Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavík

Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavík
Looking out at the dancing aurora from the coastline.
Northern Lights over the city pond in Reykjavík
A Northern Lights bus tour allows you to escape the light pollution of the city limits and instead find an observation point that's nice and dark.
There's no telling what form the Northern Lights will take on any given night.
The Northern Lights often appear to span the whole sky.
A blanket of stars matches the Northern Lights majestically over the fields of Reykjanes.
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Jump aboard this affordable bus tour for your chance to see one of nature’s greatest marvels, the Northern Lights. This tour is for those travelling outside of the summer months, who seek to tick ‘seeing the aurora borealis’ off of their bucket list.

You will be picked up from your Reykjavík accommodation in the evening and whisked away from the bright lights of the city. Departure times differ depending on the time of year. There is no itinerary or a specific set of locations, instead, your guide and driver will use their experience and knowledge of the weather conditions to take you the most promising viewing spots.

The tour will last approximately three hours, and you will be taken to the areas with the clearest skies for the best view, so you’ll be able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the sky when the auroras start to descend from the canopy of stars above.

Each time they emerge, they dance differently, and in ever-changing colours. Most of the time, they will appear green but can be purple, pink, red, white, or blue depending on their strength and the atmospheric conditions. Your experience with them will be entirely unique, and all the more special for it.

Solar winds and cloud cover dictate whether or not the northern lights will show and so your best chance of catching them will be on a clear night. Iceland is one of the most accessible and reliable places in the world to see this incredible phenomenon.

The tour is weather dependent, so if the auroras are not expected to be visible, the tour will not run. If you join the tour and the lights do not appear, fear not, you are welcome to join the tour again another night, free of charge. 

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this incredible natural wonder and give yourself a magical winter night in Iceland. Check availability by choosing a date

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Aug. - Apr.
  • Duration: 3,5 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Highlights: Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 19:30. 20:30, 21:30,

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Bus fare

  • Approx. 3 hours guided tour

  • Free WiFi on bus

  • Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure

  • Meals and beverages

What to bring:
  • Camera

  • Clothes according to weather

Good to know:

Indicated return times can vary.

Travelers with young children are advised to take the 20:00 departure available mid-October through February.

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It was truly an amazing experience! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about northern light!
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We we're lucky enough to see them first try! Dress warm, it was 10 degrees F
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It was really nice that we caught the Northern lights. It is really cold when you stand there for an hour so I suggest anyone who is going should wear enough warm clothes.
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Very nice tour with an amazing guide and a spectacular experience overall.
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Really good and impressive journey.the guider is very professional and interesting,five stars.
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Really good value - we learned about the science behind the northern lights and some Icelandic folk stories. We saw the northern lights - though they appeared white except in pictures taken with professional cameras. It was still very cool to see & the stargazing was incredible - we could see the Milky Way and tons of stars.
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We had luck and saw the northern lights right away. It was very soft and not as bright green as we wished for but it was still very interesting. The Guide told us many story's about the Northern Lights and also showed us a short Clip about how the Northern Lights with lots of science facts. He also helped us to take pictures of it with our camera.
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It is very well organized. The lights were a bit dim, but the guide showed them on his professional camera and was very helpful
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The tour just wasn't very good. We understand that the chances of seeing the lights are low and its dependent on the conditions etc. etc. but the places that we were taken to try to see them, were just rubbish. Because the tour is held from a big coach, there are a limited number of places that the coach can pull over and park (this is what the guide told us). Because of this, the places that it can park are large car parks that are at the side of the main road, where, there is a LOT of light pollution from the passing cars and trucks. This means that every 20 second when a car goes past you are completely blinded, cannot see the sky and your eyes then need to readjust. The conditions on the night were actually very good for the lights but we just had no chance with the locations we were taken to. We were taken to 3 locations, where we were told to go and search for the lights. There wasn't any guidance from the guide as to what to look for or signs of the lights nothing like that, we were abandoned in each location. The remainder of the other tours (of which there are tons when you are Reykjavik you can see everyone being picked up at 9pm) were all in small mini vans and were no where to be seen so i can only assume that they were at better (and proper) locations. Unfortunately, had we known that the tour would be in a big coach we wouldn't have booked and the whole thing screamed big volume, small experience. Would not recommend at all.
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I saw the lights whilst waiting for the tour and continuing for the first half of the late evening tour. Guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. One thing that could make the experience even better is if there were more places on the roadside to be able to stop vehicles.
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