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The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland

The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland

The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland

Laufás turf house in Eyjafjörður is a must-visit while travelling in North Iceland. I love these old turf houses, they are so typical Icelandic in my opinion.

My grandmother was born in a turf house, so it is not so long ago that turf houses were inhabited here in Iceland. Times have changed, for sure.
The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland

On my travels around my country, I search for turf houses and have written a long travel-blog about the turf houses I have visited for the past years: A List of the beautiful Icelandic Turf Houses, which I have visited on my travels in Iceland.

Laufás turf house now belongs to the National Museum of Iceland and is run by the Akureyri Museum. Laufás is bigger than the normal turf houses though as it was a manor and a wealthy vicarage.

Inside Laufás turf house

Up to 20-30 people were living here at Laufás, including domestics. The furnishing inside is from around 1900 and shows how Icelanders were living at that time.

I had a look inside and was amazed at how many rooms and much space there was inside Laufás turf house. We walked through several corridors with many rooms leading from them. I recommend that you have a look inside. Tickets can be bought in the white house by the parking lot.
Inside Laufás turf house

Laufás was a wealthy farm by Icelandic standards. The last minister lived at Laufás until 1936 when he moved into a newer vicarage.

Laufás was mentioned in the records from the Settlement of Iceland way back in 874-930. It was rebuilt in 1866-1870 when Rev. Björn Halldórsson resided at Laufás, but the oldest remaining part of the house dates back to 1840.

Laufás turf house in North-Iceland

The first time I visited Laufás a tourist had stopped his car in the middle of the road above Laufás, and ran out and took photos left and right. What he didn't know was that if he had driven just a short distance ahead there he would find a car park and the entrance to Laufás.

I guess he was just so excited about seeing such old turf houses from the road :) I can relate, as I am always excited when I see turf houses ;)

Laufáskirkja church

There has been a church at Laufás since early Christianity in Iceland. The present church at Laufás was built in 1865 and was dedicated to the Apostle Paul in Catholicism. 

In the church, you will see a very decorative pulpit from 1698. And I love the christening font, it was all lit up in the sunlight when I visited the church, ever so lovely.

The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland

The church was open and I went inside to have a look around. Usually, Iceland's churches are closed due to vandalism :( I visit every country church on my travels in my country as I am very interested in these little gems.

Laufás is open in the summer months from 10:00-17:00. This is my travel-blog about Laufás, but I refer to the webpage of Laufás for much more information.

Laufás turf houses in North-Iceland

Laufás is close to the village Grenivík on road 83, 30 km away from Akureyri. Coming from Akureyri get off ring-road 1 before you drive up on the mountain to Víkurskarð. To reach this area you can rent a car either in Reykjavík or in Akureyri.

This is my last travel-blog in the Eyjafjörður series of travel-blog. It is by all means not a complete guide to Eyjafjörður, only a few places I find very interesting to visit in this longest fjord of Iceland. 

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Laufás is located at 65° 53,639'N, 18° 4,344'W

Have a lovely time in Eyjafjörður :)

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