The Lopapeysa

The Lopapeysa

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The Lopapeysa

I know this is something unusual for me to write about but even so it found its way into my blog.  I'm gonna talk a little bit about the hip and cool Icelandic must have thing "lopapeysa".  If you are wondering what that might be then it's a hand knitted wool sweater made from Icelandic wool. 

In the old days this was something that mostly fishermen and farmers put on to stay warm and the grandmothers knitted it but in the middle of the 20th century it came very popular amongst younger people and nowadays almost every Icelander owns one and plenty of people all ages knit those themselves.  

Some people say that the gaining popularity of the lopapeysa is most likely related to the financial crash in 2008 when people felt the need for more simplicity with less money in the pocket.  I think that might be true.

The Lopapeysa

If you are in Iceland you will probably notice people strolling all over wearing this kind a sweater especially when on the road travelling. The lopapeysa (the Icelandic word for this woollen gem) is not only warm but also kinda hip too so as you see it's very practical especially when travelling. 

What makes lopapeysa characteristic is the yarn used called lopi, made from Icelandic sheep and contains both wool and wind hairs, making it soft and very warm. The wide yoke design on top is also very symbolic for the lopapeysa sweater. 

The Lopapeysa

This popular unique garment is very easy to approach and can be bought in any of Reykjavík´s many tourist shops or even in Kolaportið flea market by the harbour or if you are a genius you could knit one yourself.  It's not that difficult and the yarn is cheap. The yarn can also be bought in our tourist shops along with patterns and instructions. 

The Lopapeysa

Bottom line whether you want to stay warm or be cool or both then this is the first thing you wanna do when landing in Iceland.  Go buy yourself a lopapeysa and you will rock Iceland when travelling !!

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