Iceland is one of the top destinations for international tourists, and you can expect more foreigners than the locals. Iceland has a huge wealth of nature and wonders that attract so many visitors. At some point, the number of tourists was five times as many as that of locals.


The numbers tell you that there must be something that attracts almost everyone to Iceland. And we are going to look at some of the things that make the country unique and the number one tourist destination preference.


Here are the 10 amazing reasons why Iceland is so fascinating that you cannot ignore paying a visit.

1. See the Point Where Four Continents Meet


History says that all the continents were one piece of a landmass. After a volcanic eruption, the continents drifted apart. But the respective continent plates - Europe, Africa, North America, and South America - meet at some point. That point is in Iceland.


To see for yourself, you need to go to Iceland and visit the Silfra Ridge. The ridge is underwater. You can snorkel, see the beauty, and feel the amazement of being in two “distant” continents simultaneously.

2. See the Sun at Night


People from the Equator know that the sun shines for 12 hours a day. Those from the Northern or Southern hemisphere know that the duration changes depending on the season. But In Iceland, you can experience 24-hour effective daylight, and the sun only sets for 3 hours.


The setting of the sun takes place from around midnight to 3 in the morning. But this only happens from mid-May to mid-August. The middle of Winter experiences only 5 hours of daylight.

3. No Mosquitos in Iceland!


People from Tropical Africa can tell you how Malaria can peg you down for weeks. Even when they do not carry Plasmodium, mosquitos can be annoying by their buzzing. And do I need to mention that they suck too much blood? Well, Iceland is the only place on planet Earth where you can visit and experience no mosquito whatsoever. Antarctica is the only other place where the insects do not exist, and people rarely pay it a visit.

4. Iceland is Exceptional to Northern Light Watching


The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora, are peculiar to the North Pole and places around it. The Lights are only visible from a few places in the North. Iceland gives you the best view of the Northern Lights.


But the capital is not the best place to do it because of light pollution. For the best experience, carry a tent on your Toyota Tacoma roof rack and head to the campsite where there is less artificial lighting.

5. The Blue Lagoon

In the mid-’70s, Iceland created a Geothermal power station. The area around the place was covered with lava, and water used to spill from the plant forming pools around. People started swimming in the water and they realized that it cured skin infections. It is now among the best places to visit around the world.

6. Waterfalls Everywhere You Go


Waterfalls are fascinating. And you will be surprised to see many waterfalls wherever you go. Throughout the country, you can see thousands of them. And across Europe, Iceland is the leading country in the number of waterfalls - and they are really massive.

7. The Country with the Least Population in Europe

Iceland is still a young country (in numbers, not economy or development). 80% of Iceland is still uninhabited! There is also a story that talks about “hidden people” living under blocks of stones and other natural resources. I guess it is one of the reasons why people do not build everywhere.

8. It is the Safest Place on the Planet


There is barely any crime in Iceland. The first time the Icelandic police shot a person dead in 2013, they came to the public to apologize. In another report, Police in the US kills more people in one city than Iceland has ever done in decades.

9. Iceland Has a Unique and Vast Landscape in Europe

Iceland as a whole is unique when you compare it to the rest of Europe. The climate, landscape, and terrain offer a huge distinction. Wait! In Entire Europe, Iceland has the largest desert. And it also has a dormant volcano that erupted 4,000 years ago that you can literally dive into.

10. It is the Best Country for Women to Live


Many countries still do not involve women in their development and growth plans. Over the last decade, reports have shown consistent gender balance in Iceland than any other country in the world. Women participate fully in the economic, political, health, and education sectors, ensuring that they are not left behind in the growth of the country.


Icelanders have great reasons to smile about their country. Foreigners have valid reasons to invest in Iceland, knowing that its economy and security support their ventures. But the tourists also need to see this wonderful country that people have been dreaming of for many years.

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