an hour) was a mix of interesting information about the ice cave, and little moments of adrenaline (though never a doubt that the driver was in complete control). In the ice cave itself, of course there are other people visiting it, but I didn't find it overcrowded. I was able to take some photos of my friends with no-one else in the background, for example. You are able to walk to the depths of it if you wish, and the tour involved a good amount of time so we were able to explore the cave at our own pace without ever feeling rushed. After visiting inside the cave we walked on the glacier with the tour guide, which was very cool. We actually finished the tour before the prescribed end time, because all six of us tourists on board felt like we were good, and made that call - so even if you spend a lot of time taking photos (like I did), I don't think you need to worry about time constraints on this tour. Finding the pick up/drop off point before the tour was very simple and straight-forward. I found the price to be very worthwhile for the quality, location, and duration of this tour. Our tour guide Garðar was excellent - funny, informative, and made us feel that we were in safe hands throughout the tour. Overall I highly recommend this tour! Thanks Garðar!

The tour was awesome, but very pricey for the short amount of time. It was difficult to take a picture without people in it, although we went there early in the morning. In spite of all, our very funny (and attractive :D) tour guide Sven, who happily took pictures with and for us, told us stories about himself and the glacier and who was all in all a very charming and educated person, made this tour a very pleasant experience. The cave was really full, but the way back to Jökulsárlón, we drove with a massive, cool Jeep through the snowy mountains, and listened to icelandic music -that was very rough and made us emotional. I would do it again :)

We had a fabulous tour. Reynir was very informative, and funny, making the entire trip one to remember. The colours in the ice cave are incredible. Such a wonderful experience!

The cave was amazing and the guide was really friendly and funny, but maybe a bit overpriced considering the time you actually spend there.

This tour is well worth the money. We went towards the end of the season (end of March) but still managed to see amazing ice. It's really quite a site to see, I highly recommend taking the time for this tour.

The Ice Cave tour was amazing! Our guide, Athelstan (Addi), was very informative and friendly (and also, very good-looking, haha)! He gave us a lot of history of Iceland on the drive to the cave, and although it's a bumpy ride, he ensured our safety. The cave itself is not very large, but you get some phenomenal pictures in it. It's also fun to drink the glacier water that is dripping from the cave! Addi also stopped on the way back so we could enjoy the stunning view of a mountain and lagoon. This is one of those tours that is very much worth it, as climate change will soon render the cave obsolete. Thank you, guide to Iceland and Addi! :)

worth every penny for this experience. We were lucky to be first in the cave at 8:30am so it wasnt crowded.

Fantastic tour with an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide, full of personality. The caves are amazing and the glacier is a fantastic landscape. Most of us may only experience this once in our lives. My husband my son (14) and I went and rocked our world. Definitely worth seeing while visiting Iceland. The tour company is fantastic as well.

Excellent - tour was informational, hilarious, safe and a blast! Reineer was an awesome tour guide. The cave is overall fairly small, with a long ride out, but well worth it. Stop by the glacier lagoon for pics.

We loved it! The ice cave was breathtaking and our tour guide was very funny and helpful. He stopped on the way back to let us get beautiful pictures and then made another stop to let us drink from a stream. It was so cool. His name started with a G, he told us we could call him Goonie.

We had the best cave tour experience ever! Highly highly recommend it. It is well worth the money! Halli Hansen was the best tour guide of all time!

Our guide was exceptional. The cave itself was smaller than expected, but there had been heavy rain and accessibility was questionable to begin with. There were a large number of people in the cave which was a bit disappointing as it was very small. Hard to take pictures without getting a myriad of extras in them. Overall it was a cool experience but for the price I expected more.

What a wonderful adventure! I went into it knowing that there may be a lot of groups in the cave, but was pleasantly surprised to find that there were only two small groups (I did the 4 pm tour, so the last of the day). Even if there had been a large number of people, you are given plenty of time to take photos and hang out under the cool blue ice. The ride to the cave was also quite the experience, in the best way possible. I definitely recommend this excursion!

The tour was fantastic! Our guide, Svein, was incredibly friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. He happily took lots of pictures with and for our large group of 14. Be prepared for a possible (and unavoidable if so) bumpy ride to/from the ice cave. Still highly recommended!

We had a great time on the ice cave tour while exploring the southern and southeast side of Iceland. Our guide, Reineer, was friendly and entertaining. It's not a large cave but you get plenty of time to get up close to the beautiful glacial ice and explore. I would highly recommend this tour to others exploring the region!

It's my understanding that there are a few different ice caves and that you get to go to whichever one is safest or most accessible. The one we went to was definitely different from the video above, but was still quite cool. It wasn't a very big cave, so it was a lot less "exploring" and more of getting to see the glacier up close and take pictures. We had the first tour of the day (8:30am) and I would definitely recommend it. There were about 15 people in our tour and that made the cave a bit full as there was another tour group there (assuming from a different company) at the same time. It was crowded, but not bad at all, and everyone had time for photos. By the time we left however, you could not move inside the cave for all the people, and forget about pictures without other people in them. Also, the cafe at the meeting place didn't open til 9am. Overall, fun tour, but it's definitely just a chance to get a cool picture and see the glacier up close. Don't expect to go exploring like in the video above.

Excellent outing. The Crystal Cave was one of the highlights of the trip. The cave was flooded when we were there (mid-March), which meant we couldn't walk around freely, but neither could anyone else. As a result, we could experience and photograph the cave without people walking around and taking endless selfies. A definite plus. The super jeep squeaked through the whole ride which was annoying (and left me feeling it wasn't well-maintained). Our guide was experienced, with a good sense of humour. I particularly enjoyed it when he chipped ice off the glacier and we could eat it. Also drank and collected water from a mini fall inside the cave. It's now in my fridge in Canada. Worthwhile experience overall. I would recommend it despite the steep (very steep) cost.

This tour was incredible. Our guide was so friendly and let us stop at all the picturesque places. We spent as long as we felt we needed in the cave, got to crawl through an ice cave tunnel, and went on a short glacier walk. It was absolutely amazing.

Went on 12 March 2017 at 9:30 and arrived back at Noon. The tour left on time in a Super Jeep. We drove a few minutes down the highway and then about 30 minutes off-roaring to the cave. Because of warm weather the day before, as well as rain all night, the cave was a bit flooded so we weren't allowed to go all the way through the it. We were able to enter and explore about 20ft in and take photos for 45minutes. It was absolutely beautiful! Dark blue hues were vibrant and breathtaking. There were a few other groups in the cave, so you need to be patient to get your turn with photos:The tour guide was informational and comedic and overall allowed us to have a great time despite the weather.

Great tour! Our tour guide, Gunnar, was vey kind and always happy to answer our questions. The cave was amazing, the only problem is that it was starting to get flooded so we couldn't go that deep inside.

Amaaaazing experience, just so beautiful and best tour guide ever!!

This tour was amazing. Loved everything from the drive out to walking the cave. Our tour guide was amazing. Would recommend this tour 100%

Great experience! The drive out to the ice cave was almost as fun as the ice cave itself. Definitely worth the trip!

Jordan and I had a blast with our new found love Halli Hansen! He was incredibly passionate about sharing this truly authentic experience with us. This was definitely the highlight of our trip and would highly recommend this tour with this specific company. - Stacey adler

Ten full buses at once, one cave. It's not tourism anymore, it's industry. You feel like in a subway station :)

Awesome experience! We booked the earliest tour (8:30) an are glad because there are several other trips and companies coming to the caves as well. We were able to enjoy some time in the beautiful cave by ourselves. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and allowed us to stop and take pictures in several places! Great experience and highly recommended!

Such a great experience! We were picked up in time for the trip and the guide was extremely nice, informative and entertaining. The ice cave itself was breathtaking! Definitely worth a visit when you're in Iceland during winter.

We booked the 8:30 tour and we're glad we did so because when we reached the cave there was only one other group (when we left there were like 5 or 6 groups inside the cave). The drive/guide was nice and funny and explained everything we had to know about the cave and security measures. The cave... I think our expectations were a little too high. We had seen some photos and had pictured a big cave with lots of tunnels, but in spite of all its beauty, the cave was rather small (about 25 meters deep). We still managed to take some amazing photos of the vivid blue ice which made the all experience worth it.

My tour of the Crystal Cave was fantastic. Had a great guide who was entertaining and informative. He didn't wear a hat, which amazed me. The wind was brutal and he didn't wear a hat. Very impressive. I thought he was great and the caves (we saw two) were just incredible. We had plenty of time to explore each one and take pictures, and even got great pictures of the sunset. Highly recommend.

My experience was great! Sun was shining for the March 3rd 14:40 tour. Svein was an awesome guide, both funny and informative. The cave was beautiful and intimately small. Yes, other groups were there also but our group was timed in such a way that at one point for almost 20 minutes we were the only ones there. This smaller cave was great for the fact that the ceiling of the cave was more easily photographed and details more visible. If you go into this tour with the viewpoint of it being a "once in a lifetime" adventure instead of "it must look exactly like the adverts" then you will have a great time!

The tour was not as enjoyable as I was hoping. The ice cave itself was beautiful but tiny, and felt even smaller with the amount of different tour groups that occupied it at a time. Because of this it was hard to get pictures in certain spots, or take pictures without them being ruined by other people being in them. In the end, we felt rushed because we spent so much time just waiting for certain areas of the cave to be clear. Our tour guide was great, although sadly I can't remember his name. For the amount we are paying, I would suggest that less groups be taken to the cave at a time to allow for a more intimate setting.

Was really really looking forward to this trip and getting some good pictures. Sadly the cave was way to busy, couldn't hardly move in some spots so no chance of getting good shots. The guide was awesome and we loved the drive out to the cave but the bit you actually pay for was a bit of a letdown due to how full it was. It needs to be limited for sure so people can actually enjoy the caves beauty and get shots they want. Cap the number off for people in the cave at one time and this trip would be a lot better.

This was an amazing trip! The tour company was on time, professional, and made us feel safe at every step of the way. We did our tour on February 27th, 2017. Our guide Addi was funny and sweet and told us so much about the glacier, inspiring awe and respect in everyone on the tour before we even stepped into the crystal cave. Highly recommend!

The tour guide was very nice and took us other close ice cave of less people. But I think the ice cave was a bit crowded. After-all, we had a wonderful moment in the tour!

It was great especially situation when Big Car was blacked in snow:)

The cave was flooded but the guides made up for it with a longer hike and a different cave that was small but very beautiful. Our guide Halli was awesome and made our tour complete! Highly recommend this professional tour company!


It was incredible! The guys were excellent and very accommodating. We were late for our scheduled time because we couldn't find the location but we were allowed to join the next group. Tour guide was top notch too with excellent info on the glacier and surrounding area. Make sure you have a proper camera because your phone will not do it justice. Please note for those travelling from west to east: The cafe meeting point is just left of a suspension bridge on the main ring route. It can be easily missed on a dark morning


The day my group and I went for our ice cave tour it had been raining heavily the past few days, so the caves had filled with water and our tour ended up being cancelled. But, we were given the options to come back the following day, cancel and get a FULL refund, or do a glacier walk and get a 50% refund. We opted for the glacier walk and half refund and had an amazing time!! Our guide Halli was incredible!! I would highly recommend doing a tour to anyone who loves the outdoors, or breathtaking once in a lifetime experiences! SO AWESOME!

Great! The tour was cancelled due to flooding of the caves, but we were given the option to have a glacier tour at 50% off. Our tour guide, Hallie was awesome and his personality and expertise of the glacier made the experience unforgettable!

Awesome experience, really nice guide. Must do!

Ice cave was great! Never had seen anything like it and our tour guide was nice. I will say I was expecting to walk around more but you really just explore the cave yourself. Still, really cool!

My experience was wonderful! The tour guide, Svenni, was entertaining and informative and made the tour a lot of fun. Although the tour got off in an unorganized fashion things were great once we got rolling. The glacier and cave were fascinating and stopping for a photo op was great, too!

The ice cave was amazing! Our guide was Svenni. He was very funny and informative. I learned so much on the tour about Iceland. Great experience!!

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon was for us an amazing experience of Iceland Winter Wonderland <3 We have chance to see another planet of landscapes! Breathtaking landscapes of mountain glaciers, ice caves, black sand diamond beach with ice-cube crystals from glaciers and trip on white roads with big car :) Absolutely stunning and breathtaking experience! Thanks a lot to our wonderful and fantastic guides: Sveinbjörn and Anna <3 Very informative, friendly and helpful! They gave us many hints & recommendation for our further trip on Iceland! Highly recommend this tour and our guides! It`s definitely worth seeing*****

The trip was amazing! We got there really early to check out the lagoon at first and take lots of photos of the icebergs and the sunrise. Beautiful spot. It was quite easy to find our guide and their associates. Our guide was very informative and friendly making sure to accommodate us the entire trip and answered all our questions. We went in the afternoon at 1pm and it was just gorgeous with the lighting in the cave. The tour is highly recommended!

At the meeting point, it was un organised. I reached 30 minutes earlier and I need to ask around who is my tour guide like a lost child. There is no sign boards to indicate which truck we should go to. My original tour guide apparently has left or missing without informing. Luckily another tour guide asked me to join them and sit in their truck, and it's a pity the seat weren't enough so the late comers need to sit on the floor of the truck. Need more planning on this . Kind of kill off the joy even before the trip started. Of course, when we reach the glacier, it was superb and it was highly recommended to join this tour (if u didn't got abandoned in the meeting point)

Loved it! Amazing views! Definitely something worth doing if you have the time

The tour was really awesome and the cave looked just like on the pictures! It is not a short hike plus the weather can be windy and cold, so make sure to dress warm. Crampons were provided which came really useful when crossing ice covered with snow during the hike! The guide was super friendly. He was teaching us to speak Icelandic, telling us about Games of Thrones filming in the area and taking really nice photo shots of us!

Good communication through out despite been stuck in awful weather the day before! Make sure you arrive a day early as winter weather in Iceland is so unpredictable otherwise you run into the risk of missing your tour! Ice cave was really beautiful but a lot of people!

We had an awesome adventure. Our guide was Biggie "Like Biggie Smalls" He was fun and professional. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history and I am so glad we got him as our guide. The young lady who was checking us in at the cafe was also awesome. I wanted to take her home in my pocket. Biggie took us to the Diamond Cave. It was an adventurous drive on the glacier to get closer to the cave. We then had a bit of a hike to the cave. It was fine for my fiancé and I, but we are in our 20s and in shape. My mom had a bit more trouble as she is in her 50s and rather out of shape. I think the amount of walking depends on the cave you are going to because some seemed closer to where the parked the vehicles. I highly recommend going on the first tour of the day because it is less crowded and "fresh." This day was the prettiest weather of our week long trip. The sunrise cooperated and we got an awesome view when we got to the top. The cave was gorgeous. It was small, but we were the only tour in that particular cave so it was ok. We even got to squeeze in a small crevice that went a couple dozen yards into the glacier. It was neat. My fiancé coordinated with Biggie to propose in the cave right after everyone else had left. It was magical. Thank you so much for a great experience and the most memorable proposal!! I will definitely suggest it to anyone coming to Iceland as a MUST DO with Guide to Iceland!!

Our guide was amazing (don't remember his name, but a big guy with a big beard). The ice caves are nice, but I should have taken the photography tour and go to another icecave that I saw on picture. This one is great, but I guess the other one would have been AWESOME.

Our guide was Byggi (not sure of the spelling) and he was great! Gave us lots of info about the glaciers and the history of Iceland, including the elves! The ice cave itself was breathtaking! We were given plenty of time to explore the cave and take lots of photos. It was on our bucket list and we're so happy we got to experience this natural wonder. Thanks so much Byggi and Guide to Iceland!

It was a really nice tour. The ice cave was one of the most amazing things i've seen in my life. The guide was pretty funny but we weren't always able to hear his information in the loud car. The road there was an adventure on itself. And yes there were a lot of people inside the cave at the same time but you could still take some really nice pictures. We were there when the sun started to rise so that gave a really beautiful extra effect. Only downside is probably the price. I mean it was worth it just to have this experience but for students who tried to do iceland on a budget it was still a lot of money for a 45 minute experience inside the cave.

We visited ice cave 29th Nov 2016. The cave was very beautiful and drive was a bit adventurous. Our guide was very funny, informative and considerate. He managed to take us to the cave when no one was in it so we could fully enjoy its beauty and take enough pictures. The only downside was the cave was i guess melted and reduced in size so could not see the ice patterns as shown in many pictures.

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​Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier | Departure from Jokulsarlon

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