The Northern Lights Blog

The Northern Lights Blog

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The Northern Lights Blog

Hello Folks, and welcome to my blog! Considering it´s my first post, I thought it would be fitting to explain what will be the purpose of this blog.

I am a Northern Lights Hunter and Photograph, that´s my day (or rather my night) job and it has been so for some years already (in the winter at least). Over the years, I´ve come to realize that most ordinary folk (Southerly folk that is) have almost no idea what to do to catch a sight of a good Northern Light, let alone end with a good shot of it. 

I will therefore dedicate this blog to share some of my tips about Northern Lights Photography and Northern Lights Hunting. Considering that I am a rather specialized photograph, I will try to avoid complicated nomenclature and other twisted technical terms to give some simple, yet correct tips to help you out with your hunting and photography.

I might also write about other topics  I'm interested in, namely local food, Icelandic History, Heavy Rock and everything Viking or Nordic related. Pictures of cats might pop up at random as well.   

My goal as a Northern Lights Photograph as always been the same: taking the perfect Northern Lights picture. Hopefully I will be posting it up here one day. In the meanwhile, you´ll have to satisfy yourself with this somewhat crude (yet semi-decent) pic, taken on the 14th of this month. 

Stay tuned for more green thingies falling from the sky!