We still have many visiting Snorrastofa / Reykholt, though it is already October.  On the 30th September was the last group from Swedish "Christers Resor", this visit marks the beginning of winter for us, because now we have to wait until the beginning of May 2015 until they will visit us again :)

Thursday a young German couple visited Snorrastofa, the young girl played this wonderful piece on our piano, a peaceful afternoon.


October visitors in Snorrastofa and Reykholt Church

Today, Saturday 04.10.14, we had the women's choir from Oslo Norway "Villfuglene" visiting. They gave a concert, got a lecture about Snorri Sturluson and Reykholt, and afterwards the shopped in our beautiful gifts shop, just like there was no tomorrow :)    

With the "Villfuglene" was Valgerður Pálsdóttir manager and owner of Icelandic travel agency Art Travel ehf.  (They specialize in culture and saga tourism)




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