Delicious seafood at the Seafood Grill in Reykjavík

Go to Sjávargrillið for divine seafood lunch!

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Sjávargrillið restaurant indoors

Wondering what is a tasty but affordable lunch in Reykjavík? The answer is always fish of the day - it's just a question of which restaurant to go to.

I have a few selected restaurants that are my stables to go to for a fishy lunch. Sjávargrillið, or the Seafood Grill, is one of them. The fish of the day during lunch time is always exceptional, and reasonably priced too, especially considering the quality of the fish you're getting.

Being inside Sjávargrillið feels like you’re inside a homely alpine cabin with a fine dining luxury twist. The restaurant has an Icelandic design with its thick driftwood logs, old wooden skis on the walls, old hobs, pots, pans, wooden wine racks and candles lighting up beautiful but simple glass jars. On the outdoors veranda there are wooden benches and fairy lights in the trees. A hipster touch are the bow-ties on the green, velvety sofas.

Delicious seafood at the Seafood Grill in Reykjavík

The food is divine. The slow-cooked salmon with the spiced bread melts in your mouth, the langoustine salad with its big langoustine makes you wish you went for the langoustine (lobster) menu (that I will be doing next time!) and last time I went the fish of the day was spotted catfish with couscous, date and lobster sauce and broccoli. Delicious. The crème brûlée is one of the best I’ve ever had, served with ice-cream and sorbet on the side and fresh strawberries.

Don't miss out on this fantastic restaurant when in Reykjavík, it's conveniently located on Skólavörðustígur - that's the road with the long unpronounceable name leading up to Hallgrímskirkja church.


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