Foss á Síðu in south Iceland

Waterfalls and home of dwarfs & elves

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Stjórnarfoss in south iceland

Don't miss Stjórnarfoss waterfall, Foss á Síðu and Dverghamrar rocks while in the south coast of Iceland.

I want to mention two beautiful spots on the south coast that many people pass by. I know there are so many places on the south coast to explore and discover and of course you can´t see it all but still I want to share those.  If you have plenty of time then I recommend this stop.

Stjórnarfoss waterfall

The first spot is a very spectacular waterfall called Stjórnarfoss. When you are driving direction east it can´t be seen from the main road even though it’s a short while from the so called ring road but you notice it when driving the other direction. It's not difficult to reach the fall and the access is pretty easy.  When you are about to reach the little village “Kirkjubæjarklaustur” or Klaustur you turn left into road nr. 203 marked "Geirland".  You drive that road to an end and you will notice the waterfall right away. This fall is not very big or around 12-15m but the rounded shape of it is pretty awesome and cool.

Stjórnarfoss in south Iceland

All the surrounding is also quite spectacular.  It falls from a very rugged volcanic hill into a little river there.  I think there might be a good possibility that you will have this fall just for yourself because normally there are not many people around there.  Either you can enjoy it from the bridge there or you can even go closer and walk down to the river.

Foss á Síðu

When you drive further on the main road from Klaustur, direction east then after about 10km you will approach an eye-catching farm called “Foss á Síðu”.  Above this farm there is a very thin but exquisite little waterfall that my opinion is worth photographing and exploring a little bit. 

Foss á Síðu in south Iceland

Even if it's not big and powerful it's surrounded by this beautiful steep hill and cliffs that makes it all very spectacular.  It reminds me of a picture taken out of a fairy tale book.  Also there is a great possibility you can "chat" with some horses there right next to the fall.  Worth every minute. 

Dverghamrar (dwarf rocks)

Dverghamrar in South Iceland

Just a little bit further east of “Foss á Síðu” I would park the car on the little parking lot on the right and take a little walk down the path there to discover this unique columnar basalt formations.  The “Dverghamrar” is a protected natural monument. The name, Dverghamrar or Dwarf rocks draw its name because it was believed that those where the living place of supernatural beings such as dwarfs and elves. I have no idea if that is true but if you believe in dwarfs and elves then I think this place would be a perfect home for them and it's actually kinda fun believing in it, right?!? At least worth exploring and enjoying.

Dverghamrar in south Iceland

I hope you will not pass those unique and wondrous places.  I wish you a happy travelling and please feel free to contact me with questions of any kind.  

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