Why not Hamborgarafabrikkan?

For the hamburger lover, Hamborgarafabrikkan is one of the top places to get a juicy chopped up cow between the bread. For the lover of a hamburger lover, don‘t worry, there‘s plenty you can get and want to eat, a salad burrito might be the most delicious choice.

Fun fact, in Hamborgarafabrikkan you celebrate the growth of the population in Iceland as it is documented on to a board there, there‘s no use in planning a drinking game around it, as the population is in no hurry, there wouldn't be much drinking... yes the growth, not the loss, that would be tragic, although it‘s bound to cross your mind.

Another fun fact! If you're too lazy to walk those 10 minutes to get downtown, no dramas, there‘s a shuttle that will take you there for free after 20:00 o‘clock on the weekends.

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