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Send Me To Space!

Send Me To Space!

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Send Me To Space!

Please help me get to space!

I've entered a competition to go to space. I've always thought that when space travels become cheaper I'd cash out and fly to orbit (or preferably the moon). Maybe on my 60th or 70th birthday. 

But if a deodorant brand wants to send me sooner than that - and for free - that's OK with me. But it looks like they want to send a man, having the slogan 'Leave a man, come back a hero'. Don't they know it's the women that hold most of the spending power in Western society?!

Personally, I'd quite enjoy a deodorant ad where a female astronaut goes into space and comes back to a swarm of good looking male models - only to pick the brainy geek guy that's smart enough to use a good deodorant. Especially if that female astronaut is me. (And the brainy geek guy is actually super good looking/funny too... someone along the lines of Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords or Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd - or anyone from The Big Bang Theory!) 

Just to break this stereotyped 'good-looking-guy=hero saves good-looking-topmodel-that-apparently-has-nothing-better-to-do-then-repeatedly-risking-her-life-on-top-of-burning-houses-or-swimming-with-great-whites-or-wait-for-astronauts-to-return-to-earth'

So, if you agree with me, and also want to help the FIRST Icelandic woman to go to space, please please please vote for me and tell all your friends to vote for me and share this page with everyone ;) 

And if you still have nothing better to do with your day, you can even watch my silly 'send me to space' video: 

(Also feel free to like that and share that and write comments etc) THANK YOU! :D

P.s. Did I already mention I'd like you to vote for me?