A lovely Stay in a Hotel right next to Skógafoss waterfall in South-Iceland!

A lovely Stay in a Hotel right next to Skógafoss waterfall in South-Iceland!

Skógafoss waterfall South-Iceland

The mystical Skógafoss waterfall in South Iceland has been my favourite waterfall ever since I first visited it with my parents when I was a small girl. I never get enough of this majestic waterfall and can stay by it for hours.

So as a treat for my birthday, I decided to stay at Hotel Skógar, which is almost next to the waterfall, so that I could enjoy my birthday by Skógafoss.

Top photo: Skógafoss waterfall

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar - our room

I booked a standard room at Hotel Skógar, which is a small and cosy hotel with 12 en-suite rooms.

Hotel Skógar is only a 5-minute's walk away from Skógafoss, so we walked to the waterfall 3 times during our stay.

We had a wonderful stay, the room was bright and comfortable, with a flat-screen TV. We never turned on the TV though as we used the time exploring the vicinity and visiting Skógafoss.

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar - our room

We also visited Skógar Museum, which is just above the hotel and can be seen from the window of the room. I have written an additional travel-blog on the lovely regional Skógar Museum.

It has got both an open-air museum with old houses from South Iceland and a regional museum with various artefacts from this area. 

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar - our lovely view

There are some lovely turf houses at the Skógar Museum, but as those of you who read my blog might know - I love turf houses - and have visited and written about almost all the turf houses left in Iceland!

So you see that there is a lot to do and see in this area, and Hotel Skógar makes for an excellent first stop if you are driving the ring road or just want to stay for one night as we did.

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar 

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

I am allergic to various types of food so they were kind enough to just cook me some potatoes, but my husband got a 4-course dinner.

He got lobster cappuccino soup and seasonal wild Icelandic duo (reindeer and veal) with salad and port wine sauce for a starter, roasted lamb rib eye with wild berry sauce as the main course and for dessert, he got ice cream and chocolate pudding. 

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

My husband said that the food was excellent - and believe me, this man of mine loves his food :)

Hotel Skógar in South-IcelandWe had a really relaxing, enjoyable dinner. The views from the restaurant are beautiful and we could see the upper part of Skógafoss waterfall.

There was a fire burning in the fireplace and I did not want to leave as I was so relaxed.

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

But we had another treat waiting for us as behind the hotel there is a hot tub and a lovely sauna hut. Ever so lovely and romantic.

After dinner, we spent some time soaking in the hot tub and relaxing in the sauna - what a perfect birthday this was :)

Regína at Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

By the hot tub at Hotel Skógar

The outside showers didn't work though, I guess it is difficult to keep the showers working in the frost. So shower inside your room if you are visiting in the wintertime.

It must be heavenly sitting in the hot tub when the Northern Lights show up! They didn't show up during our stay, well, not to our knowledge. But even so, it was really lovely being outside in the still weather soaking in the hot tub.

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar - breakfast

The next morning we woke up late and got a hearty breakfast, which was included before we went on our way for more exploring of this wonderful area.

I had another look at Skógafoss waterfall, just to say: "Bye" to it :) I have loved Skógafoss since I was a little girl and I remember my parents having a hard time trying to pull me away from it! 

I am just mesmerised by this beautiful waterfall and I am sure you will be mesmerised as well when you visit it!

Skógafoss waterfall in South-Iceland

Skógafoss waterfall in South Iceland

There is something so mystical about this waterfall and there is a legend to it - behind it a treasure chest of the Viking settler at Skógar is hidden!

You can read about the treasure chest in my travel-blog on Skógafoss waterfall and the legend of the treasure chest.

Kvernufoss waterfall in South-Iceland

Kvernufoss waterfall

There is another waterfall a short hike away from Skógar Museum, called Kvernufoss waterfall in Kverna river.

It used to be much less visited than Skógafoss as it is hidden away in a canyon.

I am a huge fan of waterfalls so I visit Kvernufoss often when I visit this area in South Iceland. In the summertime and when the ground is clear of snow and ice it is possible to walk behind Kvernufoss. 

Hotel Skógar in South-Iceland

Hotel Skógar in South Iceland

So you see that there is a lot to do in this area, which makes Hotel Skógar a perfect place to stay for the night.

 Hotel Skógar is located some 154 km away from Reykjavík and is very popular as a romantic getaway in beautiful surroundings.

A lovely Stay in a Hotel right next to Skógafoss waterfall in South-Iceland!

Have a lovely time at Skógar :)

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