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Everything was good. Renting car was very easy process and checkout was quick and easy to do too. Everybody from My car we talked to was kind and willing to help. We drove the whole Ring road with many gravel road stops in Yaris, which happened to be very quickly responding and reliable car. Had a great time in Iceland.. :)

The company was great. The shuttle from the airport picked us up pretty quickly, the handover was really fast. We had an issue with the car, they sent one of their employees to switch cars with us. It was pretty bad that someone bumped our doors on the parking lot and we had to pay 500€ for that, but unfortunately that's not something they could have influenced. 5/5 I'll recommend this company to my friends.

Easy process. The shuttle from the airport was easy and quick. The checkout (even at 01:00) was quick and painless. The car itself was brand new and everything we needed. Drove the entire Ring Road and Westfjords with a Yaris. Would absolutely rent from MyCar next time.

The experience was great, from making the online reservation to receiving a confirmation before arriving in Iceland and then getting picked up by the shuttle bus at the aiport. It all went great. Getting the car went quite rapidly as well. The car was new and drove perfectly. No complaints, only compliments! Would surely use them again and will recommend them to others!

Easy and convenient. Great customer service. One small minor problem key tag for discount didn't work on some gas stations. Overall great car rental.

Very smooth and nice experience. Process was simple and the car was top notch! We recommend!

Great experience. The process was very simple and I had no problems with the car. Highly recommend!

Great experience. Was picked up from the airport as soon as I called within 10 minutes. Was given an upgrade with my car free of charge. Highly recommend!

We had an excellent experience with MyCar rental. They had the most car options for the most value. Everyone there was extremely helpful and friendly. They also have free transportation to and from the airport which is a plus. We will utilize them for future car rentals and highly recommend them to others!


My experience renting the car was great! The car was new and the process was very simple. They also drove us to the airport outside of regular shuttle time. The only thing they can improve on is picking us on time at the airport because it was 20 minutes late. Overall, it's great!

Absolutely fantastic! I can definitely recommend this service! Although we had a little problem with being picked-up from the airport, the other 99% of our experiences was really great! The car was good, the car-keys-to-hand process was fast and the drop-off procedure was amazingly swift! All nice and pleasant!

When I picked up the car, it wasn't full gas up, about 1/5 less. For just in case, we took a shot of meter-panel. After trip, I filled gas as much as it had been, and returned the car. When I got home, they charged for gas. I complained. They canceled the charge. But it wasn't pleasant. Other than that, overall it's ok.

Great experience! The 4G hotspot was really useful especially with navigating to my Airbnb. They were great and got someone to shuttle me over back to the airport when I dropped off the car at 11:45pm so I could make my 1am flight!! 10/10 would recommend!

Fantastic experience. Car was flawless and customer service was great as well.

Great experience! Renting a car is the best way to see Iceland and renting with MyCar was very easy. We decided in the afternoon of the day before that we wanted to spend our last full day in Iceland outside of Reykjavik. After reserving a car online through Guide to Iceland & MyCar, our car was delivered directly to our Airbnb the following morning. They gave us a brand new car, had us sign the necessary paperwork, and gave us directions for returning the car near the airport the next morning. Very pleased. We were even able to request a 4G hotspot with 4 free gigabytes of data per day, which was very useful on our drive. I would definitely rent with MyCar again.

Renting a car with MyCar is seamless. They will send you email before departure not just to confirm your booking, there are links about driving in Iceland which is so different from other places. They provide pickup and transfer at the airport. They also give you sound advice on how to avoid trouble and enhance your driving experience in this land of vast diversity. One point worth mentioning is the they do not provide GPS but give you a 4G wifi router instead to use with your own mobile devices. That worked very well for me.

Absolutely the best! We rented a 4 x 4 (supreme vehicule, sturdy, economical on fuel, comfortable to sleep in with the back seats down) because we knew we were going to go on F roads. What a perfect car. And the staff was PHENOMENAL! Super kind, extremely helpful, INTERESTED in our photographic adventure, on time at the airport, generous with extras, quick on replies… We (my friend Cédric who was my photo partner) could not have been more pleased with this company. Of course rental a vehicule in Iceland is expensive, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. There are so many more places you can visit if you have you own means of transportation. And if you have not been to Iceland… go NOW! It is breathtaking, unpolluted, safe and gorgeous beyond words. Michel and Cedric (find us on JOURNI Mike & Cedric's odyssey through Iceland), the Montreal photographers!

Overall I had a really good experience. I was picked up at the airport as per the directions and everything was ready for me to pick up the car and go. My one complaint was that the windshield was really dirty and I had to stop at a gas station to clean it. I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again next time I am in Iceland. Thanks!!

Experience was overall good, but the scratch on the windscreen was pretty annoying, considering the average cost of a car is around $150/day, they could provide a car without these problems.

the car was in good condition and the people who picked me up at the airport was nice, the only thing that i want to point out is the staff who was there when i returned the car. my flight was 5pm and they told me that i can come back at 2:40 then i can catch up the 3pm shuttle to the airport. i arrived at 2:40 and the lady at the frond desk asked me if the car was full tank. I said "no, its only half tank and no one told me before that i need to fill up when i return the car, and i need to catch up the 3pm shuttle to the airport because my flight is at 5pm. can i pay the gas to you now, please?" and she stared at me and said "no, you have to fill it up." in a very impolite tone and attitude. honestly, it is ok if you tell me to fill it up and come back, but you can tell me in an easily nice way. i didn't even want to recall her face expression and her attitude when she told me this. so i have to run to the gas station and fill it up and then come back to catch up the shuttle in 15 mins. my friend just stayed there and waited for me during that time. and thanks god we made it, but my friend told me after we got the airport, she said the lady at the front desk even asked her to wait for 4pm shuttle bus to the airport even she knew our flight was at 5pm. seriously?? maybe i should ask if i need to fill up the tank when i return the car, because some places you can just pay for the gas if you didn't fill it up. it is just about the attitude. before that moment, all i had is good memory about iceland and people there. this experience just ruined it.

The people behind MyCar are all dedicated to two simple things: quality service and quality products. This is why we only offer brand new cars from Toyota that provide our customers with reliability and comfort as well as ensuring that their travels in Iceland will be as pleasurable as possible. Our cooperation with Toyota extends even further as MyCar has access to Toyota's service network spanning all of Iceland. For you, just in case. You will also have access to a 24 hour emergency service phone so we will always be there should you need us. The airport office of MyCar is superbly located just outside Keflavik International Airport. We offer free shuttle service between our office and the airport. We will even help you with your luggage...
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