Unique 3-Hour Microbrewery and Distillery Tour in Reykjavik with Tastings

Gin and whiskey fans will certainly love Eimverk Distillery's offerings.
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Reykjavík, Iceland
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20 years old


Discover how beers and spirits are made in two of Reykjavik’s leading microbreweries and distilleries. This unique three-hour guided tour takes you right in the middle of Iceland’s brewing and distilling process and lets you taste these fine products after.

The tour begins when a comfortable car picks you up from a meeting point near your hotel in Reykjavik and then drives you to the Malbygg Microbrewery. Established in 2017, the Malbygg Microbrewery is a craft brewery specializing in canned and barrel-aged beers.

Inside the brewery, you’ll learn about Iceland’s brewing history. You learn about the basics of the brewing process and the different kinds of beer the microbrewery produces.

Another great thing about the Malbygg Microbrewery is that they’ll give you a taste of their beers. The microbrewery has a taproom where you can choose from eight different Malbygg beers. You also have the option to buy a tray featuring four types of beers.

The tour’s next stop is the Eimverk Distillery. Located in the charming town of Gardabaer, Eimverk Distillery is a family-run distillery built in 2009.

Interestingly, it’s also Iceland’s first and only whiskey distillery. Their goal is to provide premium Icelandic liquors using only the finest ingredients.

The results are three spirits: Floki, Vor, and Viti. Floki is Eimverk’s single-malt whiskey crafted after 163 trial distillations and maturation tests spanning four years, making it the first of its kind in Iceland.

Vor is their pot-distilled gin, while Viti is their signature take on “black death” or Icelandic Brennivin. Both Vor and Viti share the same base spirit as Floki. Moreover, both artisanal spirits received awards for their unique and exquisite taste.

Like in the Malbygg Microbrewery tour, the trip to Eimverk Distillery will introduce you to the history and basics of distilling in Iceland. You’ll also taste their whiskey and other spirits made on-site.

You will also see up close the equipment they use for distillation. Their machines are custom-made to ensure proper extraction of the full flavor coming from pure Icelandic barley.

As a result, they produce their perfect rendition of complex malt featuring unique characteristics you’ll find in Irish, Scotch, and Bourbon whiskeys.

Interestingly, buying beer and spirits in Iceland can be a challenge. You can’t simply walk inside a supermarket to grab a can of beer or a bottle of gin. Instead, you must go to Vinbudin, a special state-run shop that legally sells liquor.

Joining this microbrewery and distillery tour will give you a better appreciation for alcoholic products in Iceland. You’ll learn about the specific local ingredients and understand the different challenges the breweries and distilleries encounter concerning Iceland’s climate.

By the end of the tour, the guide will drive you back to your meeting point in Reykjavik.

Don’t let this golden opportunity of learning about the best in beer and spirits in Iceland. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Please dress according to weather, in Iceland that means be prepared for any kind of weather! :). 

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