For the past years Iceland has become an interesting place to film movies and TV-shows. The extreme landscape and extraordinary nature plays a big role when choosing a location for filming.

20% rebate available

Iceland offers a reimbursement of 20 percent of the costs incurred during the production of films and television programs in Iceland. For all of you interesting to make a movie in Iceland you can contact Iceland's Official Film Commission

The most recent film that was filmed here in Iceland is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty directed by Ben Stiller and is in cinemas now. During the filming of this movie Ben Stiller and the crew travelled to seven locations in Iceland.

For example:
Seyðisfjörður – my favorite place in Iceland
Garður – where my father is from.


Ben stated this about Iceland:


“When we first went to Iceland, I was blown away by the experience. The topography is so different; you can go up on a glacier that’s only a few hundred feet above sea level and feel like you’re at the top of the world.  All you can see is ice for miles and miles and then huge cliffs.  The landscape creates such amazing, stunning imagery that for a movie is a great place to film”.


Other films/TV-shows that have been filmed in Iceland

Game of Thrones, 2011,2013
Oblivion, 2013
Prometheus, 2012
Die Another Day, 2002
Stardust, 2007
Hostel pt.2, 2007
Flags of our Fathers, 2006
And many more!


I  encourage you to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and every other movie or TV-shows that are filmed in Iceland. 


With love, Eyjó

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