2 Day Ice Cave Tour | South Coast Waterfalls & Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

An iceberg catches the sun's glow on Diamond Beach.
Icebergs litter the long stretch of Diamond Beach like shards of glass.
Vik is a small fishing town on the South Coast of Iceland.
Ice caves form in the winter and melt away again in the warm summer months.
Reynisfjara, the black sand beach, can be found adjacent to the small town of Vik.
The inside of an ice cave resembles something from another galaxy.
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Step right up to join this fully guided tour of the most popular and unique sites along the south coast of Iceland, along with one of the rarest experiences of all - exploring an ice cave under Vatnajökull glacier! This tour is for anyone looking to make their time in Iceland extra special, while still visiting all the attractions which have made Iceland one of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

You’ll be picked up at your accommodation in Reykjavik and driven down the picture-worthy South Coast. All around, you can see sombre cliffs and mountains rising over the land, craggy lava rock being overtaken by a soft blanket of moss.

Over the next two days, you’ll explore the coast, particularly waterfalls, black sand beaches, and Skaftafell Nature Reserve, all the way to the famous Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. You have a chance overnight to spend time in the evening looking high above for signs of the Northern Lights, which delight all those who see them.

For the next big adventure, you’ll make your way to an ice cave near Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. There is extremely limited availability to see these rare, naturally occurring structures, so book your place now to ensure that you will be able to see it this year.

Each season, as the weather cools, specialists begin to explore the area around the glacier, searching for ice caves large enough and safe enough to explore inside. Each one is unique, filled with rock structures painted with frost, sheets of transparent ice the colour of a tropical sea, and ice sculptures in strange and fascinating shapes. The weather may warm suddenly at any time, in which case melting begins and it is gone forever.

Don’t miss your chance to explore the heart of the glacier! Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Mar.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 8 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Jökulsárlón, Vatnajökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skaftafell, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Vík í Mýrdal, South Coast
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00 09:00,

  • Professional driver and guide

  • Minibus transfer

  • One night of accommodation in Hotel Höfn (breakfast included)

  • Ice cave tour

  • Dinner

  • Lunch

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Camera

Good to know:

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximise your chances to see them if weather allows.

It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is cancelled. If your chosen activity is cancelled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you.

For your convenience, it is recommended that you pack lightly for this tour. Luggage storage in Reykjavík is available for your larger items if you need to repack to a smaller suitcase or backpack before your journey.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - The South Coast

Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the south coast of Iceland

After the lights of the city have faded behind you, you’ll zoom through the countryside, heading toward the famous volcano under a glacier, Eyjafjallajökull, which made headlines around the world when it last erupted in 2010. Seljalandsfoss waterfall is found at the foot of this glacier and features a walking path which will take you into the cliff so that you can look out over the valley through a veil of water.

Next, you’ll see Skógafoss waterfall, 18 stories high, plunging down from cliffs which used to mark the coastline of Iceland during the last Ice Age.

Continuing down the coast, you’ll see the awesome power of the Atlantic Ocean as it pummels the black sands at Reynisfjara Beach. Black basalt carves strange column shapes in the cliffs and forms columns out in the sea.

Be careful when approaching the water at this beach. Because there is no landmass between Iceland and Antarctica, the ocean has plenty of space to gather astonishing power. The unwary can be swept out to sea in seconds.

After stopping for some refreshments, you’ll continue through imposing sand plains and lava fields, passing by Skaftafell Nature Reserve, an area of many hiking trails and tracks.

The highlight of this day will be Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, a deep lake filled with huge chunks of glacial ice. Seals play among the blue-and-white ice while seabirds fly overhead.

For your evening accommodation, you will stay at Hotel Höfn, arriving around dinner time - just in time to try the lobster in a town that is famous for langoustine! You’ll spend the evening looking for the Northern Lights if the Aurora forecast and cloud cover is right.

During holiday seasons (e.g. Christmas and New Year), accommodation might be arranged at other locations in the southeast. Please refer to the accommodation section for more details.  

Day 2 - Ice Caving

A naturally formed ice-tunnel inside of one Iceland's enormous glaciers.

Today's journey will be dominated by the excitement of ice cave exploration. Good hiking shoes are essential, as it will take a few minutes' hike to reach the cave. You'll need to wear waterproof hiking shoes that cover your ankles to prevent your feet getting wet if there is a little meltwater.

It is important when spending time in an ice cave to proceed with caution and heed the advice of your guide. Glaciers are truly spectacular, but it is not possible to visit without a specialized guide and the necessary equipment.

You'll have at least 45 minutes to explore, if not more. At this point, you'll be glad that you have dressed warmly, for the chill can seep into the very bones of visitors here. Be sure that your winter hat is not so bulky that it won't fit under your caving helmet. Safety first!

Your guide will share with you his expertise and knowledge about the ice caves, allowing you to truly appreciate this amazing natural phenomenon.

During the drive back to Reykjavík, you will travel again through the beautiful stretch of coastline on Iceland's south shore. Your guide will point out anything that you missed the day before and if atmospheric conditions are right, you may have another opportunity to look for the Northern Lights.

You'll arrive in Reykjavík in the evening, giving you plenty of time to enjoy what the city has to offer. 


Due to increased demand for travel services in Iceland and low availability, travel companies in Iceland can not guarantee specific accommodations. However, we can always provide you with the best available accommodation at the time of your booking. Below you can see our preferred partners for accommodation, Hótel Vatnajökull and Hótel Höfn. In the case of these hotels not being an option, an alternative of the same standard will be arranged.

Hótel Höfn

Standard private rooms with private bathroom in a 3-star hotel in the largest town in south-east Iceland. Breakfast is included.

Hotel Vatnajökull

Standard private rooms with private bathroom in a 3-star hotel close to Höfn. Breakfast is included.




My friend and I loved this tour. Our guide Haukur was wonderful, and very knowledgeable- he answered all of our crazy questions during the two day trip. The hotel we stayed at overnight was great and the Lobster pizza at the restaurant was delicious. My favorite part of the tour was sunrise at Diamond Beach! As our trip was in January we were really glad we went with a guided tour, because the weather changes quickly in Iceland. We were not able to do the ice cave because it was flooded, but we still had a wonderful time seeing other things- and the company was quick to process a refund for the ice cave.

Exceeded our expectations! We had Axel as our guide and he was low key and approachable and interesting. Our group had clear instructions about every detail in the trip, including bathroom and coffee breaks. I cant believe how much we experienced despite the limited daylight. We had perfect timing with lighting at every stop! Each stop was spectacular in it's own way. It was so much better of an experience to be on a mini bus than a large bus, its hard to even put a price on that. Safety is also obviously very important for this company and our group felt well cared for. The hotel in Hofn was clean and had a nice restaurant with excellent breakfast. This trip was everything that was promised and more, a very good value. The bus was on time at our early pickup at the bus stop too, so we weren't standing around freezing.

It was a fabulous tour especially the friendly professional guide. We highly appreciated him for clear introduction, high passenger safety awareness and stable driving in tough situation. The coach was very comfy and luxury which provided USB plug and wifi. The hotel in a peaceful village was nice and clean. The tour arrangement was good even though there is just around 5 hours daylight. The Ice cave was so crowded inside and we don't have enough space to take amazing photos.

This was a very special trip, probably the most special one. I booked this trip in order to see Glacier Lagoon and Ice Cave, unfortunately a tragedy happened on our way to it. Although I didn't manage to see the magic view the earth gave, I did encounter the pure gorgeous spirit that people could show while facing a tragedy accident happened in front of us. Hilmar is a hero! He brought us safely to so many nice sites and also the Northern Lights. When we saw the accident happened, he was so professional and efficient that he rushed to the scene, did first aid and informed the others for rescuing. Siggi another hero joined him after his group came to the spot. Almost everyone in my group was trying to help, yeah all are angles!!! Start missing them already <3 I did learn a lot and it was definitely a meaningful tour for me. Pray for those wounded people and be thankful for every second I would get. Happy new year Hilmar, Siggi, Jaye, Chloe, ....!!!

Hilmar was our guide to Iceland and he did an excellent job going out of his way to help us have a great experience! The first day we saw Waterfalls, the Black Sand Beach and various sites. At mid-night we took a walk from our hotel to see the Northern Lights! The second day was definitely the best as we ventured into a winter wonderland with the vast volcanic wastelands, Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach and the Ice Cave. This was an amazing trip of a lifetime.

Excellent trip! Our guide was Hilmar and he is really funny and great to hang out with. Sights on the second day were definitely more exciting (the glaciers and ice lagoon) and unusual.

It was really nice and comfortable. Our guide is a lively story-teller, who helped us a lot. We really enjoyed every stop in the trip.

The tour is great. Thanks to Hilmar, our tour guide. He is good, helpful, funny, good story-teller and most importantly, he allways always make sure we enjoy the trip safely.

The winter weather was very harsh to drive alone. Hence, as a solo female traveler, I was extremely grateful to our driver/tour guide Daniel for driving the long trip in harsh conditions while making it look easy enough that the passengers all felt safe enough to sleep. He always tried to help us with extra information such as cheaper options with grocery stores or giving us breaks if needed. It was completely different from the large bus tours were I felt like I was just a number on the Golden Circle direct route. The first day of this trip was mostly sightseeing with pretty waterfalls and the black sand beach. But, once Daniel drove all the way to the main attractions, the second day was AMAZING with the absolutely beautiful glacier lagoon. We also had a wonderful guide named Fannar for the ice cave trip. Fannar drove across the huge glacier over bumpy roads with ease, which made the adventure something I will never forget. We were part of a small group that day so he offered us a chance to do a long glacier walk both to and from the ice cave. If you are offered the chance as well, do not pass it up. Fannar gave us crampons that made the trip super easy and it was the highlight of the day since the ice cave was busier than usual around Christmas. Once we were back in the van with our main tour guide, Daniel, he went out of his way to do nearly the impossible and stop on the side of the road to take pictures of us in front of the northern lights, when there was only an 11 percent chance of seeing them. Daniel knew we had been waiting for days to see them since there was nearly 100 percent cloud coverage, but he showed us the lights through the camera lens and took pictures of all of us. To show us the lights, he exited the van quickly with no gloves or hat, but he still snapped pictures for over 20 minutes until everyone was happy and sent them to each of us. He was very sweet, funny, and kind to all of us despite the difficulties with weather. I am very grateful to both him and Fannar for making the trip as amazing as possible!

If it's your first trip to Iceland, and it's during the winter, this is really the way to go. Why hassle with a car rental and—even worse—trying to drive on icy roads in the dark when you can have knowledgable, friendly Icelanders take care of it for you? Also, there's just no way you're going to be able to make it up that glacier mountain to see that ice cave all by yourself. In the end, it's worth it. You get to see a lot in two days. Shout out to our thoughtful and generous guide, Bardi, and our fearless and funny driver, Hallur!

This tour may seem pricey, but it was easily the highlight of our trip and I'm so glad that we decided to take a chance on it. It is so worth the price. When we went, the ice caves were unfortunately not blue (making it the only dud on our tour), but EVERYTHING else we saw was simply breathtaking--and, there were many stops not even mentioned in the itinerary. Our tour guide Roki/Rocky was both entertaining and knowledgable. Three tips that are worth mentioning: First, the bus says "Sky bus" on it, NOT "Guide to Iceland" or "Aurora Hunters." We almost didn't get on the bus because we didn't think it was ours. Second, bring your own body wash/soap and shampoo because the hotel does not provide it (the hotel is otherwise very nice). Third, the listed itinerary here may differ slightly than what you actually do, as we did the glacial lagoon on the second day, not the first.

I had the opportunity to be member of the team 'Awesome' led by the knowledgeable guide Thorsteinn. For 2 days we had unstoppable good mood and funny moments always served with Icelandic music. In a true adventure spirit tour we managed to see highlights with extra stops, open the trail to the ice cave under 20 cm snow, pass through a unexpected wind storm and at end see northern lights. Thank you to all Aurora Hunters team.

Many thanks to Benni for guiding us through the trip. There was not a lot to see on the first day (probably because I am not that into waterfalls, and the black sand beach should be nice if the weather was not that bad), but the glacier lagoon and ice caving on the second day were just amazing! The hotel we stayed was wonderful as well. It was overall an excellent experience.

this trip is great and we enjoy so much. The guide provided good information and give us spots for photo shooting and time for viewing fantastic scene at different location according to the road and weather condition. Well preperaikn and good arrangement on the activity schedule.

What a great trip! we found the whole trip enjoyable and well worth the price, we enjoyed that everything was planned and you really dont have to do anything, just explore the places you are dropped off at. The hotel we stayed in for 1 night with breakfast included exceeded expectations ( I expected pub grub but was given a fine dining expereince). We really enjoyed the time at the black sand beaches and the waterfall you got to venture behind. Although we understand the ice caves were perhaps not at their best when we went, we still got to have a look inside, but it was nothing like the photographs. If interested in the glacier more, we would recommend booking a glacier hike, we wish we had booked this in but will do it next time. All round great views and scenery, great tour guides (Dagur) and Perin (? our Glacier Guide) really made us feel welcome. Thanks for a great adventure!

Me and my best friend went on this wonderful tour. Our guide Oddur was awesome! He was patient and knowledgeable of the land and had a quiet, effortless sort of humor but maintained his professionalism in short very comfortable. He even let the visitors try some Icelandic wine and food. The attractions were amazing and we got plenty of time to look at each one. Throughout the whole trip I never got tired of staying on the bus. It was luxurious and comfortable, even the seats at the very back and we never stayed in the seats for too long. The highlight of the trip hands down was the amazing Ice cave! I could have spent hours in there! I highly recommend this trip :)

I loved the tour! Our tour guide Lydia and driver Pregrin did great! Very likeable persons. They were responsive to each person of our party. Weather was on our side! The tour was packed with many interesting facts and stops on beautiful places on the way. Great mix of driving and highlights. In my room Hótel Höfn I was able to lay on my bed and watch the sea and also the northern lights all night - AMAZING! Amazing was also the guy who brought us to the ice cave with a super jeep - we had a lot of fun and I'm in love now. ;) The ice cave was a bit busy but it was impressing anyway. I totally recommend this tour! You can't travel more efficient, safe and comfortable!

Helgi was AMAZING. I can't tell you how lucky we were to have him as our guide. We went for the 2 day tour that left on 3/27/17 and we had SO MUCH FUN. Helgi was able to tell us so much about Iceland, it's history, and it's culture. We were prompt at all of our stops, so we were even able to see some other things that weren't on the itinerary. Everything was comfortable, the trip was amazing, and we would absolutely do this again. What a wonderful way to see Iceland if you're not up for driving it yourself!

The guide is friendly and helpful. The arrangement is good. The views are stunning. Very good experience.

Many thanks to Christine and Christine, they are our tour guide and driver! This is a must do trip if you are first time to visit Iceland. The highlight for me were the Blue ice cave, Dimond beach and the Northern light at 26/03 just outside of Hofn hotel, fantastic!

David, who was our guide on the 2-day Ice Caving tour from 4 to 5 Mar, was extremely knowledgeable, considerate and was an excellent driver. The tour was just amazing and the scenery in Iceland was beautiful - raw and unbridled. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and considered this trip- the best trip we ever had.

AMAZING TOUR! This was an amazing experience an I'm so happy I decided to join last minute (they were very kind and understanding with the whole ordeal). Coming from southern Oregon, we have plenty of crystalline streams, lush coastal rainforests, and jagged peaks. Something I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing is the glaciers. WOW. There is nothing I can say to prepare you for the vastness of the glaciers. They are completely mind boggling. Our tour guide was super funny and informative (maybe too forgiving for people coming back to the bus a couple minutes late every time), but all these people are really kind and excited to show you there gorgeous country. The vehicle was a very comfy Mercedes-Benz van with leather seats, wifi, and power outlets! The hotel we stayed at was cute, classically Scandinavian, and the hotel's restaurant had a fabulous selection of tasty food and drinks (a bit pricy though, but it is Iceland). I would have to say the ice caving tour was completely worth it in all regards. Do yourself a favor and sign up.

The trip was enjoyable. Oddur and Anna were helpful, and they told us a lot about this amazing country.

you are the first time to visit Iceland, you have to join this tour, this is a MUST! As a first time Iceland visitor, i was the same situation with you guys, struggling the plan and the decisions because there are lots of options you can choose. Straight to Point. 1. This is a valuable tour! Knowledgeable tour guide, very very hard working, he explains everything during the tour, even on the bus, your eyes can't move out and play your mobile phone because of the funniest tour guide. If you want to enrich your experience or have a really good time and unforgettable time, May i introduce David, he is the most hard-working tour guide i even seen! Lead by heart! I highly appreciate what he did with my trip, he is a amazing guide! 2. This tour is a small group, if you prefer small group travel, far away from the big company, this is a good choice! i felt very lucky when i saw a big group of visitors (50-60 ppls) heading to the same place, and on the same big coach because i was in the mini-bus with 10+ppls, feels like a family! If you prefer travel in a small group and experience more about iceland, this is the best choice. 3. I was so surprised because of the extra things and activities they did. When I was in the bus and heading to our hotel, we saw aurora, and they just stop the bus to give us a chance to enjoy even we are in hurry. And when we arrived the hotel the tour guide (David) he suggested us to had a walk after dinner with him to see the Aurora even he is super tired. Because he knew most of us wanna see the aurora. And i had the best night in my life with him just because his little action. A good Tutor can enrich your Tour! I highly recommended this tour to those who wanna experience more about Iceland and go deeply to it, This is the best choice!

This tour was the most amazing part of my journey! I had so much fun with all the group on the bus and we saw stunning views one after another. The guide and the driver were so much fun, I can not think about the same trip just on my own. They were really outgoing and I appreciate the soundtrack on the bus that was always referring to the next place we were going to visit!

This is an excellent trip that we have checked out a lot of beautiful spots and get to see the Aurora Light in the accommodation. Big thanks to our tour guide Oddur and driver Benni!

Big thanks to Oddur and Benni! An enjoyable trip indeed, very comfy and all the sites are stunning. The ice cave and visit to the bottom of waterfall is incredible

We are very lucky to have Oddur and driver Anna to guide our trip. They are very nice and professional! Also, they take us to some extra points when our time is sufficient. it was really an unforgettable, funny and wonderful trip! Just one thing I hope they can offer the lost and found service since I lost my precious glove and I emaild the skybus if they found my glove, but got no reply till now.

One of the best tours that I've joined! Our tour guide Lydia and driver Pregrin were the best! Not only served the tour so smoothly, but also brought us to some "secret place", which are so amazing and without too much other tourists! Really enjoy the tour!

Great tour guide. Smooth pick-up and drop-off. The weather was challenging due to high winds and rain, but our guide did his best to shuffle itineraries to make the most out of the two days. The ice cave visit was incredible!

What a excellent trip ! We saw all the highlights of south Iceland! Even more than what was mentioned in the itinerary ... Anna was a fantastic driver taking us through tough roads filled with snow and slush ! And Oddur was a great guide giving us great information about Iceland... We even had a wake up call from hofn hotel where we ran out to see the northern lights at 5am ! Good hotel and good breakfast... if there is one thing you could add is a stop at one geyser on route if possible !!! Otherwise everything covered and more !!! Just enough to see the spectacular country

It was truly amazing experience we had, thanks to our wonderful tour guide Agnes and proffesional driver Hàkon! We saw a lot of beautiful contrast colors of nature during two days. My favorite place was black beach. At ice cave, luckly enough, we could get into there when its sunrise. That was unforgettable moment. Restaurants they took us ware also good. Please ask tour guide and driver if you can't decide. I'm sure they'd give you best choice. Unfortunatly we couldn't see northan lights, Highly reccomend this tour!

This tour was the best part of my trip to Iceland. If you want an unforgettable experience...book now! All the sites were truly remarkable and more breathtaking than the Golden Circle. I traveled alone, but met great friends who I spent the remainder of my time with in Reykjavík. Loftur and Hilmar (guide and driver) were fun, knowledable, and very accommodating. They kept our group punctual, which allowed us to see extra sites. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Iceland in the winter.

If you are hesitating because of the price or you might miss out on the Golden Circle - doooon't. Book right now!! This is hands down the best tour I have ever been on. There are so many breathtaking sights and photo opportunities. And if the group is speedy, you get to see many more sights than on the list above! We also got to say hi to Icelandic 'ponies', visit hidden waterfalls and walked a few steps on a glacier. Loftur & Hilmar are so lovely, funny and really made this experience very special. I was travelling alone but met awesome people and have spent the days after the tour with them too. I hope you too have as a fabulous time as I did!!! And it is worth every penny!!

So incredible trip. All sites were well scheduled. We were totally marveled by the glacier lagoon and the ice cave. Thanks to Oddur and Bardi for marking our journey perfect. We were also so lucky to encounter the northern light during the way to Hofn. Definitely worth taking this trip!

Amazing tour. Thanks to Maggi and Benni for a great experience! It was a very busy couple days with lots of driving but definitely worth it. It's really amazing how much you get to see in such a short amount of time, it would be difficult to coordinate on your own. We really felt like we lucked out with our friendly guides. Even at the end of the day when I'm sure they were sick of us they took us out for dinner and showed us around Hofn. The extra stops on the way back to Reykjavik were particularly appreciated. Highly recommended!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience. The guides,the route/stops and the friends I met during this tour made my first visit to Iceland unforgettable. Thank you Rose and Hawk for a great trip!

This was overall a great tour. Our guide Rebeca made the tour very enjoyable with her knowledge. The ice cave, while always changing and not looking exactly as pictured, was great. Diamond Beach was spectacular. The Svinafellsjokull Glacier visit was a nice treat. My only complaint would be the inclusion of ice crampons/spikes for other parts of the tour like the Seljalandsfoss. And if not included, a recommendation so that we could have brought our own would have made some parts more enjoyable. I also didn't particularly care for the dinner or service at Hotel Hofn.

Couldn't have asked for a better 2-day South Coast/Ice caving Tour!! Pickup was prompt and we had ample time to visit all of the sites listed on the itinerary and some bonus ones. The highlight, however was the most spectacular display of the Northern Lights just outside our hotel in Hofn even though it meant interrupting dinner. Well worth the cost.

This trip is awesome! Our tour guide Christian shared a lot about iceland's fun facts as well as his life in Iceland! It was pretty interesting to learn more about the Icelandic lives. As for the itenery, our tour guide sent us to the destination with fabulous timing such that we would witness the most beautiful moment in the areas of south coast. Our tour guide gave us plenty of time to experience the natural beauty and take photos. As for the hotel, we stayed at hotel Hofn. It was amazing that we saw very strong northern night with just a few steps out from the hotel. This tour is simply perfect but just a little bit pricey. But overall i still think it is worth it! I would definitely recommend my friends who are coming to Iceland to join this tour. Thanks a lot :)

Our guide was Christian, he is a very knowledgeable and patient guide who led us for the tour. He was not the typical guide who would just recite all the information but share his very own experience and life story as a local Icelandic. I like it when he stopped at random spots which he found fascinating views such as a sunset. He would not mind us to take photos for such a long time and be patient while trying to catch up the schedule. Apart from the guide, we enjoyed so much of the stay at Hotel Hofn which is definitely a prime spot for watching aurora! We saw it for the whole night just outside our hotel. The breakfast is amazing as well served with local fish and cod fish oil which is a dare food. For the itinery, the blue ice cave is a must go! The guide who drove the jip is also very helpful and fun. He drove with speed and some spontaneous route but we were not scared at all because he drove with absolutely safety. Entering the cave was an eye opening experience where we are able to even climb inside the end of the cave. Our guide even helped us to take photos. And it was very fortunate for us to enjoy the tour in such nice weather with no cloud and just the sun. Hope you guys enjoy the trip with the companionship of good guide and good arrangements!

The trip is absolutely amazing. Our tour guides -- Matthias and Charelle did a very good job! They were very nice. They were very informative. They provided a lot of information when we passed by different spots. They introduced a lot of interesting Icelandic cultures to us. I know more about Iceland and Icelandic culture. And we were very lucky to have great, sunny, almost cloudless weather during the whole trip. We even saw rainbow at the Skogafoss waterfall! And for the northern light. Even though it was a bit cloudy at that time but we were lucky enough to find a cloudless spot and took some really nice northern light pictures! As for the ice cave, it was breath-taking. They gave us plenty of time to stay in the cave to take pictures. The time management was just perfect as well! We had plenty of time to walk around at each of the stops. I made some good friends in the tour. We had a good time talking on the way. But a little of the down side is that I got picked up late at the beginning and I was a little bit afraid that I was left. But other than that, overall the tour is absolutely fantastic. Thanks again to our tour guides Charelle and Matthias!

I like this

Definitely 5 stars rating for our guide Lydia and driver Pregrin (I don't remember how it was spelt lol). Not only we are giving 2 thumbs up for them but also to all of us for being on time everytime (that's what we called teamwork!)

This is an amazing tour that covers a lot of ground in 2 days. You to see so many highlights of Southern Iceland without feeling rushed; The Skogafoss waterfall, The Seljalandsfoss waterfall - the one you go behind - DO NOT FORGET RAIN GEAR :), A secret cave at the bottom of a waterfall was a special surprise, The Black Sand Beach, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach across from the Lagoon, Which was STUNNING. the Glacier where they filmed parts of the Game of Thrones - 'Pig Glacier' - Spectacular glacial chunks. The Ice cave in Vantajokull glacier was very nice. I thought that would be the highlight, but it actually wasn't. A little anti climatic for me. A great dinner at a hotel on the way to Hofn (which was arranged at the last minute, since our tour was 4 hours late - due to EXTREME weather in the morning*) The Hotel in Hofn, was very nice and breakfast in the morning was great. This tour was one of my happiest memories in Iceland, I met nice friends, had great meals, a great guide - Rose and driver - Hawk *It had snowed almost 3 feet over night the morning of our tour. We had an 815a pick up at the location. Couldn't get ahold of anybody at Aurora Hunters as the offices didn't open until 8a, so we didn't know if the tour was cancelled. We went to the pick up location (which was another highlight of the trip :) ) and I received an email from them at 827a apologizing and stating pick up would start at 11a. VERY IMPRESSED with their quick attention. The snow was so bad that cars and buses couldn't get out of their parking spots, and our bus was one of those, which delayed us another 2 hours. BUT, when we finally got picked up, it was SO WORTH IT. We were never rushed and didn't miss anything. Made for a long day, No northern lights - they weren't visible and instead of seeing Hofn, just went to bed, but I think all the "issues" even made this a better trip.

The tour took us to some of the most beautiful places in the country. We had a great tour guide David who was hilarious and extremely knowledgeable. He also kept us safe and calm during a blizzard and a crazy wind storm. I highly recommended this trip to anyone.

Definitely 5 star recommended! The tour itself has a very good arrangement, ensuring that we can see as much as possible. And the guide and driver are so nice and quite experienced, not only in tour but also in weather. We encountered a snow storm on the 1st day. They changed the road immediately to avoid the traffic jam due to the snow storm. We did not get affected by the traffic at all while hearing that so many tourists were stuck on the road! And the ice caving is truly the highlight of the trip. They will have another guide for the ice caving particularly, who is also very funny. My group is around 15, but they arranged a big high-quality bus for us and everyone got a row. :D. A little girl in our group had her 9th birthday. The ice caving guide sang a icelandic birthday song to her and our main guide gave her an aurora mug as a birthday gift. Super lovely people! I love the guides and drivers and love the group! Definitely a fantastic experience I could think of in the rest of my life!

This is a fantastic tour that covers a lot of ground in 2 days. Our guide, Margaret, and driver, Benny, were great and we really enjoyed our time with them as we saw some incredible sights. The only thing that would have made it even better was if there was an option to do a Northern Lights tour. We did not get to see them at the hotel on our overnight stay but heard from another group that they were very visible an hour away. Otherwise, amazing tour that allows you to see so many highlights of Iceland without feeling rushed and one of our top highlights was a glacier that wasn't even on the itinerary but that our guide took us to see additionally. Highly recommend this tour!

There were 5 of us aged 10 - 69 years. We all had an amazing time. When we went we weren't able to enter the caves in which the pictures suggest (flooded) but nonetheless the tour was amazing. I would definitely recommend!!

Amazing view, it could be better if we had time to take photos of sunset on the way back.

The tour was a really great experience and a very good way to see the main highlights of the South Coast in a very short period of time. Unfortunately the ice caves were flooded, so we could not go in, but that did not make the glacier trip any less interesting. Our glacier guide, Svenni, was very happy and social and clearly loved his job, meaning that he was very excited to share anabundance of interesting facts about the area, as well as being very open to questions and creating little photo shoots for his guests. The main guide, Helgi, and our driver, Einar, were awesome people too, who clearly also loved what they were doing. It was great talking to both and we particularly enjoyed the friendly banter towards us two Danes on the tour. :-) Helgi even gave us a surprise visit to his family's farm, which was a nice close to an amazing trip. Would definitely recommend this trip to others.

this is a fantastic tour i have been guide Hal is a good tour with good knowledge about Iceland. He send us to a good place for photo and always give us the best suggestion he know about the meal, haha. the first day sign seeing in South Coast is absolutely perfect, for the second day is complicated to say, because of the global warming , the ice cave can't really get inside , the ice is melting and half of the ice cave become a river....

Fantastic tour, the guide was lovely and we even stopped at some extra places on the way home. We didnt get to do the ice cave as it was flooded, but the glacier walking etc was amazing anyway. Great trip, plenty of time at all locations, and would recommend to anyone wanting to see the south of Iceland!

This trip is good, but I do not get the fortune to see the aurora. The ice cave was flooded but we went to a black one as bonus, also the guide show us another ice cave without roof.

This trip is amazing even through we can't enter the cave during the ice cave is flooding when i was there. But overall is pretty good, and the tour guide I have name Loftur and the driver name Haukur they both are very nice, I will highly recommend to join this tour if you wish to have a wonderful time in Iceland.

The tour guide is nice, you can see many waterfall and lagoon in this tour. But we cannot enter the ice cave, as global warming is affected the inside of the cave. The ice cave is flooding when i was there. We just walked on the top and take some photos. Beside of that, i still high recommend to join this tour if you have enough time in Iceland!

My best friend and I booked this trip and were incredibly happy with our guide Valla and our driver who provided us with great information throughout. They picked us up on time and provided all sorts of facts about Iceland, the towns we drove through and the sites we visited! They gave us plenty of time at all the sites and even added in bonus sites like the Diamond Beach. Our driver was a true professional, particularly as we had terrible winds on the second day that he navigated seamlessly! We highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Iceland--it is worth every penny!

This trip was amazing. We had originally booked a car and planned to do the entire trip ourselves, but then cancelled at the last minute and booked this tour instead-fearing that we wouldn't be able to handle driving in any unpredictable weather. Boy were we right! Iceland suddenly got a crazy wind storm with 100MPH winds, and we were so glad to be with our great tour guide who knew the roads and the warnings. Our guide was wonderful, very friendly, and spent a lot of time talking with us. We were able to see so much more than if we had been fumbling with driving in a new country. The daylight hours are so short in Iceland's winter, but we were able to see so much! We really enjoyed ourselves

Good value for the money. In the short winter days, the driver and guide maximized the daylight hours perfectly. The glaciers and the Lagoons were amazing to see. The ice cave experience was also very cool. I was thinking about renting a car and doing the same trip but in the end I was much happier to do this tour and have the tour company do all the work so I can enjoy my self.

The tour covered a great distance over the two days, allowing us to take in some of the wonders of the south coast of Iceland. The waterfalls and black sand beach were a highlight on the first day, despite the weather. The main highlights occurred on the second day when we walked on the glacier, and visited the glacial lakes. Our friendly guide Rose kept us entertained throughout the trip. I would highly recommend this tour.

Incredible 2-day trip to the south coast of Iceland with our guide David Kristjan and our super driver (sorry for forgetting his name...) who were just terrific. The weather in Iceland was changeable but we were able to see everything promised and had some amazing surprises the second day, thanks to the weather gods and a brilliant guide. I can't give all details about the trip so you'd better experience it yourselves. Thanks again for this awesome experience. We will be back again.

What an amazing and life changing experience! The south coast of Iceland is beautiful, and I believe you have truly not experienced Iceland unless you step afoot inside a magical ice cave. Our tour guide Thor was absolutely amazing and made the trip even more magical. He was friendly and had a wealth of knowledge about the country; we will be back to explore what Iceland has to offer in the summer and will be requesting Thor again to guide us! While expensive, the 2 day tour is absolutely worth every penny!

We had such an incredible time touring the south coast of Iceland with Margaret (our tour guide) and Doddi (our driver). They were professional but fun and were really well-educated on everything we saw. When time allowed for it, they took us off the beaten path to see parts of Iceland not outlined on the itinerary. I would highly recommend this tour to any of my friends traveling to Iceland and I would 100% try to get them to tour with Margaret and Doddi. They really made the trip even better than imagined. Thanks for this incredible experience. We will be back in the summer to see what else Iceland has to offer that the winter wouldn't allow for. And we will certainly be touring with you again. THANK YOU.

This tour was truly amazing and more than worth the money. Our tour guide was Lydia and our driver was Joi and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Our tour started early in the morning and they were very communicative about the schedule for the day, we stopped at several places and since there were lots of long drives, we stopped at gas stations frequently for bathroom breaks and snacks. While we were always given a time frame for these stops and tourist attractions, I never felt rushed by our tour guide and sometimes would have extra time. Luckily, we had good weather the entire trip and were able to see all the tourist attractions (including the Volcano that erupted in 2010 and others not on the itinerary) and even the northern lights. Both Lydia and Joi were able to provide interesting facts about the towns we were visiting and were very fun to talk with during our journey. During the first day, one of my friends had tonsilitis and Lydia brought her to the clinic in Vik while Joi took us to another Black Sand Beach, just past Reynisfjara, which had a memorial for a German Ship to pass the time. Although not on the itinerary, Lydia had us stop at Jokulsarlon during the night time (before our visit there during the day) and the next day we also stopped at Diamond Beach across from the Lagoon. While we were at Diamond Beach, the Game of Thrones filming trucks were there and Lydia decided to make a pitstop for us at the Glacier where they were filming. I believe the translation of the name was 'Pig Glacier'. I learned a lot about Iceland during this trip, felt safe even when driving in intense wind (also because Joi is an EMT as well) and was entertained the entire time. I truly never wanted this tour to end and highly recommend booking this trip with Guide to Iceland.

Great trip. The weather was a little wet the first day. I was very glad to have someone else driving. The roads were icy. The ice cave, glacier lagoon and diamond beach were amazing. I had the lobster feat at the hotel in Hofn. It was one of the best meals I've ever had!

i had an awesome time in this tour and our tour guide rocky was not only funny and informative but also had the best road trip music! We stopped and saw horses, waterfalls, amaxing views of mountains, beaches, iceberg lagoons and ice caves. He also gave tips on best places to go hiking on the summer in which i plan to come back and do. The price is worth it. Took away the stress of driving in winter time with icy roads, blizzard, rain and snow..

The weather was poor the first day, but we still enjoyed seeing the waterfalls. Mike and Sigga were good guides teaching us about Icelandic culture. The sites the second day were unbelievable, I was glad to be on a tour since driving on your own could be tricky with the changeable weather. Every day we saw a car or 2 that had driven off the road stuck on the side in the snow. Unless you come from a place with very harsh winters, don't rent a car and take the bus, Its expensive but worth it. Also bring snacks. You are there to tour and not waste time eating food so lunches are late. Its a place for exquisite scenery and not a foodie vacation. Enjoy!

I cannot say enough good things about this tour! Our guide Rocky was absolutely fantastic, really personable, fun and knew his stuff. He was a joy! The sights we saw were mind blowing. We could have done the drive ourselves but we would have missed all the information you get with a guide. Worth every penny you pay, and great to sit back and enjoy the scenery between places. The stay overnight in Höfn was good, nice hotel, good food and a chance to see the northern lights. The hotel staff, was fantastic, even helping me tweak my camera settings to help me getting better photos of the lights! Do not hesitate to book this tour!

Amazing experience. Our guide Rocky was very funny and his DJing skills were ON POINT. While the trip is relatively expensive, it was absolutely worth it considering the amount of ground covered in the two days.

A must do! Amazing trip! Our guide was David K and our driver was Benny. They are both wonderful, very knowledgeable and just fun to be with. Our super jeep driver/guide was Gisli. He was just as good, very knowledgeable and a fun guy to be around. All three men definitely make the trip that much better! The ice caves were amazing! We were the first tour there that morning and was even able to get a picture of the opening with no one in it. This tour was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you David K, Benny and Gisli!

Absolutely incredible experience!! Could not recommend this trip any more - the views are amazing and my tour guide David Ingi was the same! I know it's a lot of money but I promise that it's worth every single bit! :)

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon was for us an amazing experience of Iceland Winter Wonderland <3 We have chance to see another planet of landscapes! Breathtaking landscapes of mountain glaciers, ice caves, black sand diamond beach with ice-cube crystals from glaciers and trip on white roads with big car :) Absolutely stunning and breathtaking experience! Thanks a lot to our wonderful and fantastic guides: Sveinbjörn and Anna <3 Very informative, friendly and helpful! They gave us many hints & recommendation for our further trip on Iceland! Highly recommend this tour and our guides! It`s definitely worth seeing*****

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon was for us an amazing experience of Iceland Winter Wonderland ❤ We have chance to see another planet of landscapes! Breathtaking landscapes of mountain glaciers, ice caves, black sand diamond beach with ice-cube crystals from glaciers and trip on white roads with big car

Fabulous! Our guide, Hakon was terrific. We had 2 great days - thanks to the weather Gods and we were able to see the Norhtern lights, ice caves, glacier walk, glacier lagoon, black beach, the volcanoes, diamond beach and 4 spectacular waterfalls. Guide to Iceland (Olafur) organized this last-minute trip (we decided on Iceland 3 days before the start of the trip) and everything went off without a hitch.

Very lucky to have Antonio as our tour guide, his humorous makes us a lot fun. He told us a lot about Iceland, we learnt a lot from him not only about this country but also about life. Blue Ice cave is beautiful, we are fortunate to see the aurora on our way back to city. Antonio also promptly let the driver parked so that we can take pictures, especially he took his camera to help us shoot, thank you Antonio. The only pity is we arrived to black sand beach too late, the sun goes down, we can see nothing. But it might be a good excuse for me to go back to this amazing country.

Overall a fantastic tour around the Xmas time! Although we experience a big storm on the first day of the journey, we are too lucky to see the glacier lagoon, the ice cave under the sunshine! I would like to thank our guide Lizzle (? sorry for any wrong spelling) . She is a super nice and patient girl! A big hug to you also!

Best idea I had was signing up for this tour. So much to see and do over the course of a couple days. This is definitely a great way to see as much as you can. The tour guide, Helgy, did an awesome job, and we were able to see several additional hidden gems along the way. The hotel (Hofn) was great and the food was amazing. You'll definitely want to eat breakfast there. Word of advice-make sure to wear waterproof clothes. If it rains and you're near one of the waterfalls, you'll get drenched. Hiking on the glacier and Jokulsarlon were probably my two favorites. Check out the beach on the other side of the bridge from Jokulsarlon. Definitely a good place to take pictures. Also, shrimp sandwiches from the rest stops are delicious.

It is my first trip in Iceland and it was a great experience ! The guide Pall and the driver have made the trip very amicable and we have seen all that we want to see!

Ice cave was one of my favourite site that I must go to and planning for a long time. I did much searching for it cos a two day tour to ice cave is super expensive and finally chose the 2 Day Crystal Ice Cave and South Coast Experience From Reykjavik. The tour guide Matthias Bjarnason was really nice and introduced lots of information and interesting things of Iceland. He documented photos and videos for everyone so we can get great personal and group memories. The weather at the first day was not very good cos it was raining and windy all the day, but we were super lucky that we saw the northern light at night, but it was a pity that we only have 5 minutes to take photos cos we need to run to the hotel befor the check in time. The second day we started at 7.30 in order to be the first one to get to the ice cave, but unfortunately we couldn't see the big crystal ice cave cos it was full of water, and we went to the small one, but it was still super amazing! Then we had enough time to stay at the Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach, the weather was great at this day. We were back to Reykjavik around 8pm. This tour was my happiest memory in Iceland, I met nice friends, guide, driver, although it's expensive.

It's amazing! Our guide, David, and the driver (sorry that couldn't recall her name, but she has a cute nick name, google plus) are very passionate to guide you the best view of Iceland. They are also very knowledgeable, share tips on how to capture the northern light in your camera or cell phone.

The tour was fantastic! David Ingi was extremely knowledgeable and vibrant! We saw gorgeous sites with great people! I would highly recommend this tour and if you can request David Ingi you should!!

We're from Indonesia. It was great, went with this tour called aurora hunter with my sister. It cover a lot of beautiful places. And at night we're staying at hotel that can see northern light. It was fun the driver and our tour guide makes some jokes. And they're really friendly. I'm definitely go with them again if I'm going to Iceland next time.

My sister and I joined this 2 day tour as part of our Iceland trip and we loved it! The tour company was called Aurora Hunt and they provided excellent service for the whole trip! They were punctual and extremely professional at their jobs. The tour guides were very talkactive,entertaining and thoughtful, so we learnt a lot of interesting stories and local customs about Iceland. We could tell that they were extremely passionate about their culture and very proud of being an Icelanders, which makes them do a fantastic work for their jobs. Overall we enjoyed the experience with Aurora Hunt and the lovely tour guides and the driver in Iceland. Also Guide to Iceland is very effective in finding the perfect tours for the trip as well. Thank you.

Thanks for the driver and tour guide, Charlie. They are very informative, helpful and interesting. Provided us with local knowledge and stories that filled our journey with much fun. Good recommendation of adorable scenery both at the visit and along the drive. Plenty of time for us to stop by and take photos all the way. With music played, we enjoyed the road trip very much.

The tour was great! Our guide and driver were very nice and had a lot of experience and knowledge. We got to do everything in the schedule and some more! Sadly the weather was not very good but still we managed to see everything in the itinerary. The Hotel in Hofn was great and the food was really good! The experience Ice Caving was amazing and something I would recommend to anyone at least once in a lifetime. I will be back next year and will definitely book my tours with the same company!

Amazing trip, definitely worth doing it. Our guide was a nice guy who took us to all the sites mentioned in the description plus a big bonus as a surprise, and we met the same driver Sigthor who took us to catch the northern night, what a small world!

Incredible experience with some great people. Hotel was good and the food served at the restaurant was not bad. The ice cave was incredible and our group was overall very happy. Thank you for making this a fun tour!

Nice guide and view.

Great tour and by far the most fun thing we did in Iceland. The ice cave is AMAZING and it felt so special being inside a glacier. I joined this as part of a larger trip that we booked with Guide to Iceland and honestly say that everything was perfect. Thank you Unnur for making everything great for us. You are the best travel agent I have ever met!

Fun and exciting. Not one minute that was boring. We got a great group of people and had a lot of fun together. The ice cave was the highlight of the trip and did not disappoint. The only problem was the internet on the bus which broke down on the way to the glacier lagoon but was fixed on the way back.

Incredible tour with some amazing guides. The ice cave was clearly the highlight of this trip and can recommend this tour if just for that. But the guides were great (there were two, one driver and one telling stories) and the accommodation was good with private bathrooms and good internet. Can say this tour is worth every penny.

I joined this tour and it was great. The ice cave was a little bit crowded when we got there but our guide was patient and waited for the other group to leave so we had enough time and space to enjoy this magnificent wonder. I got some really great pictures. Wish I could give this 4,5 stars, but I can not, so I will give it 5 stars instead.

Guide and driver were lovely and the tour really well organized. But the big bad point is that we haven't been ice caving and for the price of this tour I am truly disapointed.

We 3 people joined the 2 days tour which costs 585 USD per person on 11 December 2016. Visiting the Ice Cave was the main purpose of the tour. A few days before 11/12, the Ice Cave was flooded, and no one could visit the Ice Cave. I knew this because my friends joined the Ice Cave tour and their tour got cancelled at the last minute, full refund was given. Knowing this situation, I immediately asked them if the tour would be canceled and alternatives to be arranged. They emailed me back on 10/12 saying that they would continue the tour, given that I already expressed my concern the Ice Cave was flooded by recent storms and it is not safe to visit. On 12/12/2016, we in the tour, were guided to the door of the Ice Cave. The tour guides stated that it is not safe to continue the tour because it was flooded. So we went to the entrance of the Ice Cave, and being told not able to go inside. I appreciate the hard work of the front line staff, but this whole event could have been arranged in a much better manner. On 13/12/2016, I emailed them to ask for a partial refund of the tour. Given the fact that they knew about this situation, but insisted to continue for something impossible to see. One Ice Cave tour only costs 191 USD per person, and we demand a refund of 191 USD of 585 USD per person of what we have paid. Sadly, they are only willing to refund half of the Ice Cave part of the tour, which is 88 USD. We think it is very not fair for how we purchased something wasn’t delivered. Also their term of services written clearly that, “Cancellation due to weather If we cancel your tour due to weather conditions or any other circumstances you will always receive a full refund. If a volcanic eruption stops you from getting to Iceland you will also receive a full refund on tours and car rentals. Note: Flights are non-refundable.” And of course we think the term of service they stated in the website wasn’t fulfilled. Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly advise you to join the tour with caution and know what risk you are taking.

This was such a disappointment. The guide was really lazy and didn't tell us anything, quite literally ! The tour was meant to start at 8.45, but at 8.50 they emailed to say the trip was delayed because of the weather. They said they would decide if the tour would go ahead at 11.00. At 11.20 we had an email saying it was on, but they didn't pick us up until 1.15. Then we stopped for fuel , then the van broke so we swapped vans. We eventually left Reykjavik at 2.15.We saw nothing that day except one small waterfall not listed in the itinerary. We did stop 3 times for food ! We arrived at the hotel , the tour company had booked 7 rooms too few ! Thankfully we were accommodated. The next day we had to get up very early to make up some of what we had missed the day before. We saw the Blue Lagoon, then went to the ice cave tour. We waited for 45 minutes for the guide to turn up. Afterwards we all got drinks and food, the guide said we were having dinner in 40 minutes, we had a five hour journey back to Reykjavik, so we asked if we could stop later, but were told we couldn't this was the only place to stop. It turned out the guide got cheap food at that place ! The guide was not remotely interested and told us nothing of what we were seeing. We were really disappointed.

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