Best Value Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavík

Looking out at the dancing aurora from the coastline.
Northern Lights over the city pond in Reykjavík
A Northern Lights bus tour allows you to escape the light pollution of the city limits and instead find an observation point that's nice and dark.
There's no telling what form the Northern Lights will take on any given night.
The Northern Lights often appear to span the whole sky.
A blanket of stars matches the Northern Lights majestically over the fields of Reykjanes.
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Jump aboard this affordable bus tour, for your chance to see one of nature’s greatest marvels, the Northern Lights. This tour is for those travelling outside of the summer months, who seek to tick ‘seeing the aurora borealis’ off of their bucket list.

You will be picked up from your Reykjavík accommodations in the evening and whisked away from the bright lights of the city. Departure times differ depending on the time of year. There is no itinerary or a specific set of locations, rather your guide and driver will use their experience and knowledge of the weather conditions to take you the most promising viewing spots.

The tour will last approximately three hours, and you will be taken to the areas with the clearest skies for the best view, so you’ll be able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the sky when the auroras start to descend from the canopy of stars above.

Each time they emerge, they dance differently, and in ever-changing colours. Most of the time, they will appear green but can be purple, pink, red, white, or blue depending on their strength and the atmospheric conditions. Your experience with them will be entirely unique, and all the more special for it.

Solar winds and cloud cover dictate whether or not the northern lights will show and so your best chance of catching them will be on a clear night. Iceland is one of the most accessible and reliable places to see this incredible phenomenon in the world.

The tour is weather dependent, so if the auroras are not expected to be seen, the tour will not run. If you join the tour and the lights do not appear, fear not, you are welcome to join the tour again another night, free of charge. 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this incredible natural wonder and give yourself a magical winter night in Iceland. Check availability by choosing a date

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Aug. - Apr.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Highlights: Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 19:00 20:30, 21:30,

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Bus fare

  • Approx. 3 hours guided tour

  • Free WiFi on bus

  • Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure

  • Meals and beverages

What to bring:
  • Camera

  • Clothes according to weather

Good to know:

Please be ready at your pick-up location at least fifteen minutes before your pick-up time.

This tour can be conducted in Spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the 21:00 departure from 1 November to 14 March, and the 22:00 departure from 15 March to 15 April.

Travellers with young children are advised to take the 19:30 departure which is available from 16 October through 14 March 2016.


We had an amazing time! We were able to see lots of lights on our initial trip and did not have to rebook. Great staff as well!

We had a great time. We got to see the lights. Our bus driver and guide were awesome.

Although the trip was off to a rocky start (the pickup was 5 minutes early so we missed our pickup), we called the company through the hostel reception and they promptly sent another pickup to collect us. They took us about an hour outside of Reykjavik and pulled into a carpark to watch the show. The northern lights were incredible but would definitely recommend bringing a DSLR/SLR camera as what you see with the naked eye is not what you see through the lens. The guide was very informative and could speak quite good English only downfall was it was a bit of a struggle to hear him at times. Overall, it was a good value for money tour if you need to go the cheaper option.

Appreciate the flexibility to book this tour even on the same day that the tour starts. Guide is knowledgeable and speaks good English. Would recommend this Tour!

Our Northern Lights Tour was one of many highlights during our visit to Reykjavik. Our guide Rosa was amazingly helpful and informative, especially on on cameras and how to get most out of them of night sky pictures. Sadly the Aurora did not perform for us, but we had a great time out in the snow in the dark. Must get back within two years - you can reactivate your ticket - to let you go again if Northern Lights are not seen on your tour.

We did not see many Northern lights that night due to a full moon which was too bright but could see a few. The guide was very nice and helpful and trying her best to inform us about the lights and the driver and guide were also very nice as they dropped us to our hotel on the way back which was far from the city center stop they were going back to.

We had the best tour guide..she was even suggesting the camera iso, lenses light, etc.. A true professional.. The northern lights was the reason we made the trip and on Saturday November 25 we were finally able to enjoy them.

Overall a well organised tour. It is on a huge bus of many people but this didn't phase us. Pickup at several city locations goes on for around 30-40minutes before we leave Reykjavik. The tour guide was very friendly on both nights. Katrina on the second night was very enthusiastic and energetic! The first night we didn't see anything (just a pale green cloud maybe?). So we rebooked two nights later by emailing hide to Iceland, which was very good of them! So we waited patiently near thingvellir national park. And then it happened! A beautiful display like you see in postcards across one part of the sky! The guides were fast at spotting this and alerting everyone. Pros - good timing, friendly tour guide, good value compared to minibus tours Cons - it's a large bus so you don't have the small group experience Tips - it is freezing cold so warm up really warm

Unfortunately we were unable to see the lights. We did get to see some plenty of stars and were greeted with snow on the the return to town. The best part about this tour is they give you up to a year to rebook to try again another night. Unfortunately we had a Sunday night tour that was cancelled due to poor weather and then missed the lights on this tour on Monday. We got back to our AirBnB around 12:30 and left early Tuesday morning (as in 3:45am) so we didn't have time to try again. Definitely plan to do a tour for the northern lights early in your trip so you have time to try again!

We were able to see the lights and they were incredible. Our guide was very enthusiastic and insisted that we get out of the bus to see them (it was a cold night and it took about 2 hours for them to appear so a bunch of us took warm-up breaks in thebus). One thing to note is that the tour is more like 5 hours, with an hour on each end for pick up and 3 hours for driving/northern lights viewing. All in all a great experience but just know that you won't get home until very late (1:30am) in case you have early plans the next day. Also, dress warmly -- you'll be standing outside for long periods of time.

J'ai eu la chance de voir des aurores malgré les nuages... Déçue en revanche d'être dans un bus et non un mini bus ! Nous étions, au final trois bus complets réunis au même endroit à attendre patiemment (donc beaucoup de monde, dommage).

We didn’t get to see much of the light beause it too cloudy, but overall an i teresting experience!

Communication was good and the pick up shuttle was on time. Staff had lots of good information and the drive to and from our location and we were able to see the northern lights!

This trip experience was amazing! I had a one night layover and decided to go on this tour in the hope of seeing the lights and with the determination of our wonderful guide, Dagny, we managed to see the lights. The bus trip was about an hour from the main station and our guide told about her knowledge of the lights and how to best capture pictures of them. Upon arrival to the location, we all got out of the bus and watched the lights in the sky for the rest of the evening. Don't forget to dress warmly!! Will recommend this tour to anyone who wants a shot at seeing the lights.

Unfortunately, we were not able to see the lights. It was a perfectly clear night, but the lights just were not prominanent that night. The tour guide was informative and very personable. He was definitely entertaining the kids. It was a good experience, other than just not being able to see the lights. But you're able to rebook if you don't see the lights for free which is super awesome!

The pickup was on time, the guide is funny and informative. We were transfer from a small bus to the bus terminal and from there being segregated to a group according to a bigger tour. Overall the weather was good and we managed to see the Northern lights when we are on the way to the parks. However it took us another 30mins to find a parking lot for the bus. We saw that other tour bus just parked on the roadside and start taking photos the moment they see the Northern Lights. I believe they do it for safety reason and we are okay with this arrangement. On the 2nd day we went for Northern light hunting ourselves at Grótta Island Lighthouse and found the view to be better.

Tour was somewhat on time. Pick up via hotel location seems to be a little confusing but still on time. With picking up and checking of tickets, it takes about 1 hour before the actual starts because the tour bus had a huge group. Weather was good thus it was a good trip. Northern lights were beautiful. Would probably choose a smaller company to travel in a small group, but would still recommend this package.

We were in Iceland during cloudy weather, so we did not get to see the lights at all, but the tour group tried hard to work in as many trips as possible. I appreciated the effort they made and how fast they responded to their emails when we had questions.

The trip was really great! I got to see the lights on very clrear sky! even when the aurora forecast said that it would be very cloudy and the minimun aurora activity so never lose faith on them. The guide Ólafur was great, made the night very fun and he also was very pacient, because my self and another Photographer stayed out for the whole 3 hours. We were the only ones, after 30 min al the rest of the people came back to sleep in the bus!!! can you believe that!! to sleep while the Northern lights were happening! I dont understand them. The agency was also great, I change my pick up location on short notice two time and they always answered me very quickly and with no problems at all. So I highly recommend!

The pickup was smooth and email communication with the organisers was good as they responded promptly. We did not see the lights on the first night, but rebooked to another night when it was less cloudy. We did see the lights on the second trip, even though the moonlight was very bright. The northern lights were stronger on our way back to Reykjavik and I wish the bus had stopped then for us to take some pictures. Good trip but they seemed to be on a time schedule.

Tours were cancelled for three consecutive days because of overcast skies; on the first day that this tour resumed, the tour company utilized several buses. Not all the buses went to the same place; we ended up in a snow-covered field with one other bus. Didn't feel crowded at all. It did not turn out to be a spectacular viewing, though we did see a bit with the naked eye, and more from our cameras (not cellphone cameras). The guide was friendly, helpful, and optimistic without being unrealistic about our chances of seeing Northern Lights. He also told several jokes during the course of the tour, cheerfully undeterred by the absence of much response.

While the Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed, our guides waited patiently for us to see them. We saw a few slivers of them for some moments but unfortunately had a full and very bright moon that hid them mostly from view. That said, they did offer to allow us to reschedule another time during our trip. This company is helpful, convenient, and I would recommend them for ease and comfort as well as a good experience.

We went to Þingvellir because that's where we had better chances to see the lights, but the moon wasn't helping and unfortunately there wasn't many activity. Went we were almost back the aurora looked stronger. They gave us the opportunity to rebook again which I did but it was too cloudy.

Booked on this tour as really wanted to experience the Northern Lights. The guide was nice enough but did not always appear interested and took us to an area with a very brightly lit church. We were unable to see any lights despite later finding out that sightings were strong in other parts of Greater Reykjavik. We were advised we could book another tour free of charge. This did not fit in well with the rest of our schedule so asked if could receive a refund which we were declined as the trip had been provided. Based on this I would recommend doing this tour early in your stay to allow for additional time if you need to go back again. The second night was a completely different experience. The guide was very knowledgeable and spoke at length throughout the bus trip. We were fortunate enough to see some beautiful lights that night and seeing how excited the guide also got made it even better.

Well the price is economic but it's possible to gather with a very big group, all the staff are very friendly and the guide keep on introducing everything about Northern Light that I can't understand from his way to separate sentences in parts. Anyway, to see this amazing natural phenomenon requieres to be lucky enough.

We had tried finding the northern lights by ourselves for a few nights before we booked this trip. Do not believe what people tell you, it is not so easy to find them by yourself if you do not know where to go. This tour took us to the national park close to reykjavik (can never remember its name) and there we waited for half an hour before the show started. There was a very high level of activity so we saw a lot of northern lights that night. After doing a lot of research we picked this tour. The price is fair so we can definitely recommend it if you want to see the northern lights

We enjoyed the very enchanting evening with the best tour guide, Val, and our friendly driver! Val took our pictures from her own sophisticated camera that she has shared on FB. We were very blessed to experience the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights just right there in the Pingvellir National Park that is about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. Indeed it was a Best Value Northern Lights Tour! I would highly recommend this no frills tour!

Great! Friendly driver and tour guide. They gave lots of information about the northern lights and even how to take great pictures!! :-)

Great experience and one of the best value things we found in Iceland. We went to the national park and only had to wait for 10 minutes until seeing the northern lights. Thy were very visible and we were amazed how clearly we could see them. They say that is thanks to the clear skies and darkness in the national park. I guess we were very lucky to have had this amazing experience.

Everything was well organised by the company, we were picked up from our hotel on time, and the tour guide was really helpful and informative, at the end we did succeed to see the northern lights!

Stunningly amazing! Although we had a 3 hour wait for the action to start it was well worth the wait. Our guide was brilliantly enthusiastic but at one point it seemed possible we were not going to see anything and she was prepping us at 1am for a disappointing drive back. Then it happened! Amazing, thank you.

We are just LUCKY! When we reached there we saw the Northern Lights already, it’s was slim but after 10 minutes it grew bigger and bigger and turning color from green to pink! And it’s my first time to see the Triones by my own eyes and they were just so clear to me! We had great photos and shared with other tourists we met the day after who didn’t have the opportunities to see the Northern Lights during their stay at Iceland this time.

I have travelled for quite some years and had joined many bus tours. This was one of the best bus tour by far. Although the main purpose of this tour is Northern Lights, I evaluate the quality of the tour with what is under their control- for example, setting welcoming atmosphere, and sharing local stories- as seeing northern lights sadly is not in their control. The bus ride to the destinations was very enjoyable. The beautiful sight of northern lights was even more magical along with amazing tour staff!

Sadly the lights only came out for a few moments so we were a little disappointed. However we arrived in the midst of Iceland's worst storm for 20 years! Regardless- the staff were lovely, friendly and chatty. Seemed genuinely interested to talk to us while we were waiting. Coach was warm and drive felt safe. Recommended.

Good deal and the pickup was on time. I think it worth the money! Will definitely choose it again next time!

This tour was so worth it! I could not believe it was this cheap to see the northern lights in Iceland! Actually the first night was a little bit disappointing, as we could not find the northern lights because of a cloudy forecast. But Guide to Iceland was so kind to compensate us and give us a free tour the next day, which was amazing. We saw the northern lights right above our heads and it felt like we were being dragged up to the skies by a mysterious cloud. I would like to recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see the northern lights. Thanks to Guide to Iceland I fulfilled my dream of seeing the Aurora!

with a cheap price provide the trip however a good and flexible service. i really love it. the unforgettable night with the green and pink aurora.

A super tour for me! The price is totally unexpensive, but the service is amazing. We have waited several hours in the dark and finally!! I will remember all my life the amazing night. I love this country and the trip!

Everything was amazing: the driver (plus his name was Thor ;-), the guide, an incredibly nice woman, and we were so lucky to see the northern lights during 2 hours, dancing above us. I will never forget that experience and the people that made it possible. Back in Reykjavik we could still see a bit the aurora, but absolutley nothing compared to the view in the dark spot in the countryside where they drove us. I highly recommend this tour.

The tour was well organized, even though I booked the tour at the last minute, they arranged a hotel pickup for us. Also the tour offered generously another chance to join the tour in case of not being able to see the lights. However, it depends on the weather which no one can control...

This bus tour was cheap and good value. We´re happy we saw the northern lights on our last night in Iceland. Incredible country and great people. Thank you Guide to Iceland for showing us your cuntry.

The first night we went on this tour we did not see the northern lights. Instead we were invited to go again the next day and we got lucky. we saw amazing northern lights and it was by far the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. Great value trip and awesome service. Thank you guys!

Although we saw the northern lights very early on in the tour we kept going further in to avoid the darkness to see the even more. This tour was probably the best value tour I booked in Iceland!

Pickup was late, weather was bad, didn't see anything. We didn't re-book since this was already a re-book & we are only in Iceland for a few days. Disappointing but it's not the tour's fault.

Unfortunately it was a bit too chaotic for 5 stars. The first bus that came to the hotel didn't have enough seats for everyone, they sent us to a bus, then we had to go to a different bus because they first one wasn't ready (after holding us in the bus terminal for a few minutes). Once I got to the bus the guide said I needed to have a printed ticket, not my e-ticket, which one one had told me previously. So after already waiting in line twice, I had to go back inside the terminal to get our tickets printed. They did have a total of 16 buses going on the tour the night we went due to bad weather the previous few days. We did in fact see the northern lights which was the main purpose.

Did not see the lights. Pick up was in a smaller shuttle bus, but then we joined a massive group at the bus terminal. Drop off was not back at the hotels--everyone had to walk at least ten minutes to get back to their hotels when returning to the city after 1:30am. Did not see the lights and did not rebook since the weather was not supposed to be good for the next few days we were here.

While it seems convenient that they pick you up from your hotel etc. there is a lot of driving and waiting around on the Reykjavik Excursions tours... this might be worth it if you see the lights but otherwise its just a whole evening sitting on a hot bus!!

I got what I sought, technically: an opportunity to find and see the Northern Lights with a knowledgeable guide who could get me to the right place. Unfortunately, it wasn't the opportune way to do it. There were so many people at the site, all of whom were just clamoring for ways to get the perfect photo, that it was hard to just appreciate the beauty of the sight. When I needed to use a toilet, I was told that one of the buses had one I could use, but after trying five different Reykjavik Excursion buses before I found one with a bathroom, it was locked (with no one inside), but the guide didn't believe me when I told him and said it must've been occupied. I also lost a glove, which I acknowledge was my fault, but there was no concern or advice on how to find out if itw as found afterwards on a bus or anything of the sort.

Bus pick up was a bit disorganized.. then we drove around for 4 hours with no luck of seeing the lights, even though it there were huge solar flares going on. Other buses got to see the lights, and we did not. I did not get a chance to rebook before I left, and I don't know if I will return to Iceland in 2 years, so it might be a bust...

The pick-up was a bit disorganized; there weren't enough seats on the bus for everyone from our area who was signed up for the tour, so some were asked to wait for the next bus. (I guess this is probably a side effect of the "guarantee" and allowing people to rebook.) We didn't get to see the northern lights, but they tried really hard; we drove around for 4 hours. I was leaving the next day so I couldn't rebook, but they said that tickets are good up to 2 years! The guide was very friendly. I'm wondering if renting a car is a better guarantee of spotting the lights, but if that isn't something you want to do, I would certainly recommend trying the bus tour.

We LOVED the northern lights and appreciated the "guarantee" if we didn't see the lights that we could "rebook". They picked us up right where we expected in a small van and then took us to the main center to get the larger busses. There was some significant issues with the heat on our bus and neither the guide or driver seemed to know what to do. I think they had the people that complained the most move to a different bus when we took our "break" for bathroom and coffee/etc during the trip. Also, our guide was nice but did not have great English and did not seem to be too familiar with the Icelandic stories she was trying to share. FINALLY, the driver and the guide had totally different plans on how to do drop off at the end of the night. The Good News -- WE SAW THE LIGHTS...and of course, that made it all worth it. But the guide/driver interactions (we saw them all first hand in the front seat) were ridiculously bad. At times I felt like we might be getting "punked" --- except, WE SAW THE LIGHTS :). So it can't be all bad. And overall things were clean and there was a good plan for the evening....Just really poor communication within our bus.

I took this tour because of good reviews but I have a contrasting opinion. We did see very faint Northern Lights for a few moments but this seemed like a tourist trap. We were taken to a cafe in Pengviller National Park where some 300 tourist were already present. After some faint Northern Lights showed up for 10-15 minutes we were kept at that cafe itself for 3-4 hours, it looked like everyone has gathered there to buy some items in the cafe. Since it says in the description that this trip will search for Northern Lights, a better way would have been to take us to a different spot where we could see better Northern Lights and where less people are present.

I have to say that this was the worst tour that I took out of all the tours (others include glacier hiking, horse back riding, golden circle, Silfra diving, etc) I booked in Iceland. First we went with about other 60+ people in two big buses. Drove about an hr to a dark place out of no where and parked by the road. We only saw a few very very faint hues because that night was partly cloudy. It definitely was disappointed.

This was mesmerizing!

I was a disappointed in this tour, I had previously done a similar tour in the Yukon in Canada, where is was a smaller group and we had shelter when it got a little bit too cold but we spent a full 3 hours out there. This tour is adverstised as 3 hours, it isn't, there was a coach full of people, we were taken to a spot, stood there for about 30 minutes and then it was back to the bus. The biggest diappointment was when the tour leader started taking photos and told us they would be uploaded which was great for those of us who were unable to capture the northen lights on our cameras, only for her to stop half way through and say these photos wouldn't be uploaded after all, I saw those pictures on the screen as she took them an they were amazing, that's the only memory I have of them, big waste of time and money, I wish I had taken a different tour.

不是很满意的团,第一天pick up时间过了半天,给客服电话之后才来,云层很厚没看到极光。第二天再订天气原因取消了,第四天再订,等了一小时也没人来接,客服说已经派了两辆车来接了不知道怎么回事让我们改成下一天好了,第五天继续被取消,然后我们就要返程了...不知是我们的酒店特别容易被遗忘还是怎样,好在我们在其他行程途中看到了微弱极光,也不算特别遗憾啦。这个团去的观测点略远,要做好小小熬夜的准备

Unfortunately wasn't able to see northern lights. There was quick glare of very pale light for few seconds and thats it. And because of that we couldn't refund or have another trip next day. Guide was saying we expierenced amazing show of northern lights. Very confusing I dont recommend huge trips like that. Dozens of people which makes pick up lasts for ages.

I would not recommend this tour. Our tour guide was not very welcoming and he was condescending. The Northern Lights were not really visible - there was just a faint cloud in the sky. But the tour guide said that it was a visible sighting for anyone who was trying to see it. He was condescending and dismissive. I was disappointed in the tour. I understand that they can't guarantee the Northern Lights will be visible, but for the tour guide to say the lights were visible when they weren't was unacceptable.

Bad. I thought it would Chang the location at least twice. But it didn't... from 9 to 11 pm we all were in one location even though the others left and found another place. And one more thing was you can't use the free chance on the condition that you can not see aurora. I saw it. It's definitely true. But it was small and lasted only for seconds... but anyway they said I saw it. Okay whatever..

The tour was canceled on us twice. Finally our last night it wasn't canceled but we missed the tour. No where does it say to be ready a half hour early on our voucher. We went out there at 8:45 on for a 9 pm pick up. Waited out there for an hour. When we called the no show number they stated pick up was at 8:30. It didn't say that anywhere and we were looking just in case. Now they are also refusing a refund.

Booked this tour online and waited for over an hour at our pick up location the night of. We were never picked up not contacted by the company that night, and when we tried to call and email them we had no answer. I only got a response the next day asking if I wanted to reschedule my tour without an apology or explanation for the previous night. I do not recommend this tour.

Do not go at 19:00 - go as late as possible to see the lights. The location they take you isn't the best, the area where the lights were supposed to be seen looked pretty far away. The second trip offered had all dates for the rest of my stay in Iceland cancelled due to poor weather conditions, so I have to come again to Iceland to not waste money. I'm from the states so Iceland isn't the easiest place to return to. The tour really shouldn't offer as early as 19:00. Go later!

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