Fishing in Faxaflói Bay Reykjavík

Going sea angling in Iceland from Reykjavik harbor with the whole family is a great experience! 

My cousin Kjartan Ólafsson is the owner and captain of the Christina, which sails from Reykjavik harbor, near Harpan Concert-house.   We took my son and his girlfriend, they are visiting from Denmark -  along with her mother and father from Poland - her sister and husband ( living in UK but he  is from South Afrika!) and their two daughters ( age 7 and 3)  my mother ( age 76 ! icelandic and living in Reykjavik) along with my stepfather ( age 77 and still going strong - very icelandic) + my sisters daughter (age 15).  This very international family of all ages had a totally great afternoon.   

After catching one fish after another, they were grilled onboard by the crew member ( from Spain!)   We also had some 10 cods home with us for my freezer, along with some delicacies from my cousin ( salted and dried cod heads and bacalao) 

So remember when you visit Reykjavik next time, go fishing  in the Faxaflói Bay :)

The handsome one with the beard is my son, pure icelandic, made in Denmark, working at PWC in Copenhagen.  Who said accountants didn't have fun :)

Enjoy your summer,

best wishes from Sigrun  - on  summer holiday and missing 

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