Mid summer in Iceland!

Hi there dear fans of Fjallhalla,

This is Erla Þórdís the CEO of Fjallhalla writing her personal thoughts. 

Icelanders complain about the weather in Iceland. All the time. Even if its too sunny, then its too warm.. like come on!! I like living here because the weather changes constantly. You have to be able to adjust to that if you want to survive in Iceland. When the sun shows itself, everyone is very happy. Maybe I can deal with it because I'm a spontaneous person, and would probably not survive if the weather wouldn't change too often. As you can see, if you ever run out of a subject to talk about with a stranger in Iceland, just bring up your thoughts about the weather, yes that was a suggestion from a local person. Right now just about every Icelandic citizen is leaving for a month in the sun, I guess it can be really relaxing to feel 30 plus degrees in your almost bare skin. We all need our D-vitamin, and that´s why Icelanders eat their fish oil, called lýsi. To be able to walk around barefoot- but that is very well possible in Iceland too, and probably better here, at a spot in the middle of nowhere. Cause that´s the reason why tourists seek coming to Iceland right, to get away from the big cities and the stress?  

Fjallhalla Adventurers has grown fast. The first signs of Fjallhalla Adventurers was the 18th of December 2013, when Quinten Verdonck, my coworker or volunteer, like he wanted to call himself, had created the Facebook site of Fjallhalla. What a big surprise for me!! Like the best Christmas present ever. Already in January, I wanted to make Fjallhalla a real company and then a long and hard process of talking to my lawyer friends and collecting all the documents started. Now we are a LTD and a licenced tour operator. We have been to the cave Búri, which is closed off now. We have been to another cave and snorkelling. We went to a mountainhike and then horseriding. We hiked Eyjafjallajökull, such a fun trip, I still dream of it! This is just the start of something great to come. 

How are we any different from all of the other companies running different kind of tourist-ish business in Iceland? I think people should look into the people running the business and the staff. Why do I like to do this? Everyone that decides to study something and become something when they grow up, want to do what they love right? It took me some time to get to know my own heart but today I couldn't be happier, and when hiking or doing any outdoor activity, all my stress is gone, and I simply feel very happy. I grew up in Sweden. We moved there when I was 3 years old. Fortunately my parents could take the family to Iceland every summer. We spent most of our time in Iceland in a very old family house in one of the most remote places in Iceland called Melrakkaslétta. Today I consider myself being lucky. To move back here when I was 16 years old, and always still see Iceland as a tourist. I haven't lost the love of Iceland, I know why you guys love coming here. The nature is pure. The air is so clean and fresh. Everything a nature enthusiast loves doing is available here. The island is ALIVE! The water is the cleanest in the world. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, and we really try to help the countries in need. Iceland is radiant, we have concerts all the time, most of them for free, concerts in remote places of Iceland outside in the middle of nature, how awesome?? ;) We have all kinds of restaurants here, for affordable prices. The schoolsystem is good and Icelanders are well educated. Why would anyone NOT consider going to Iceland??  


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