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Volcano tours include hiking, sightseeing and caving excursions, and take you to some of Iceland's most potent geothermal regions and volcanic attractions, such as Lake Mývatn and the mighty Eyjafjallajökull.

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Richard Frampton

Richard Frampton

15/01/2019, 15:42
Review of 8 Day Winter Wonderland | National Parks & Ice Cave

A truly memorable experience. We booked the winter wonderland tour and really couldn’t have asked for much more. Given that we arrived to emails cancelling plans for the first night and day, we had worried, but the team at Guide to Iceland dealt with it swiftly, reassuringly and professionally, rearranging plans within the hour. Could have been even better if they’d called us, in case we had missed the emails, but no problem really. Highlights of the trip for us were the ice & lava caves, the glacier & ice lagoon, but really it’s hard to find highlights among such a series of amazing experiences. Bad weather meant our Snaefellsness tour was rather limited and we didn’t catch the northern lights, but nothing we can do about that... guess we will have to come back! What we learned was how much your guide can make-or-break the trip, and for our south-coast tour we hit the jackpot with Kristjan from Aurora Hunters. He was full of genuinely interesting information but also is just a really interesting and engaging guy (with some killer Spotify playlists) - even down to recommending his favourite ice cream. Thank you, Kristjan for everything! Also a shout for Halli, our Ice Cave guide - a philosopher, a comedian and (apparently) very nearly Mr Iceland. We were happily impressed with the standard of hotels (Grand Reykjavík, Fosshotel Reykjavík, Hofn Hotel and Langaholt), and are huge fans of Icelandic cuisine. Breakfast at Hofn Hotel and the catch of the day at Langaholt were standouts, the latter rivalling Michelin standards. A very happy tour for us, just enough to feel we did as much as we could in 6 days of touring, just enough so we were not too tired. Thank you, Guide to Iceland!

Alyssa Ghazalie

Alyssa Ghazalie

13/01/2019, 15:58
Review of 2 in 1 Bundle Discount Tours | All National Parks & Ice Caving

This was an excellent tour! My travel partner and I did this tour in January, and as this is a combo tour, our experience was split into two parts: first, the 3-day South Coast tour (which included glacier hiking and ice caving), and second, the 2-day Snaefellsnes peninsula tour. Both were standout for their own reasons. Overall, I enjoyed the comfort of the minibuses - our guides were excellent drivers - and appreciated the pacing that both tour guides offered on each tour. On our first tour, our guide, Odin, was very knowledgeable, practical, and improvised well around the limitations of the short 4 hours of daylight we had in the winter season. I appreciated his approach - many times we would stop at different sites, and he would allot the appropriate amount of time for us to explore each place, leaving enough time to absorb the beauty of the terrain and take lots of photos! While he did not actually get out of the bus to guide us around, I appreciated these windows of opportunity to enjoy the scenery alone and not plastered to the group. Our glacier hike and ice caving experiences were also phenomenal, as our guides were amazing and super interactive. For our second part of the experience, we were picked up by a different guide, Ingo (Ingol?) to explore the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Unfortunately, on our first day, the weather was very rough - rainy and high winds - but did this not stop Ingo from being an amazing guide! He had excellent improvisation, and was highly charismatic and eager to show us the beauty of the Peninsula even in the harsh conditions - his energy and passion for Iceland made it so easy for us to trust him and follow his lead. He would get out of the bus and personally guide us through the terrain to find hidden treasures that I certainly would not have known to look for without him. Our hotel accomodations were perfect, the rooms were very clean and beds extremely comfortable, and the food at ALL of the hotels was excellent. Would highly recommend this tour and book again with Guide to Iceland in a heartbeat!

Frequently asked questions

Can I go inside a volcano in Iceland?

It is possible to descend into the magma chamber of Þríhnúkagígur volcano.

Can I see flowing lava inside Thrihnukagigur volcano?

No, Þríhnúkagígur's magma chamber is empty and thus safe to enter.

Can I enter Thrihnukagigur's magma chamber during winter time?

The Inside the Volcano tour, which takes you into Þríhnúkagígur, is operational from mid-May and throughout October, but you can visit most other lava caves and lava tunnels in Iceland year round.

Are there any active volcanoes in Iceland?

Iceland has many active volcanoes, but none are currently erupting.

Where is the volcano that erupted in 2010?

Eyafjallajökull is on Iceland's South Coast, west of Mýrdalsjökull.

Do Iceland's volcanoes pose a risk?

Yes, but there are no active volcanoes threatening any major settlement, and volcano tours are cancelled or amended if there is any reason to believe an eruption is imminent.

Why is Iceland home to so many active volcanoes?

Iceland is divided by the Mid-Atlantic Rift. As the North American and Eurasian plates pull apart, they form a weakness in the crust that results in Iceland’s volcanism.

What types of volcanoes are there in Iceland?

There are Stratovolcanoes (such as Eyjafjallajökull), Central Volcanoes (such as Katla) and fissure swarms and crater rose (such as along the Reykjanes Peninsula).

What is Iceland's most active volcano

Grímsvötn, underneath Vatnajökull glacier in the Highlands is the most active volcano. It is connected to the Laki system which brought havoc to Europe in the 18th century. Hekla and Katla are also very active, having had over 20 eruptions each since settlement.

What is Iceland’s most powerful volcano?

Katla, which sits beneath Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Which part of Iceland is most volcanically active?

Along the Mid-Atlantic rift, you can find the most active areas, including the South Coast around Katla volcano, the Highlands beneath Vatnajökull glacier, Reykjanes Peninsula and the Lake Mývatn area. The Westman Islands are also very active.

Why aren’t there any volcanoes in the Westfjords?

The Westfjords are the oldest part of Iceland, with some mountains dating back 16 million years. Over this time, the landmass has been pushed away from the Mid-Atlantic Rift, and out of the volcanic hot-spot zone.

Can I camp in a lava field?

You should only camp in designated camping areas. Lava fields are often covered by delicate moss that can take decades to regenerate if damaged.

Is it safe to walk on the lava fields?

Yes, If you follow designated paths and roads. Remember that lava fields cover countless cracks, caves and tunnels that you can fall into.

Where can I see recently formed lava fields?

You can always opt for one of our self-drive tours that take you to the Lake Mývatn area, and you can also join a day tour to Askja caldera. If you have ample time, you would be well advised to take a ferry to the Westman Islands archipelago which is highly volcanically active.

How can I reach the volcano?

It depends on which volcano you are referring to. Some of the volcanoes are virtually unreachable unless a specialised crew takes you there. If you wish to experience a stunning view some of Iceland's most beautiful and well-known volcanoes, book one of the tours which are operated in a super jeep, a minibus, a snowmobile, a plane or a helicopter.