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Good experience. They didn’t have the specific car that we reserved so we got an upgrade at no additional cost. The car worked great, no problems at all. Staff was also helpful and responsive to emails beforehand. My only complaint is that they have you wash the car before you return it (so they can see any damage). This is totally reasonable just unexpected so we had to budget time for that into our day before getting to the airport. There is a car wash very nearby though. They also have you self insure if you only select the basic insurance options. Apparently this is normal for Europe but the US doesn’t do that so it was a bit of a surprise when they needed to put a $3,500 hold on my credit card, I’m sure glad I had a high enough limit. When we returned the car we talked about these points and they said they were grateful for the feedback and would see about adding this information to their welcome packet. Overall everything went as planned, they picked us up as requested at the airport and brought us back after we dropped off the car. Would recommend and would use again.

Overall it was a good experience rentin with Fara. Though we waited for like 15mins before the staff drove to pick us up at the airport(recommend to call them when you are waiting for your luggages!) The staff are helpful and explained all details, we did not have any problem with the new and clean car, of course, the rental price is reasonable!

We had a great experience overall with Fara, but as with most things there's a whole story to tell. We arrived in Reykjavík and were picked up very promptly from the airport (some people have said here they were picked up very late, but that wasn't the case for us). Once at Fara's office, we sat down with Alejandro and he went over the paperwork with us. The first surprise was that there would be a $1,500 hold placed on my debit card for the security deposit, which I don't remember reading anywhere on guidetoiceland.is or in their email communications with me. Had I not been prepared with enough money in my bank account, that could have stopped our trip before it started. Not everybody has $1,500 they can just drop at a moment's notice. However I understand that cars are expensive and that Iceland, especially in the winter, is a dangerous place to drive. In the end, the security deposit wasn't a problem, just a surprise. We drove the Hringvegur (Ring Road) all the way around the country, and our Hyundai ix35 served us brilliantly. We really had very few complaints about the car - it was brand-new, clean, and fuel-efficient. A couple of things could have been better however. 1) The lock/unlock buttons on the remote key fob never worked. 2) We had to replace the windshield wipers immediately because the ones the car came with were shredded up and barely worked. Fortunately everyone in Iceland speaks English so we were able to find some replacement wipers at an N1 gas station and one of the attendants helped us attach them to the car. 3) The interior of our car smelled of Diesel fuel for our entire 10-day trip. My guess is a previous renter spilled some inside somehow. When we returned the car, Alejandro found a small dent over the driver's side wheel that was probably caused by someone hitting us with their car door (it was too small and strangely located to have been caused by much else). He also found some very small dents on the hood caused by flying gravel, so it was a good thing we had elected to purchase the additional gravel damage insurance. He identified maybe 4 dings, each of which were so small you had to be looking very closely to see them. Back in the office, Alejandro added close to 40 little dots with his pen on an illustration of the car indicating where the gravel damage had occurred. To me, 40 dots seemed excessive considering he was able to identity many fewer than that on the car itself. After a brief conference with his co-workers, Alejandro informed us we would not be held liable for the ding over the driver's side wheel, for which we were grateful. Even considering the negative bits of our experience with Fara, I give them high marks overall. In my opinion they were very fair and reasonable in forgiving the ding since we had had to replace the windshield wipers. They were also professional and generally a pleasure to deal with, and the car they rented us performed very well. I would recommend them to anyone traveling in Iceland. One final note: As we pulled out of Fara's parking lot on our way to our departing flight, Alejandro pointed out a car that had just come back from a similar driving trip. It had been totalled and was completely beyond repair. The windows had all been blown out and the frame/chassis was bent considerably. Alejandro told us the drivers (who were both unharmed) had lost control after hitting a patch of ice near Vík. The car had rolled over several times. According to Alejandro, this happens on a semi-frequent basis. I felt pretty good about the minor gravel damage we had incurred compared to the total loss we saw in the parking lot. However, it really hit home for me what it must mean to run a rental car company in a country with travel conditions as inhospitable as Iceland. Fara is a small company with perhaps four employees. Any small ding or dent can affect how long a car can be rented, which impacts their business. When you rent a car in Iceland, keep that in mind.

Horrible. We were told via email that the Fara greeter would meet us at 7:30 AM so we could make it to our appointment at the Blue Lagoon at 8:00 am. The guy showed up at 8:15 after I had already booked a car with Avis. I upset to say the least, but he never apologized for being late, insisting that the pick up time was 10:00 am even after I showed hi the email saying the pick up time was for 7:30 (and he was there at 8:15 not 10:00!). Eventually he apologized and things cooled down. To his credit he also added some extras like unlimited wi-fi to compensate for the late pick up. However, at the rental office, we were then told that the Gold Insurance coverage we paid for was basically worthless -- and that we would have a deductible payment charged to us if there was a collision or any other damage that could run us to more than a $1000!!! When I argued that that made no sense, he said that all car insurance in Iceland operated like this, but I had already been to the Avis people and their insurance was totally comprehensive. Finally when we brought the car back we were charged $50.00 for a cleaning fee! Bottom line, if you're driving in Iceland, rent from Avis! Pick up and drop off at the airport, no BS on insurance, no waiting for people who don't show up on time, better cars, same price. Fara has no advantages whatsoever!

It was some misunderstanding at the beginning (we were wait for 1 hour) but staff was so nice and polity that we already forgot that. Good quality and we hav no any problems with our car (maybe sometimes it was some with key-lock). But in general I recommend them.

Awsome company, honest, friendly and up front. No issues would highly reccomnd.

We had a great experience and they met our expectations. They are open and helpful with their communication and are interested in the customer's success and satisfaction. We highly recommend taking on the additional gravel insurance as there is a very high likelihood that you'll end up needing it. The pricing is good and the vehicles were well-equipped and clean.

It was a bit of confusion in the beginning to do to a mia understand but than Geir and Alejandro did an amazing job helping us and giving us great customer service. Would recommend them

Great experience, highly recommended! We arrived early in the morning and were ready to travel to Vik before they warned us to check road.is for road conditions. Turns out that all of the roads to Vik were closed due to high winds and we had to change plans. Due to the early notice, we were able to get our money back for our previously booked accommodations and stay in Reykjavik for the night instead. If they had not warned us, I'm confident we would have just tried to drive to Vik and ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Aside from that, the car was great and the 4x4 handled the ice and snow quite well. They didn't have the Subaru we originally booked but gave us a brand new 2018 Hyundai, which I'm sure was an upgrade for free.

Great experience with Fara. After some confusion with the flight number that was entered when booking the SUV, they stayed and waited over an hour for us. Our flight had been delayed but once we landed I had a text and email from them trying to locate us. I responded back and they turned right around and came back to get us. Jing was helpful and very informative with the whole process once we arrived at the office. SUV we received was reliable and exceeded expectations.

We highly recommend this car rental. 6 people driving 800 km in 5 days and the car was perfect. The office is super helpfull and everything was easy :-) Go with FARA!

Fantastic experience, highly recommended:)

We had a good experience so far with this company. The staff was very helpful, honest and friendly. I would recommend this company as the price and service are both good :)

Wonderful experience with FARA. The service at pick-up and drop-off was very informative, friendly and efficient. Since they didn't have the car I ordered at the office pickup location, I got a free upgrade. The car was almost brand new, with 4WD, studded tires for winter roads, heated seats, hot spot Wi-Fi, two USB ports and large screen GPS. It ran beautifully. They also allowed up to one hour past the assigned time for drop off without charging anything extra. I am very pleased with FARA and would rent from them again.

The lady was very friendly and helpful. She was upfront on matters like insurance, internet plan etc. in my opinion i think it’s better to go for the gold or premium insurance so that you can have a peace of mind while traveling. Do note that for the internet plan there are a few options, the 1GB which is free, 10GB and unlimited (50GB). we were told that it’s difficult to trace how much u use, so if u opt for the 1GB and u have exceeded the usage, u gotta pay as u use, and it’s expensive. That literally leaves you with no choice but to go for the 10gb or more. However it was not a problem to us as We had prepared to get the 10 GB internet. (We later realized that we can actually trace the usage on the portable WiFi device itself). Our overall experience with the car was amazing. It was a brand new car with heaters on the seats and back rest, it’s crucial as we were driving long hours during the winter. I would definitely recommend it.

Friendly staff, reasonable price and awesome car! We rented a Hyundai IL35, it was a new car (1200 KMs at pickup) with amazing snow tires. This car got us safely through the very tough road conditions in Iceland for 11 days during Christmas and new year.

great service, fara was waiting for us at the airport. We rented a 4x4 which helped navigate the winter conditions in Iceland. Car was well maintained and felt safe. Overall a great experience

Booking with Fara helped make traveling in Iceland very easy. Fara was able to have a representative available early in the morning when I arrived at the Reykjavik airport and also a representative for our early morning departure. The staff was very easy to work with and they had a good inventory of cars to fill the needs of our party of 6. The car was well equipped for the winter months and I never felt uncomfortable driving the SUV in the wintery conditions. The office is not located at the KEF airport, but they have shuttle services to get you to and from the airport. Would recommend to friends and family traveling to Iceland.



Our experience with Fara Car rental was excellent. We rented Hyundai IX55 Luxury. The car was in excellent condition. It has heated seats, even in the rear seats. The car was clean and free of any defects. It was excellent, even in heavy terrain, because we had 4X4. The equipment of the car was also great, we had GPS, Wifi and charging cable.Pickup was seamless from the KEFLAVÍK airport. The staff were very nice, the arrangement of the whole business was very pleasant and without problem. I would recommend to all who want to rent a car suitable for all terrains and at an affordable price! Thank you very much! And thanks to you, our trip to Iceland was so perfect! When we return to Iceland, we rent the car from you alone! Fara je super!

We were lucky and got brand new 4x car which was superb to use and drive. The pickup and dropoff with transfer from and back to airport was smooth and timely. Also chating with Fara pesonel was great and informative. They have have nice and passionate people at Fara. We would prefer this car rental company every time we are in Iceland. Keep up the great job Fara!

Had a great experience. Pickup was easy and seamless from KEF airport, and the car was clean, had great winter tires, and did a great job. Drop off was easy and didn't have any issues. Would recommend for anyone visiting Iceland looking for a reasonably priced car rental.

The modern ix55 is well suited for off-road driving. The car was clean and well maintained. The staff were very friendly and arrived at the airport from Reykjavik. Also, the WiFi dongle that came with it worked well on the rough road, and it was very convenient. ( I would like to comment on the case when the steering wheel is locked during a trip. If the steering wheel is slightly turned off and the engine is turned off, then the engine will not start. The important point is that you have to give it some power.)

Overall experience was very positive. Pick up at the airport was timely and easy. Suzuki 4x4 was as stated on the website, easily fit four people, and our luggage. Great gas milage. Furthest drive was to vik and stayed in Fludir. Only filled the tank once. Used the wifi occasionally which was nice to have and GPS was helpful, but didn't always take the fastest route from where we were staying. Returning the car was easy and drive back to the airport was nice to have

The team at Fara are very professional and easy to deal with. The rental came with wifi hotspot and GPS which was a great deal. We chose to increase our data for a small fee which allowed us to play our own music whilst driving. The SUV that we booked wasn't available at the time of pick up but we were offered a bigger car instead. We were told that if we wanted the car we booked that we would have to wait until the next day to receive it. We opted to exchange the car as it was a newer model and they were able to do it without hindering our plans. Unfortunately during our trip we sustained 2 windscreen cracks whilst driving due to another vehicles driving fast on gravel roads. The cost of repair was fair and unlike the other horror stories I read on the internet. Thank you Fara I will definitely recommend this rental car agency.

Best price and free gps and wifi hotspot. Their customer service is great, with good communication. However, the SUV we got is bit smaller than we expected so our luggages have to sit on one seat. Another issue is the morning pickup at airport, the shuttle didn't show up as planned. They fixed the issue in 2 hours though. Overall it is still a good experience with Fara.

We had a good experience with Fara. We didn't get the same car as on the photo, but the same class, some extras as gps and wifi hotspot were already included into the offer. The car did what we needed. Best price around. Will use Fara for our next time in Iceland as well!

We loved Fara! Very accommodating! You will not be disappointed when you rent a vehicle with Fara. They give you many extras! Like a wifi hotspot at a very fair price, gps, and a cooler (at a small fee!). That is just a small sample of what else you can get. Lastly, you can't beat the price overall compared to the other rental places you can do in Iceland! Will book and recommend to friends!

The Fara Car Rental Agency was exceptional, service was great, they responded extremely promptly to all our email request, we had no issues picking up the car as well as returning the car. The vehicle was excellent, they provided all the necessary instructions regarding driving in iceland as well as a map, and the GPS and WIFI . We strongly recommend this agency to anyone wanting to rent a car in Iceland. Our Road trip was magical, we will definitely be back to Iceland and will be using Fara for sure. Thank you!

The Fara rental agency gave us one of the best car rental experiences we've ever had. In particular, Jing and Geir provided us with phenomenal customer service, taking extra care to ensure that we were satisfied and accommodated for all our needs. The 4x4 SUV we rented did everything we needed and the kind check-ins that the staff did gave us piece of mind throughout our experience. The agency provided us with a ride to and from the airport during which we were given advice about driving in Iceland in addition to little facts about the country. Between the exceptional customer service and affordable prices, I would highly recommend this agency for anyone seeking vehicle rental in Iceland.

Fara was very helpful and communicated well. We needed a 4x4 SUV for 6 people with carry on luggage and it was the best price around.

This place is cheaper than any of the other rental car companies that I encountered. I'd say about half of the price of the other places. We specifically needed an SUV to fit 6 people along with 4WD and they were able to get us those specifications with ease. We were picked up by a staff member from Fara at the airport and he took us to the Fara location near Reyjavik. During the ride to that location, he gave us many tips on driving in Iceland along with giving us other plentiful information for us tourists. The car was in good condition and were able to drive safely through some ice and snowy conditions with ease. I would definitely recommend using this company to anyone traveling to Iceland looking for a good deal and friendly, reliable service.

The staff at Fara was very helpful and the process was very easy. We were picked up at the airport and driven to the main Fara location in Kopavogur, and the vehicle was picked up there. Overall a very good experience for a very reasonable price.

It was not a happy experience dealing with Fara. We got the confirmation that greeter from Fara would meet us at 7:00am. When we arrived at the airport, no one showed up. I tried to call the phone number listed on the confirmation email but was noticed it was out of office hour! Should it suppose a valid number for customers to call anytime when they need help?! I then emailed Fara but no reply from them. After 20 minutes, finally we got picked up. As our flight arrived earlier than scheduled, I had been waiting for 40 minutes in the airport. I thought Fara agents should check flight schedule! We provided our flight number. When we returned the car, the agent said I didn’t wash my car and I needed to pay $50 for cleaning fee! When I picked up the car, no one in Fara to mention the car must be washed when return, and it was not specified in rental document! What a car rental company is! Iceland is a very beautiful country that we will definitely go back, but no more Fara! Nightmare...

Arrived in Keflavik airport looking for pick up from Fara - turns out they transferred our reservation to another company without any notice to us. Luckily my phone was on roaming and was able to answer the call from the other company after looking around the airport for 20 minutes. Emailed them to complain and was told that they have sent me a notice on email. I told them I have received none and if they could forward me said email - never heard back. Booked them based on their reviews but after this, I strongly discourage anyone from booking from them. Unreliable, poor communication and overall poor customer service.

We arrived at the airport and there was no one waiting for us. When I rang Fara the lady said they hadn't been able to see that our flight had landed online. We had to wait for 1 hour 20 mins for our collection. When he arrived he had a tiny car for four of us and three large suitcases. It wasn't a pleasant journey into Reykjavik to collect our car. One of the things we were told was the heavy fines for smoking in the car. When we got in, the smell of smoke was overwhelming. Later in the week we found empty cigarette packets in the flap behind the drivers seat. It was disgusting. Moreover, the fuel gauge kept failing so we didn't know if we had enough fuel or not. The service light kept flashing and the oil alarm indicator kept showing up. When we delivered the car back at the end of the week (washed as instructed) the lady told us she was surprised that it didn't have winter tyres on as all their other cars had had them put on. That was alarming as we had driven through snow and ice in the north. The one good thing was the staff. They were friendly at all times. But I'm sad to say that because of the state of the car I wouldn't hire from here again.

Fara Ehf is a 4x4 vehicle rental firm established in 2016. The company is located in Keflavík, nearby KEF International Airport. We provide the building blocks for a great holiday in Iceland by providing vehicles and equipment to fit your needs. Our products combined with our friendly, knowledable and professional staff will inspire and exceed the expecations of our customers. Fara is an icelandic word that translates into english as “GO”.
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