Northern lights in Reykholt

Reykholt is always beautiful no matter the season and wintertime can be quite amazing here in the countryside with three glaciers to make the picture absolutely perfect !  the 3 " ELO"  making the perfect background are ;  Eiríksjökull, Langjökull and  Ok 

This winter there have been many groups visiting Reykholt, some are from Japan whom are Aurora hunting :)    It is difficult to be sure when the Northern Lights will appear, as this depends on many different factors as  solar-activity and a clear sky is of course necessary! 

  The groups visiting Reykholt normally stay at the Fosshotel, a highly recommendable hotel and next door is Snorrastofa. 

Most guests staying at the hotel visit Snorrastofa and many of our japanese "Winter Iceland" travellers get a full hour lecture about Snorri and Reykholt. 

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