Stockfish: A new film festival in Iceland

In light of the Oscar awards having been dealt out last night in America, I think it's worth mentioning some European movies as well. Iceland boasts some very good films - and indeed an Icelander, Jóhann Jóhannsson, was nominated for an Oscar last night for the soundtrack of The Theory of Everything, although he sadly didn't win. 

Only one Icelandic movie has ever been nominated for the best foreign movie at the Oscars, Children of Nature.

At the moment I'm very excited about a British film that was released in UK cinemas last weekend, called The Duke of Burgundy and I can't wait to go see it in the cinemas. It's got rave reviews and an all female cast. (Something that hardly ever happens!) Unfortunately it's not being screened at Stockfish European Film Festival, which is the name of a new cinematic festival in Iceland, taking place from the 19th of February until the 1st of March 2015, mainly in Reykjavík's art cinema venue Bíó Paradís, as well as a few other venues. That shouldn't be too much of a problem though, because the festival is screening an abundance of exciting films from all over Europe.

Today (Monday the 23rd of February) there is FREE entry to all movies. Don't let the opportunity pass you by, especially to escape the cold weather!

Stockfish: A new film festival in Iceland

"The Festival will pay tribute to the best of new European cinema. In addition a wide array of the most prominent, award-winning films from around the globe will be introduced to Icelandic audiences. One of our main goals is to provide a platform for the domestic and international film communities to come together, and to foster cooperation and collaboration between all of the key institutions within the Icelandic film industry."

Amidst a number of exciting European movies are some Icelandic gems being screened, such as Tears of Stone, Cold Light and 5 brand new Icelandic short films, competing for a prize.

Seminars, panels and lectures will also be taking place.

Stockfish: A new film festival in Iceland

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