Explore the raw beauty of Reykjanes peninsula

I hope you liked my last blog about Reykjanes peninsula part I.  In this article I'm going to finish my route around this interesting area.  We will start the journey at Krísuvíkurbjarg cliff.


Krísuvíkurbjarg at Reykjanes


When driving a road called “Suðurstrandarvegur” i.e. road no 427 you should definitely make a turn in the direction to the ocean where the sign points to “Krísuvíkurbjarg”.  I have to admit the road is not the very best and sometimes in winter it's impossible to drive it due to a lot of snow and mud except if you are driving a good 4x4.  Despite the bumpy road it's worth the drive because the destination is simply breathtaking.  

Krísuvíkurbjarg is a high cliff rising from the sea.  In summer time this cliff hosts bird species of many sorts and it's said to be the biggest bird cliff on the peninsula.  

Krísuvíkurbjarg at Reykjanes

On top you have a beautiful breathtaking view over the rocky beach and the wild loud waves smashing on the beach.  For people loving the sea this is the place. You have to be careful though and for those of you that are afraid of heights you should not go too close to the edge. I recommend parking the car and then walk the little bit steep rough road (or drive it if you are driving a monster car) to be able to get the extra breathtaking view.  Once you are up on the hill you can even hike a little bit further if you want to see the cool orange lighthouse up there. 

SelatangarSelatangar at Reykjanes

Selatangar was a big fishing district which was dissolved after 1880.  Ruins from the territory can still be seen in the landscape.  Once you are there it's hard to imagine how people could actually survive living like this in small caves surrounded by harsh lava and the bitter wind from the ocean.  During the latter part of the 19th century ghosts started haunting the settlement so people moved away from there.  

Selatangar at Reykjanes


Driftwood that was in abundance in the past can still be seen but a lot less than before.  Im not sure if the ghost story from the past is true but to be quite honest the atmosphere at Selatangar is rather special and spooky sometimes.  After driving the rugged road to the end you can park the car and from there you need to walk a little to approach the ocean.  You can get very close to the sea and the waves and the cliffs are truly dramatic and impressive. The whole area is very picturesque. I recommend good sturdy shoes because of the rocky lava landscape.


Reykjanestá can be translated as the toe of Reykjanes peninsula and exactly in this area earthquakes are frequently measurable. The Reykjanestá is the southwestern most point of Iceland if you exclude the tiny little island Eldey that can be seen from there.  Birdlife in Eldey is in abundance.  

Eldey at Reykjanes


Reykjanestá is quite remarkable and impressive with its wild sea and waves splashing on the big rock formations or seastacks close to the beach that look like a team of trolls. 

the rough and raw Reykjanes - part II

On Reykjanestá a high cliff of 43 metres rises from the sea and in summer time birds of many species can be found there. I recommend hiking the little walking path that leads you to the top of the cliff.  The view from there is absolutely stunning and again you need to be careful because it's very high and steep and you really don’t want to slip.  

Reykjanestá at Reykjanes


From this area you can view Iceland´s oldest lighthouse Reykjanesviti.  The lighthouse is located on top of a small hill and very close to a big geothermal field, a smoking hot area. 


Gunnuhver at Reykjanes

Another steamy hot geothermal area with mud pools and boiling water.  Like in Seltún (see my previous blog) the access is very good with wooden ramps to walk through the area.  The mud pools are named after a female ghost that was laid there.  If you could´nt handle the smell by Seltún then this place is not for you because yes it smells and steams a lot. I of course recommend it though.

From there you can view the lighthouse, Reykjanesviti from another point of view, a steamy point of view.

Gunnuhver at Reykjanes










Blue Lagoon

I'm ending my Reykjanes peninsula tour with the fascinating and cozy Blue Lagoon.  Nothing is better than ending your daytour around Reykjanes by dipping yourself into this geothermal spa wonder where you can spoil yourself with a hot relaxing bath in the raw, rugged lava nature.  After your bath you can even enjoy a great meal in the great restaurant they have. 

Blue Lagoon

I hope you liked my route around Reykjanes peninsula.  Of course there is a lot more to explore but the spots I picked are just my personal favourites.  If you want to know more or if you want a guided tour then don't hesitate to contact me.

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