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Pétur Þór Ragnarsson

 •  15.08.14

Essential gear for winter photography

The nights are getting darker and the inevitable is happening. Summer will soon start to fade and give into the the fall which happens to be one of my favorite seasons as a photographer.

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Wet summer - good or bad?

The Icelandic summer has been rather wet. The rain won’t be considered the photographers friend anytime soon but there’s no reason to stop trying.

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Winter is gone, summer is here!

As winter slowly resides and releases its stronghold on Iceland I thought I’d share with you some pictures of winter in Iceland. This picture was taken on a tour which I got here through Guide to Iceland that was fairly long, 9 days, and where my group really got to know what Iceland is made of during the wintertime.

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The Unpredictable Winter Weather in Iceland

Don't give in even if the weather isn't playing perfectly along Photographers coming to Iceland are often hoping to capture that perfect scene in perfect light. Those who are here on shorter trips often only dedicate one or two days to photography.

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My name is Pétur Þór Ragnarsson. I'm 34 years old, married and together with Ágústa, my wife, we have a 7 year old son. I currently live in Reykjavík and we have no plans of leaving. I am a photographer focusing on landscape photography. I thoroughly enjoy the great outdoors and in my opinion Iceland is possibly one of the best places for landscape photography. With it's lunar like landscapes, epic waterfalls and geysers the possibilities are endless. I offer tailor made photo tours, day tours as well as longer tours. Don’t hesitate to contact me for information if you’re headed to Iceland with your camera.

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