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Celebrate Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Celebrate Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

Celebrate Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

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Celebrate Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

Celebrating winter in style and pride with the locals of Reykjavik and LGBT travellers from around the world is what Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride festival is all about. Going on its third year  January 30th – February 2nd 2014 Rainbow Reykjavik is such a success that guests who joined in for the first year are coming back for the third time. But what is so special about Iceland and Reykjavik? And Iceland in winter – “that must be cold?” is commonly asked question. We wouldn’t lie to you, it gets cold but not so cold that a stylish warm winter coat and a hipster cap can't save you from – so get your gear on to experience all the great things the festival has to offer.

Rainbow Reykjavik starts with a soak in the dreamy Blue Lagoon where you’ll get to know fellow guests of Rainbow Reykjavik, after the refreshing time in the lagoon dinner will be served at a restaurant over looking the Blue Lagoon. On the drive back to Reykjavik your gay guide will tell you about the days to come and once in Reykjavik we’ll throw a welcome party at the Slippbar - very trendy hotel bar of Icelandair Marina hotel.

The second day will be all about Reykjavik and Divas! Start the day with a Pink City Tour ending in a penis museum visit (no you’re eyes aren’t lying, you just read that) followed by lunch where a Glíma show will keep you entertained. What is Glíma you ask – it’s Icelandic wrestling – a sight for sore eyes! 

After a free afternoon in Reykjavik guests gather again for a night to remember – Dinner & Divas show specially created for the Winter Pride festival as some of the best diva voices in Iceland will entertain guests over dinner, afterwards – a Northern Lights Hunt! We will all cross our fingers for some bright lights dancing in the sky. After some light hunting we’ll head to Reykjavik’s only queer bar Kiki for some drinks and dancing.

Hope everybody didn’t stay up too late because the Saturday of Rainbow Reykjavik is a long and exciting day as we venture out into nature to explore the famous Golden Circle with geothermal areas, wonderful waterfall Gullfoss and the historic Thingvellir national park with all its natural wonders, the site where the tectonic plates are pulling apart! Lunch will be served at Efstidalur farm and it wouldn’t be a day complete without another geothermal dip, this time in Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.

Get ready for the Queerest club night in Iceland as you are about to take part in a Pink Iceland PINK PARTY – this time with Iceland’s brighest shining pop star Páll Óskar as dj and performer of the night and the theme is Masquerade!

Make sure you dance into the night as it’s your last – Sunday it’s time to say good bye! See you next year!