Look out for a DeLorean today!

The 21st of October 2015, is when Marty McFly and the Doc come to the future. That's TODAY.

Sure, they come to the future in Hill Valley somewhere in America and not in Iceland, although Iceland has a lot of hills and a lot of valleys... but this doesn't mean that we can't still keep up with the times and dress like people there!

We all dress like this normally anyway...

It's not like it's far from the truth anyway, we may not have flying cars - but we've got Google Glass and Oculus Rift, and 3D printers and gadgets we can talk to... And some people dress in a futuristic 80's version on a daily basis, as you can see here:

Bieber is obviously a BTTF fan...

I'm still waiting on the hoverboard to become a thing here in Iceland - but apparently it was only a thing in Barcelona and it only works on a designated route.

So, for my part, I'm just going to find some ultra 80's futuristic outfit and hope that someone that's driving a DeLorean will give me a ride to Bíó Paradís, where they're showing the trilogy. I've seen a DeLorean in Iceland before - so I know someone has it! And here's a plea to whoever owns the DeLorean in Iceland: Do nothing but drive around town today - anything else would be criminal!

While you're at it (owner of the DeLorean), make sure you dress up like the Doc. Just to make the experience more authentic. If you own a DeLorean you must surely own a gold suit.

A yellow suit suits everyone :)

If anyone needs to be reminded of what actually happens in the trilogy and they happen to be in Iceland, then don't despair! Like I said before, Bíó Paradís will be showing all 3 Back to the Future films today, first one at 6pm, second one at 8:30 pm and the third one at 10:15 pm. The price for all three is 3000 ISK, the price for a particular one is 1400 ISK.

Here's a list of what Back to the Future got right about the future - and where they went wrong. It's actually really cool to see how many things they get right - although my favourite part is that they didn't foresee I-phones and endless selfies! :) Imagine what the present would be without the internet and cell-phone obsession? And imagine what the world will be like in 30 years? What will 2045 look like?

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