Experience icelandic winter wonderland

There are not everyone who can travel during summer time or some people prefer travelling in winter time. Iceland can be magical during winter and actually I recommend exploring the country this time of year because you discover a totally different world.  The spots that where green and vibrant during summer are now suddenly white and frozen and so beautifully quiet somehow.  The good thing about travelling in winter is the possibility to have the spots and the waterfalls all to yourself.  How awesome is that.  Just be sure to drive a sturdy car with good tires because roads can be icy.   If you want to discover a beautiful winter wonderland with frozen magical waterfalls and beautiful friendly horses in their winter coat then I recommend this kind of travelling.  You dont need to go far experiencing this.  If you are heading out from Reykjavík city I recommend driving the south coast for your little winter adventure and drive to Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrabúi (see my last blog) and Skógafoss. All those waterfalls are gorgeous when dressed up for winter.  Dont forget to stop on your way and have a little "chat" with our very friendly and curious horses that are so charming and good looking with their lovely furry winter coat on.

icelandic horses

I´ve been asked which I liked better, to explore and photograph my country during summer time or winter time.  The answer is like this; When its summer I can´t even think about winter and the frozen, cold snowy atmosphere, the extreememly short days and the idea of dressing up in 10 layers before heading out. Then winter arrives with all its beauty (most of the time) and awesome soft light to photograph and all of a sudden its like time stands still and I totally melt into this frozen quiet world that makes me really happy especially with my camera around my neck.    All of a sudden I´ve forgotten about summer.  I guess my answer is I love to shoot both winter and summer.  Its so totally different but both charming and delightful. 

Early December I drove the south coast to photograph the above i.e. icelandic winterscape. The outcome was magnificent and the feeling  was almost like stepping into the movie Frozen; giant icicles and huge crispy white frozen waterfalls.  The weather was gorgeous with exquisite light but -20°c so I can´t say my fingers where very warm when shooting.  I dont know about you guys but I loved the result and afterwards the frozen fingers, toes and face was so worth this scene and photos.  Hurray for winter roadtrips !


Seljalandsfoss waterfall in winter

Seljalandsfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls of Iceland and it is very picturesque.  It drops 60 metres over the cliff and the fun part is you can walk behind it and take awesome photos from there and at the same time enjoy the refreshing spray and mist from the fall.  When its extremely cold and frozen I don’t recommend walking behind it due to the fact that you really don’t want to slip and fall into the icy pond.

frozen by Seljalandsfoss

Gljúfrabúi secret fall 

see my last blog the secret fall  Its also exquisite during winter time.


is one of the biggest waterfall in the country with a width of 25 metres and a drop of 60 m.  This majestic fall is worth visiting during winter time because the huge cliffs around it gets totally white and frozen with enormous icicles.  Its very easy to approach it and the beauty about it is how close you can get to it.  If you want to experience it from above there is a staircase for you.  Just be careful if icy.

Skógafoss in winter south shore Iceland

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Rent a car (make sure to rent a 4x4 with good tires during winter)

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