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How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)
How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)

How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)

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Hello to all!
In this blog I talk about the Northern Lights, a beautiful phenomenon that nature offer us!

First of all, the Northern Lights in Iceland are not visible throughout the year, but from mid-August to beginning/middle of April. 
All this due to the hours of light in Iceland from April to August (practically the sky is never dark!).

However, during the Northern Lights season, my advice on the first thing to do is never be sure to warn.

How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)

Because the Northern Lights depend on solar activity and ESPECIALLY from the weather conditions in Iceland, which is not really friendly.

Anyway, to monitor just go to the site (in English) here:

At the top right you will find  the number from 0 to 9, which means the scale of solar activity.

My advice is to try to see if the scale exceeds 3 / 4 Kp. Under not, because it is too weak, difficult to see with naked eye.

How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)

Then, going on to monitoring on the map, which you will see in plain text.

ATTENTION, the green color that you see, DOES NOT MEAN that there is the Northern Lights, BUT they are the clouds.

In fact, the white color that you see, means there is a clear sky.

So, for example, in the Reykjavík area it's green, while in Selfoss it's white, meaning that you can see the Northern Lights in Selfoss, not in Reykjavík.

Then, for example, if the activity is above 3 / 4 Kp, you are in Reykjavík, but there have the green as color, and if you see that in Selfoss the colour it's white, then in this case you can try to go to Selfoss for see it.

How and where to watch the Northern Lights? (ENGLISH)

I'm notbody to say no, but if the color white was after Kirkjubæjarklaustur, in this case you shouldn't go there, because from Reykjavík you'll have to travel for more than 3 hours. Because remember that the Northern Lights may end at any time, not dance for all night. So you would have no guarantee. I advise you to try if the white color is more or less 100 km away from you.

In the next blog I will talk about how to photograph the Northern Lights and what to wear, given the low temperature.

Thank you for reading and... enjoy!

P.S. If you have any questions, do not hesitade to contact me!