Snorri Groupie's

Two very enthusiastic young girls from USA came to Snorrastofa this morning!

 I asked them if they knew anything about Snorri and his work?  Oh yes, they answered; We are Snorri Groupies :) " .  They had read Nancy Marie Browns book ;  " Song of the Vikings"  and this had raised their interest in Iceland and to travel all the way to Reykholt 120 km from Reykjavík,  the home of the poet/writer himself Snorri Sturluson!   They had read The Edda, Egils Saga, Njals Saga, Gisla Sonar Súrsonar Saga and Laxdæla Saga.  Next on the reading list was Snorris Heimskringla / Stories of the Norwegian kings. 

I told them about Tolkien and how he used the Edda as inspiration when writing Lord of theRings.  I showed them the amazing book  Edda and Art by the small Icelandic publishing house this publishing house sells books about viking words of wisdom in most languages, and has done some amazing work in spreading our cultural heritage all around the world.

( from the webpage of Gudrunpublishing: Myths and Legends of the Viking Age on 351 quality pages. Illustrated with over 300 years of great Art. The aim of this edition is to show the Edda in the context of the great art it has inspired through the centuries and across national borders. The book contains about 130 paintings, watercolours, wood-cuts, drawings by artists from: Denmark, The Faeroe Islands, Great Britain, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
As told by Snorri Sturluson)

The girls went to the exhibition, bought the book Edda and Art,  and then they went out to walk around the site and to visit Snorri's Pool.

The old guy still going strong though around 835 years old :)

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