The dragon in Reykjavik

The dragon in Reykjavik

Inconveniently located next to my door, is the Dragon.  A little store  which sells bits of nothing and everything you need for your everyday living. But most importantly, they sell nearly all of the worlds greatest soft drinks.


I‘m not proud if it, but due to too much activity in the dragon I have been pushed down the street to another store  to hold on to my pride.  The guys will remember your name and greet you when you enter the door. Tough love...  love non the less.

Because of it raw charisma and undying love for its customers, there‘s no escaping the dragon, it is the essence of 101 Reykjavik.

The story behind the great dragon is quite short and simple, in the viking days a great big viking woman ate a leaf of poison ivy and kissed the man who was going to kill her family if she wouldn‘t marry him, in result the man burned up inside and than blew away into the sky leaving only his Ebola deceased skin behind.

The flying rest of him landed in the south of Iceland, making the Westman islands.

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