Ringroad Selfdrive Tour - 2nd Day - In 8 Days around the Island

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Ringroad Selfdrive Tour - 2nd Day - In 8 Days around the Island

Following route 1 – also called the ringroad – we took a car all the way around Iceland. This is Day 2.

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The cold truth

After having read Harry Potter 7 and other adventure books, I used to have a rather romantical association with camping in the wilderness… But without a magical selfinflating and self dismantling tent and only porridge for breakfast, it took us some time to get started after the first night in our tent.

So it was almost half past 1 when we reached the rocks of Reynisdrangar. There are really huge waves there – Nils had to learn this hard that day. His shoes did not dry for days. After having explored even the last rock, I chose the most comfortably looking one and took a sunbath, while Nils was still walking around and taking pictures (and getting wet feet).



The Land of Ice

We spent the rest of the day on the street. 

As we reached the camping ground, sunset was already close. I think we never put up our tent that fast again – but we managed to arrive at the iceberg lagoon Jökulsárlón before the dark and experienced a breathtaking sunset.


We even witnessed a giant iceberg shattering. Like the people in a film, we stood there and watched and watched and watched… until we finally realized that a giant wave, caused by the iceberg breaking apart, was rolling directly towards us. So we grabbed our cameras and climbed the next rock – As it happens, we managed to stay dry this evening!



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Ringroad Selfdrive Tour - Day 2 - In 8 Days around the Island

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Here you can find a map that shows our route on Day 2: 


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