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Paragliding in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss, South Coast

Paragliding in Iceland

Paragliding in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss, South Coast

Iceland is arguably one of the best countries in the world to do your first Paragliding flight! The nature here is stunning. But it's utterly breathtaking when seen from above. You will see patterns and colour combinations you never thought possible. You will see how the pure forces of nature; volcanic eruptions, glaciers, the ocean... have shaped, and left its mark, on this tiny little island in the middle of a rough Atlantic ocean.

Paragliding in Iceland is an experience of pure beauty, freedom, happiness and being in the now. And it's also an adrenaline rush! After a Paragliding flight you will feel more alive and connected with nature than ever before. So much more than just a thrill, Paragliding in Iceland is an emotional experience that will leave a lasting impact on your soul. 

Come, run off a mountain with me :-)