Full Day Golden Circle Tour | Small Group Experience 

The Full Day Golden Circle Tour takes you to Gullfoss, Iceland's most iconic waterfall.
The Full Day Golden Circle Tour takes you to Þingvellir National Park.
The views found in Þingvellir National Park are unlike any on the planet.
Gullfoss waterfall is so powerful that when standing next to it, you can feel the earth trembling beneath your feet.
The vividly blue geyser Strokkur preparing to erupt.
On the Full Day Golden Circle Tour you will have numerous opportunities of seeing the geyser Strokkur erupt.
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Hop aboard this full day minibus tour around the famous Golden Circle route and explore and discover Iceland's mesmerising natural landscapes for yourself.

Once you have been picked up from your preferred location in Reykjavík, you will make your way to the stunning Þingvellir National Park. This is where Iceland's first parliament was established and is today identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will get the chance to explore the park at your own pace, learning more about the sites' cultural importance to Icelanders, and see firsthand Silfra fissure, the beautiful underwater canyon dividing the Eurasian and North American continental plates.

Soon after, you will be driven to Gullfoss, one of Iceland's most popular waterfalls, situated on the rafting river, Hvítá. Gullfoss is located approximately one hours' drive from Þingvellir National Park.

On your way back, you'll make a stop at Geysir, in Haukadalur Valley. Here, the geyser Strokkur erupts every few minutes, reaching heights between 20-40 metres. Giving you plenty of chances to get a great photo. 

Depending on the weather, you'll make a couple more exciting pit stops along your way back, to guarantee you have an unforgettable experience. This would include the beautiful and serene waterfall Faxi, on the Tungufljót river.

In addition, this tour offers a more private and comfortable service. It is operated using a mini-bus (with more comfort and tranquillity when compared to a large coach) equipped with wi-fi. The tour guide will be playing Icelandic music along the way for your enjoyment. You also have a chance to sample some local nibbles and refreshments.

If you're looking to explore Iceland's Golden Circle in comfort (with some added extras) look no further than this all-inclusive minibus tour. Come and experience nature in all its amazing glory! Check the booking availability by choosing a date

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Kerið, Faxi, Efstidalur
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00 09:00,

  • Professional English Speaking Guide

  • Icelandic Ice Cream

  • Wifi and Icelandic music in Mini-Bus

  • Small Group Experience

  • Lunch

What to bring:
  • Smiles and hugs

  • Warm clothes

  • Good shoes

  • Rain Gear

Good to know:

Lunch is not provided but you will be able to purchase food/snack in restaurants and shops in the area.



Despite the inclement weather and road closures I can still consider this tour really good. Our driver/guide is one bad-ass guide! He is very knowledgeable, and an impressive driver. Without sacrificing safety, Odin got us through the terrible blizzard conditions and safely back to our lodging.

Such a beautiful tour. Our tour guide Disco was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. He told us many things about Iceland. All the places visited by this tour are amazing and would highly recommend. The small group does create a bit of more intimacy although there isn't much of a chance to get to know the other people on this tour.

Brilliant tour. Our tour guide was Matthias and he was very good all day: lots of information, music and jokes. The Icelandic scenery on this tour were amazing! Truly stunning. The information was also fascinating. The tour includes stopping for breakfast at Hveragerði and for lunch at the geysers (we didn't know this beforehand so took ingredients to make sandwiches from Kronan). It also includes ice cream which was brilliant. The tour is good for people who cannot walk far as the drivers tend to have multiple stopping places per point of interest. So if you don't want to walk down the stairs or ramps, you can get back on the bus and go down to meet everyone else. The only exception would be Þingvellir where some of it is okay but if you go down to the "pits" (don't want to ruin it!) then it is a way to walk. You should take warm clothes, good shoes/boots and studs for the icy areas. Also take previsions (e.g. some snacks and water). Thoroughly recommend the tour, going with a small group and smaller company, the company and the tour guide.

Fantastic tour which took in all the major sights and a couple more plus meeting some Icelandic horses. It was a very snowy day which added to the atmosphere and the walk around the volcanic crater although icy and dangerous in places in a blizzard is not something I will forget - amazing. Great tour guide who was patient in waiting for us to get back to the minibus and even helped someone who lost their white iPhone in the snow (it was found). Would totally recommend this excellent tour - great balance between exploration time and getting warm time back on the minibus. Thankyou for a great day

Really enjoyed all the sites visited. Cactus was a great guide if not a bit too enthusiastic in his chatting - the promised Icelandic music was very brief which we were looking forward to. Also the bus had darkly tinted windows not helped by the lights inside - when it's already dark outside it made it more difficult to see things. Loved the ice cream and stroking the calves. Despite the above, would recommend it was awesome!

Our tour guide, David, was wonderful. He was a local so knew the area and all the answers to everything asked of him. He went above and beyond to explain the places we were visiting and made the whole journey interesting not just when we got off the mini bus to see the beautiful views of Iceland. Would definitely recommend.

This was my first tour in Iceland and it was a perfect way to see the beauty of the nature in Iceland. I went there in november, the weather was cold and really windy, but in good clothes thats not a problem. The guide was a funny man (I forget his name, he was german) and he was very informative about icelandic history and he even sing a tradicional icelandic song for us, it was beautiful. I'm pretty sure I will book this tour on a summer too.

We had an amazing experience with mister Cactus Wild. We had an tour on the Awesome Mobile. And it was “AWESOME “ Haha! Still laughing on that one! I definitely recommended this tour. Iceland is so amazing and beautiful! I definitely want to go back and see more of Iceland! Mister Wild was really clear about the horses not pony’s! Did I told u horses and not pony’s! Haha! That was a good one! I’m amazed about the fantasy he had about the big marshmallow beside the road. In one word AWESOME! Lots of loves The couple of the Netherlands!

It was a great tour and our guide Haukur was excellent. He provided us with more than enough time to enjoy the views and take pictures as well. He made extra stops and made sure to drop us off where we can see the best views. The weather was quite good despite the winter cold. Our ride was awesome as well, plain black new M. Benz minibus. And lastly, free delicious ice cream at a local dairy farm topped off our amazing tour. Salted caramel was the best. Tour was on 12 Nov 17

Great tour. Amazing tour guide Sica, even treated us to ice-cream at a local dairy farm. Very knowledgable about Iceland with a great sense of humour. The weather was great that day and the sights were great.

This tour was definitely an easy way to see the highlights around Reykjavik in one day. If you are well traveled, I might recommend renting a car and having a bit more influence over your adventure. That being said, our guide was very informative and friendly. There was time to walk off to explore our destinations and plenty of time for photos. We stopped for lunch and had some delicious local meat soup, which I can recommend. Overall, lovely day and very easy tour for travelers that want to see the highlights without the effort of planning and renting a car on their own.

Highly recommended this tour if you only have a short time in Iceland. Our guide made extra stops for us and was very friendly & informative. Plenty of time given at each stop for photo opportunities. Great value for money :)

I really apprecited this day-trip around the golden circle. The guide told us some interesting facts about Iceland. The 5 sights are worth visiting and sooo fascinating! At each stop we had enough time to embrace these little wonders of nature. I would absolutely recommend this tour!! :-)

My sister and I loved this tour. We only had a few days in Iceland, so it was perfect having tour guide take us around the sites within the Golden Circle. Our guide was so knowledgeable and personable. There was a couple on the tour who were quite talkative, often rudely interrupting her, which drove me kind of crazy and would definitely have tested my patience if I were the guide, but she handled it graciously like a pro! This was one of my favourite events during my time in Iceland because you get to see so much. What a gorgeous country! Thanks for a wonderful time.

My wife and I really enjoyed the tour. It was a chance to take a break from driving while learning even more about Iceland. Or guide was fantastic, with deep knowledge of the places we visited and a nice sense of humor.

I traveled with my two boys- one a teenager and one a toddler- and we all enjoyed this tour very much. The guide really made my youngest feel special and treated him to some 'magic Icelandic rocks' ; ). The tour satisfied our sense of adventure and exploration, and I really enjoyed hearing about the history of Iceland and its people. Great fun, I would recommend to a variety of travelers.

The tour was wonderful; our guide Swen was very sweet and was able to give us a TON of information and random facts about places we visited and Iceland in general that we wouldn't have otherwise known!! The ice cream snack was a good treat, too :)

This is truly a memorable trip and experience to me as Asian and to my husband. The golden circle is truly so much exciting and the ice-cream!! Thanks to the guide. The another one Wonders of Reykjanes was very enjoyable! thanks to the guide who share so much her earlier farm experience, the local idelandic walks of life and her talks about formation of land, geography knowledge, so much more... Very professional and very humane too! Love it. Thank you !!

I love the tour! We saw all the golden circle in a good time and it's a unforgettable experience of knowledg of all the nature and culture. The guide was very kind and took us to eat ice cream in a local farm.

This was a wonderful tour, given by a native Icelander. He made many extra stops, treated us to ice cream, and shared his insights into Icelandic music, politics and history. This was our first tour and Cristian, our guide, set a very high bar.

Great! our tour guide, Obdur, is helpful and a lot of good music in the trip! Incredible landscape!

Great tour, pick up on time. Our guide give us interesting information about the places and the every day life in Iceland. The places are beautiful. Recommended!

I had a wonderful time. Our guide was great-informed, passionate about Iceland, and responsive to group needs and desires. The sites themselves are lovely. I was traveling alone, but found inclusivity and independence in this tour. It was a lot of fun!

This was good but not as good as the other 2 tours I did with Troll. We had no extra stops (and we didn't stop at any other places for any Icelandic treats as was suggested). There was no Icelandic music on the bus like the other tours I went on (I know this sounds picky, but these are the 'extras' that make these tours different from others). The Golden Circle is a must-see of Iceland but I did feel this trip was a little bit 'here's the next sight, off you get, see you in an hour', which was very different to my other 2 Troll Expedition tours (which were fantastic!). We were back in Reykjavik an hour earlier than suggested. I did enjoy the places, but was a little disappointed with the experience as a whole in comparison to all the other tours I did in Iceland.

When choosing tours we always try to get good value for the money. This tour was selected based on the price and we were actually surprised by the number of stops and the quality of the guides and mini bus we got. Making all the standard stops and a few more off the beaten path I am thankful for a great day and friends I made.

Sega is a great tour guide, and I have a wonderful day in golden circle! I'll recommend this tour and I'd like to join other tours next time!

Beautiful stops during this 9 hour day, the golden circle is a great way to understand more about the geothermal powers of Iceland and history of the country. Seeing Thingvellir and the geothermal stations at a fair distance really put some perspective into why this country is so special. Thank you Mike for the epic golden circle and most of all the personal touch you managed to bring to this day, hopefully I will see you again in the future.

A six star review this tour was great. Good day to spend while also having the time to go sightseeing in Reykjavik. It started at 8 am and went through Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss with a taste of Icelandic snaps and dried fish.

golden circle is a fun tour go on i went on it after the 2 day tour with troll expedition. and they made me very happy, this tour is a must for everybody who goes to iceland. the icelandic snaps was really good i'm taking a bottle of that home

Invited my wife to the golden circle tour and we loved it. This was beautiful, the waterfall and they geysir was incredible. We want to give Troll Expeditions a big thank you for this tour.

This is a must see trip! Golden circle is the thing. I don't go to Iceland and miss out on this one. Thanks to our guide and the good weather, this was the best trip I had in Iceland. I recommend it 100%!

Thanks to our local guide we had the best time in Iceland during this trip. The Geysir was beautiful and so was the Gold waterfall. The national park was the highlight of this trip. It was stunning.

My girlfriend and I went on this Golden circle tour and we had so much fun. The nature was beautiful and our guide was really funny and friendly. We loved the walk at the national park.

Our guide Oddur was great. We had so much fun with him, golden circle is amazing

Had so much fun at the golden circle tour. We took a lot of extra stops that was really nice. I highly recommend this tour. Thank you!

Oddur was a great guide, we had a great time with him.

Nice tour with a lovely guide named Kristján. He came to our hotel and took us to the Golden Circle. The bus was really nice and comfortable. We had a small group of 16 persons which was just right, since we had enough time at each place and we were back in Reykjavik to have a nice dinner in the evening.

I fell in love with Iceland after two great tours - Golden Circle and South Coast. Volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, geysers, black sand beaches, beautiful farms. Dagur was our guide both days. Remember Iceland weather is changeable. On the South Coast tour, the weather was partly cloudy when we left Reykjavik, but quickly changed to a very sunny day. Then we had a very enjoyable Golden circle tour in marvelous weather. Not a cloud in the sky! Breath taking scenery. And the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. A really good overview of the Icelandic nature. Through it all the guide Dagur, was wonderful. I learned more about Iceland from him that I ever could have learned on a large tour or in a rental car. If I could give them six stars, I would.

A nice small group for the golden circle. this was a nice tour with dagur who is fun guy.

The second tour of our Icelandic journey with Troll Expeditions. The Golden circle tour was a really fun. We were picked up at 8am and were back at our hotel at 5 pm. There were some extra stops that were fantastic especially the Faxi waterfall and the ice cream we got at some Icelandic farm.

Really fun tour. We got Oddur who is a great guide who told us everything about the stops we needed to know. The area around Geysir is amazing.

Fantastic tour with Kristjan. He is the Troll in Troll Expeditions and made the tour extra special. I really liked the small bus. It gave the whole group a little bit more time on each location as well as some extra stops that Kristjan knew. This was a great tour

Golden Circle is a must for everyone who goes to Iceland. I haven't been on the other tours but would say that Troll is the best. This was a small group experience and I loved everything about it. The Gullfoss waterfall was amazing, so much power.

Went on a Golden Circle tour with Troll Expedition and Oddur was our guide. The highlight of this tour was Þingvellier national park. For those who really like history that place is a must. We went to see where the old Althingi was founded. The tour was topped with Brennivín (the local snaps) and dried fish. Which was great to taste

Oddur is cool guy. He'll learn you a thing or two about the Golden Circle. Buckle up!

Would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Iceland for the first time. Overall great experience. Oddur is a gem. Thanks Troll!

Amazing tour, perfect in every way! We were just going to go on this tour on our trip to Iceland, but it was so great that we booked 2 other tours with Troll Expeditions! Our guide for the day Helge ( I think this is how you spell it) was great! He shared so many stories about Iceland with us, and even made many extra stops a long the way, so in the end we saw much more than we were expecting! As for the attractions, they are breathtaking! Gullfoss is so powerful and magical, Geysir area is so different from anything else that we have seen and Tingvellir is such a beautiful place with a rich history! Our favorite spot was a secret place our guide knew about, an amazing canyon and we were completely alone there, such an amazing experience!! We highly reccomend Troll Expeditions! Thank you so much for this tour and see you next time!!

There are variety of Golden circle tours being operated from reykjavik. You can even visit this if you have rented a car. So it is a must visit if you are visiting Iceland for the firs time. We choose to go on a small group tour with Tröll and definatelly can recommend the experience. Informative and some locations we did not see with other operators, thank you Tröll and Oddur for the day.

Golden memories from this tour, the Golden Circle is the number one tourist destination in Iceland. We choose to use Tröll Expedtions because of the small groups and extra stops they are famed for. We actually had a very interesting and fun moment with one of the guides, we went to off the beaten path Geysir, this one had no other tourist and we were served some Icelandic Snaps and Fermented Shark, I enjoyed the experience but hated the taste of the shark :)

We thoroughly enjoyed this 9 hour day trip. It is fun to be a part of a small (15) organised tour group where the guide drove us around to see some of the most fantastic sights imaginable; feeling sheer power of Gulfoss & Geysir is almost like a religious experience. Our guide could even hook up us with a perfect spot to go petting icelandic horses and taking a walk around Kerid volcanic crator lake amongst a handful of other fantastic places. Be warned the golden circle is very touristy year round, but it's definitely a must to choose well the tour operator. We choose Troll Expeditions because they are different and emphasize more on the human side of business, making people feel like they are being showed around a country with a local friend, thank you everyone that shared this experience with me I am forever grateful for the memories.

The Golden Circle is a must see! If you are lucky, the guide will also make a secret stop for you, I dont want to spoil the surprise but it involves ice cream :) Highly recommended!

I had been on the 2 day South Coast & Glacier lagoon tour with Troll Expeditions and decided to book this one as well. I think Troll Expeditions has just the best guides ever. The guide on the bus was very entertaining and friendly. You really could see that he loves his job. We stopped at all the main attractions and even a few extra stops! The guide gave us enough time in each and every place to take pictures. I felt very relaxed, which you are supposed to since you are on vacation! I will definitely recommend this tour and Troll Expeditions to all my friends!

Great Golden Circle tour with David Kristjan. Very well organized tour with a top guide. We went on our last day in Iceland and it was one of the best. Highly recommended!!!

A must see tour, covers all of the highlights of the Golden Circle with extra secret stops on the way. Helgi was a very entertaining guide that knew exactly where to go. We were even given the taste of the great Icelandic snaps, which was fantastic. I would recommend Troll Expedition and Helgi for this tour.

We took the Tröll Expeditions Mini Bus last april. We had a great native guide, with an unpronounceable Icelandic name, he was absolutely fantastic. Not only did he show us the major sites of the Golden Circle but he also provided us with a few extra side trips as a reward for our group being on time. He answered all of our questions beautifully. In fact he even gave us advice for another trip we were planning. His advice was excellent. . He also gave us a sampling of some local food at one side trip. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend him or the tour more highly.

We were a little disappointed with this trip. I had high hopes based on the reviews and although we saw the main sites, the stops were very rushed and there was definitely not enough time at the national park, only 40 minutes. We had two extra stops at an earthquake museum and a farm which we could probably have skipped given the time shorted at the main sites. Also no Icelandic music or snacks which I know are small complaints but it was one of my reasons for picking this tour. The scenery was spectacular and it was nice to be in a small group with an informative guide but unfortunately it was not the amazing experience I was expecting.

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Full Day Golden Circle Tour | Small Group Experience 

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