Small Group Northern Lights Super Jeep Tour

The Northern Lights quite often feel as though the heavens have opened up in front of you.
The Northern Lights will never make a guaranteed appearance, but when they finally show, the experience is out of this world.
Once you've seen the aurora appear, it feels impossible to look away.
Your guide will eagerly share with you the science behind the aurora and its unique appearance.
Northern Lights dancing majestically above Þingvellir National Park.
A Northern Lights Super Jeep Tour is the perfect excursion for a night away from the city.
Based on 23 traveller reviews

Explore the famous Northern Lights on this small-group Superjeep tour. This tour is for anyone who wants to escape to the rugged country, far from the lights of the city to hunt for the Northern Lights that explode across the night sky in ribbons of white, blue, green, purple and pink light.

You’ll be picked up from a centrally located Reykjavik pick up point in a custom 4x4 built to handle whatever the Icelandic terrain can dish out, and driven through some of Iceland’s most spectacular natural attractions by night. Your guide will share with you all he knows about these locations as you make your way to the evening’s viewing spot.

The Superjeep gives you the ability to go off the beaten path and take your tour off-road, to access some of the lesser-known viewing spots and get to areas that a big tour bus just can’t reach. This ensures a more intimate experience, away from the usually crowded spots.

Iceland has an Aurora forecast which is updated each day during the long nights of winter. Experts look at the meteorological forecast to find areas which have good atmospheric conditions, darkness and clear skies so that you will have the best chance to find the Aurora yourself. If you don’t see any, you can re-book your tour on another night for free and have another go at it.

The Northern Lights fill the sky in splashes of brilliant colour, bringing delight to all who see them. You’ll be standing outside in the fullness of winter to try to catch a glimpse, so be sure to wear your warmest clothing and bring your camera to catch the beauty of the Aurora on film.

Venture into the night for front row seats to the spectacular, unique and ever-changing show that are the Northern Lights. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Sep. - Apr.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Super Jeep, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 6 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Northern Lights
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 20:30

  • Small group guarantee

  • Reykvik pick up & return service

  • Northern Lights hunt in the comfort of a super jeep

  • Certified and knowledgeable Northern Lights guide

  • Trip photos when Northern Lights are seen

  • Hot chocolate & biscuits

  • Food & drinks (except the refreshments mentioned in inclusions)

What to bring:
  • Warm outdoor clothing suited for rainy and chilly weather

  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

  • Camera

Good to know:

As the success of the Northern Lights Explorer tour is heavily dependent on weather conditions, this tour may be cancelled up until 6:15 PM on the day of the tour. If the tour goes ahead and no Northern Lights are seen, you may join another evening's tour at no cost (depending on availability). Note that you will need to contact the tour provider to re-book.



Great tour, worked to find good viewing area, picked us up on time, gave us access to good pics taken with good camera, and hot chocolate with a little lagnaippe.

Excellent tour. Small group size which was nice. The guides used a decent camera to take long exposure photos of the lights and then made them available to download the next day. This was a valuable touch as phone cameras are unable to capture the show.

What a wonderful trip! Our guide picked us up right on time at our requested location in Reykjavik. We drive approximately 45 minutes out of town to escape the clouds and light pollution of the city. We met up with 2 other small groups and instantly saw the lights as soon as we stepped off the bus. Our guide had a professional camera and used it to take pictures of the lights as well as everyone on the tour. The pictures were posted to the website by the next morning and available to share with friends and family. The tour guides even provided hot chocolate for everyone on the tour. Thank you so much for a memorable experience!

This tour was a lifetime experience! Our tour guide explained everything about the lights and took us far from the city lights to increase our chances to see the Northern Lights. Thanks to that, we’ve got to see the lights dancing right above us! And if you don’t have a professional camera, don’t worry, the tour guide will make his best to take the best picture!

This tour is by far the BEST Northern lights tour there is. The Super Jeep takes you places the buses cannot- they take pictures for you on their professional cameras and they also give you hot chocolate which is a nice touch when you're freezing in the middle of nowhere. We saw the lights but neither of us had a professional camera to capture the experience. Thankfully, this tour came to the rescue- we have the most amazing pictures to take with us as a memory. The tour is pricey but so worth it when you add up all the perks.

We loved this tour!! After a rainy/cloudy few days, we didn't expect to see the northern lights very well. We were very lucky, however, and saw them immediately at the beginning of our tour. Our tour guide, Klemence, was very funny, kind, and informative. We learned a lot and he took AMAZING pictures of us with the lights. The hot chocolate was a nice touch too on a chilly night. Thank you, Arctic Adventures!!

The best and experienced tour guide, giving us a special and excellent experience of northern light hunting, I love this tour so much ^^

Sadly we did not see the lights on either of our nights out. But that was not for lack of trying, just the weather not cooperating at all. The guides were very friendly and tried very hard to find a clear spot in the sky for us to view the lights.

You're crazy if you go to Iceland and miss out on this tour.

That was amazing that we could see the nothen light dancing!

Great trip on a modified super jeep. We went off road to find the northern lights and was very happy that we did not have to follow the hordes on the tour buses which seemed to be everywhere on the way. Our driver found us the best spot and we waited inside the car until they appeared. If you dont mind paying a little bit extra then I would highly recommend this trip for you.

When I desired to have this tour i was have high expectation, the price is much more than the BUS TOUR several times , the SUPER JEEP, is like about 13-15 peoples in the car, not the 4SEATS one , but this is not important, because we are very excited with we start the hunting. We got to the 3 place on the same day, until 12:45am ,when we leave, I have not seen the northern lights, very disappointed, actually the driver said some people say did take some pictures of it, but is very weak. after that I contacted the company for the next trip, because i did not see, after that it takes me 4 days have no way to arrange a trip, because there are some reason about the weather, but I have to will leave. After that the company said there are some photo took the photos of the northern light, they show me the photos and said i would have any refund. What I want to say is, I was given a higher price to in this group, we only have about 15people, if there was northern lights appear, why not the GUIDE make sure everyone see the northern lights? or just to check with the group? this is really so disappointed.

Unfortunately This tour has not gone like It was supposed to go.We were picked up from the hotel with normal minibus and taken to a carpark where there were 2 super jeeps waiting for us.During this tour somehow the guide was not really as informative as other guides from Golden Circle tour or South Coast tour.Getting on board in the jeep he did not say anything where we were going or just to introduce himself.Nothing.Good looking super jeep,leather seats,big wheels....When going somewhere our jeep broke down in the middle of nowhere.It sounded seriously noise coming under the jeep.after telling us this jeep is not going anywhere because something serious happened to it so we were held in the jeep of course because it would have been really dangerous to get out and waiting next to the road during the was completely dark.After waiting about 20 minutes other jeep arrived though it was not exactly the same comfortable one.Not to mention that as we were waiting in the jeep he tried to keep us entertained telling about northern light but he hardly spoke english.we were taken to two different location and we were lucky because we have seen the northern lights when we got to our second destination.this trips should have included an astronomical telescope,Trip photos when Northern Lights are seen,Certified and knowledgeable Northern Lights guide.We did not get anything like that.When northern lights appeared we were told to have 5 minutes more and we are going.After spending 20 minutes in broken down car we got approximately 10 minutes to see it and try to take decent photo.Why I did not complain?this was my last night and I had an early flight back in that morning.I was lucky because I have seen the northern light but this experience with this service and company was not acceptable.

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Small Group Northern Lights Super Jeep Tour

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