The Popular Golden Circle Tour | Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir

Enthusiastic photographers will want to make sure they snapshot Strokkur mid-eruption.
Haukadalur, otherwise known as Geysir geothermal area, is home to hot springs and bubbling mud pools.
Þingvellir is home to the scenic Almannagjá gorge, the exposed North American tectonic plate.
Þingvellir is home to waterfall, tectonic plates, moss covered volcanic plateaus and glacial springs.
In English, Gullfoss is translated to the 'Golden Waterfall'.
Strokkur is the active partner of the now dormant Geysir hot spring.
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Join this tour to see the "Big Three" of essential travelling locations in Iceland: Geysir hot spring area, Gullfoss waterfall and the always beautiful Þingvellir National Park.

Throughout your Golden Circle tour, you will be privy to a fantastic plethora of aesthetic beauty; rolling farmlands, distant mountain tops, trickling rivers and picturesque valleys. Don't be surprised to find yourself taking photographs from the vehicle window!

Your first destination on the Golden Circle is the incredible Geysir geothermal area, a natural spectacle that defies the imagination. The area is made up of deep bubbling mud pools and shooting hot springs, the most famous of which are Geysir and Strokkur. The former no longer erupts but the latter is a mighty one, erupting every 4-8 minutes and reaching on average 15-20 m (65 ft) into the air; sometimes it will reach the amazing height of 40 m (131 ft).

The next stop is the powerful Gullfoss waterfall, on the popular rafting river Hvitá. It plummets 32 m (104 ft) into the river gorge and you can get close enough to feel the water spray on your face. This is Iceland's most famous waterfall and definitely one of the most beautiful. Nothing can quite describe the roar that comes with such a thunderous cascade!

You'll end your tour at Þingvellir  National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Here, you will literally walk between the continents of Europe and America. Þingvellir was also the founding site for Iceland's national parliament, the first of its kind, in 930 AD. Of particular interest is the impressive Almannagjá canyon, marking the eastern boundary of the North American tectonic plate.

Don't miss your chance to get on this tour and see some of Iceland's most important natural, historical and cultural sites. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, South Iceland, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 10:00 12:00,

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Transportation

  • Guidance

  • Free WiFi on bus

  • Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure

  • Lunch

What to bring:
  • Warm and waterproof clothing

  • A sense of adventure

  • Your camera!


This trip was great! I would recommend to anyone that’s visiting Iceland to go on this tour! Great service and the sights are truly breath taking.

This tour provided an excellent Golden Circle experience. Our guide was informative and helpful. The transportation was comfortable and safe. This was a well organized and delightful tour.

Great experience last Sunday. WD were lucky with the weather, snow just stopper minutes after we arrived at our location. Guide shared a lot of information. You might want to bring lunch for this trip, as now, lunch is part of the 1-hour geyser-stop. So if you eat at the local restaurant, time is a bit short for sightseeing.

Great trip! Gus, our guide, was amazing and gave us information and stories about everything we were passing by. Of course, needless to say, the nature was fascinating!

It was a wonderful tour. Guide was very informative. I loved all of the places the tour visited. I wish I had more time in Iceland this trip. Next time I will definitely visit for longer.

it was amazing - the golden circle is a must when you come to Iceland, plus the tour guide was very helpful and the pick up was smooth

It was an amazing experience! We had the kindest, helpful bus driver and guide and I really loved all of the places. I can recommend the tour to anyone.

What a wonderful tour! Guide was informative. Each spot was amazing to see. I would recommend this tour!

Beautiful experience!! Loved all the waterfalls and the easy ride with everyone :) :)

the guider isvery nice. the trip was fantastic

Yall, this trip was great, even though we had constantly changing weather (snow at the first stop, sun at the next and rain at the last) I loved it. Its a great way to see the landscape without the fear of driving in another country. I booked this one because it was one of the shortest and I still got to see everything! The groups are super large and everywhere you go caters 100% to tourism, so everyone is super nice and there's always a gift shop (but for real yall, if you are like me and get about a mile down the road and think "crap! I should have got that thing at the gift shop!" Don't worry, they all have the exact same stuff)

Definitely a must see when you come to Iceland. The tour was well-organised and the sites are bound to blow you away. The guide and driver were very accommodating, and we are extremely grateful to them. Our guide is very friendly as well. Also really liked how there was wifi on the bus!

It was very enjoyable and our guide was very informative. It was ideal for those who want to see the Golden Circle in a short space of time.


It was fine, a bit rushed. The group was large. Well organised

The tour was very well organized. We didn't have great weather but it was still nice to have the comfortable bus with Wifi to come back to. By the end of the day we had great weather and it was an overall enjoyable tour. We used a different travel company during our stay in Iceland and it didn't compare to this company!

This trip was nice, it was a big group so the guide must be very pressured. Though he is really knowledgeable and told us a lot of politics and economics that related to Iceland. He is also a journalist, cool. Lol

Nice tour! Golden cycle is really beautiful. Everyone must not miss it when you come to Iceland :)

I'm so very sorry about my review above, which was meant for "Inside the Volcano" tour (I've posted it again in the right place). The Golden Circle tour was absolutely great - The tour guide was funny and speaks accent-free English. Geysir was a big (pleasant) surprise.

The tourist guide was so bad. Our seats were occupied by others when we get on the bus after walking around outside. The guide did not help us or ask us to show our tickets at first, but let us get off the bus. It is difficult to bear her attitude.

Trip was great! More than enough time at each location and a great, affordable and easy way to see the beautiful sights of Iceland!

It was a fine day with good guiding, good information and great sights. This is a must do for all the first time they visit Iceland like myselves.

Icelands finest in a wonderful afternoon, so glad we did it. Great to be taken by comfy coach with a lovely guide, driving through naturally beautiful Iceland on our way to stops was amazing enough then the 3 stops were mind blowing. Don't miss it!

What a stunning place! This tour was incredible as it gave us an opportunity to see some of the top ten sites without having to worry about renting a car ourselves. The geysers and gulfoss were really incredible- would like to come and see them again in the spring or summertime. I highly recommend this tour.

Worth to go. It's a really beautiful place.

I had a great time on this tour. It was nice to have the freedom to go to places I really wanted to see and not have to worry about driving to get to there. The bus tour guide was funny and full of information. Its a great trip and I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to do bigger tours.

We were unfortunate that we were doing it on an incredibly windy day so you didn't want to be outside for too long but even so, the tour was amazing! The Gulfloss waterfall was stunning - it is hard to believe the size of it. The geysers were great. The transport and trip itself went very smoothly and I have the greatest of respect for the bus drivers dealing with some terrible weather conditions with no problems. A must do trip for anyone going to Iceland.

I had the 'Golden Circle Tour' last winter with my friends. It was the most amazing trip that I have ever experienced. Iceland is so unique that you could experience sunshine and snow at the same day, you see waterfall, glacier and spring during the trip, could also enjoy the Northern light just outside of Reykjavik, taking a bath in Blue Lagoon while enjoying the sunrise and cocktail. I would love to go there during summer again. Iceland is definitely one of the places that everyone should visit as a beautiful memory, you will never regret it!

It was amazingly beautiful! I definitely recommend it :)

My friends and I visited Iceland in April for the first time. We had an amazing experience, such a unique beautiful country. Really enjoyed the golden circle tour a must for all visiting this wonderful country. We will be back. :)

The stops on the tour were absolutely incredible. I only wish we could have spent more time at the various sites and had the option of going with a smaller group. Great experience regardless!

What a fantastic day! My husband and I really enjoyed this tour. It was the perfect opportunity to see some of Iceland's most beautiful and impressive natural phenomena but it was also the perfect way to see the landscape on the drive. We highly recommended this tour!

Spectacular ! A must do tour - we were only in Iceland for 48 hours , and this trip meant we made really good use of our time . The tour guide was fantastic , her zest and joy for all that is Iceland was palpable . The sights are breathtaking . Highly recommended .

This tour was one of the many highlights of my trip to Iceland. It was handy that it only took 6 hours/half a day as it meant that you can fit even more into your trip. I would have liked to have spent even more time at each location but I assume that is possible on the full day excursion. The tour guide was very informative and happily interacted with everyone on the trip, it's nice to learn so much from just sitting on a bus and looking out of the window, especially in a place where there is never a dull view! Geysir is amazing, I could have stood and watched that all day, it was lovely to visit as there weren't too many tour groups there at once so everyone had a great view and it was not crowded. I would have like to have spent more time at Thingvellir National Park as it is a great place for photography. Gullfoss waterfall was beautiful and although a little more crowded than the other locations this did not spoil the view of the experience, there is plenty of open space for having a photograph with the waterfall where ti looks as if you are the only one there! This is s great trip and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone visiting Iceland, it a very convenient way to see all three major sites.

The trip was great and well organized. We were really happy to see all the beautiful places in one day!

amazing place and a tour gets you all the information you need to know and appreciate what you are seeing. the golden circle in march is beautiful with frozen waterfalls showing off a different kind of beauty. I would like to make it back during the summer to compare the difference. the tour guides were very knowledgeable and got us to many points along the way with questions and answers provided about the culture, food and anything else we wanted information on in between stops. a must do if you come to iceland no matter what time of the year

The tour itself is phenomenal, but the tour guide was clearly the weakest link. She seemed to blurt out random facts with no real relevance or logical sequencing half the time and during the other half she was practically incoherent and nobody knew what she was talking about. My friends and I felt we would've got far more value out of the tour if there was a more knowledgeable and articulate tour guide. Either way, the tour guide doesn't make or break this tour and the landmarks are gorgeous and the bus makes it stress free to get from place to place.

Beautiful days! I can't wait to repeat!

Winter stopover in Iceland with fresh snostorms every day - not to be deterred we booked the sightseing tour. Hotel pick-up on time, easy distribution into other buses at the depot, good guide with good info, professional driver, always felt safe, enough time art the destinations to walk around and take pictures. If we come back in the summer, we would repeat the tour with these pros.

even if the weather was bad the tour was very nice and the guide gave its best to make it enjoyable. i can really recommend!

Beautiful route and amazing trip. I miss Iceland.

Incredible attractions and great value trip.

The Golden circle was amazing and this tour is really not expensive compared to what you see. The geyser was very interesting and I will never forget the golden waterfall. Surely I will return to this place. Thank you for a great time!

This tour was both interesting and fun, and we saw the geyser which was amazing. The Gulfos waterfall was so powerful I will never forget my time there. Although we were traveling on a coach the guide did not rush us at all and gave us the time needed to discover these beautiful attractions. This trip is worth every penny!

If you've only got time for one tour in Iceland make it a tour of the Golden Circle. The stunning scenery, power of nature and the history of Þingvellir will leave you breathless. I'd love to go back and see it all over again!

Love the Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir!!!

Tour was great. The difficult part was getting there. When I first booked the tour I choose the "choose pick up location later" and later choose a location once I found out the closest pickup location. Even though I choose a pick up location months before the actual trip and triple checked everything was updated, we were not picked up at the specific location, waited 2 hours going back and forth with the company even though they said they will continue to send a bus. Missed the tour of the original date and had to reschedule for the next day, put a damper on our itinerary. Then, the next day they still did not pick us up and had to go back through calling the company multiple times to finally get picked up. Once getting there tour was great and am thankful they allowed a reschedule.

I agree with all that the tour is phenomenal and a 'must do' for people with limited time in Iceland. Our tour guide was a VERY weak link in this experience, giving mono-syllabic answers to questions and offering little background information. She clearly did not like her job. I would also have liked to have had more time at Thingvellir to explore. Next time, I'd drive the Golden Circle on my own.

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The Popular Golden Circle Tour | Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir

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