Mount Esja - The city mountain of Reykjavik

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For everybody that aims to stay in Reykjavik temporarily Mount Esja is a must-see: The city mountain of Reykjavik! On saturday we left in the early morning (at least by our standards) - together with a friend, Hrönn, and two of her grandchildren. It was the first real hike for the kids so of course we had to be perfectly equipped. They even brought hiking sticks, with which they ran off cheerfully.

hike - mount esja

Nils and I were still about to wake up while the little ones jumped back and forth, instructing one another how to use the sticks correctly. After the first 5 minutes I already carried the first pair of sticks, no 3 minutes later the second pair. But as soon as Hrönn decided to walk with sticks herself, the kids approached faster than one can imagine. And I got rid of my baggage. At least for the next two or three minutes :D

And so we edged ahead despite the energy that sprayed like sparks out of their fingertips and eyes. Rather a paseo than a hike. But therefore we had time to chat, to enjoy the landscape, to pick some blueberries…
Whereas it is hard and tedious work to grow fruits and vegetables in the Icelandic ground, Iceland’s hills are overflowed by blueberries of all kind. Most of them very tiny and very sour - but still!

We reached Mount Esja's top-to-be, had a short break, signed in the guestbook… And Nils and I decided to go for the last 50 meters in altitude: A steep wall of rock, straight up. Mixed with a cold wind that was growing in strength… Absolutly an adventure! So we started climbing up the pathway.

climbing passages: Mount Esja

Wrapped in scarves, hats and another layer of jacket we made it to the very peak. A bit breathless and with wild pounding hearts due to the adrenaline. This view on the very top of Mount Esja was really worth the effort!

View on top of Mount Esja

Failing to take decent selfies of ourselves, we met a young American who luckily helped us out so we would return the favour. Discussing global policy, weapons technology and scientific achievements with him, we descended together. In the meantime Hrönn and the kids had already been heading back to the car as it had gotten really cold.

Downhill (and without the children) we were way faster than uphill… And gradually the temperatures went back to an acceptable range. Two very exhausted and thereby really cute looking kids awaited us at the car. But mentioning a swimming pool immediately revived their spirits and soon they kept up their discussion (which had already begun on the journey to Mount Esja) which pool it should be and which one has the coolest slides :D


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